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  1. Translated by Google Translate: Anton Lutz Anton Lutz was born on 31 Born in October 1814, the son of violin maker and Messner Ignatz Lutz Schönenbach Eger (Bohemia). In 1869 Anton Lutz, born in 1843, together with his son Ignaz Schönenbach Lutz and his uncle Josef Fuchs business successor of Franz Hoyer. In 1815 Franz Hoyer requested (born in Schönenbach Eger before 1800) and his brother John Hoyer successfully for a license to open a "Verschließgewölbes" in Vienna, although the civil Geigenmacher Vienna appealing against the decision of the appeal authority. Under "Verschließgewölbe" is probably mainly trading with instruments to understand the Vogtland home. Already in 1818, the Hoyer brothers in the Rotenturmstraße with the company name can be found "musical instruments factory Hoyer Brothers". It was called in the 19th Century like "producer" or the Company "factory", although in truth there was no factory in the modern sense, but only a number of home workers who zulieferten your handmade instruments. John Hoyer died on 22 February 1820 in Vienna, and the company "Brothers Hoyer wurde1821 resolved. Between 1821 and 1831, a "sale next defeat (?) of the so-called Kellnerhofgasse Graßhof, only during the market time" is reported. In Jahre1832 695 was "brothers Andreas and Franz Hoyer" is logged along with another brother, Andrew, a company at the old meat market, the house. The date of death of Franz Hoyer is not known, but in 1869 and were Ignaz Anton Lutz, Josef Fuchs and his successors in business. The Lutz & Co are logged at the meat market No. 10 from 1869 to 1875. 1876 ​​to No. 6 meat market moved, while the company Wenzel Placht and Co. address the meat market no. 10 took over. Beginning in 1883, there was also a branch in the Red Tower Road No. 29 In 1889 the son, Ignatius Lutz was the sole successor to the business now for Schönenbach returned Anton Lutz. The business was continued until the death of Ignaz Lutz in 1907. Anton Lutz has been awarded several times, inter alia 1871 medals in London, Graz, Eger, Linz and Trieste, 1872 in Moscow, 1873 Silver Medal in Wolkersdorf, Bistrita and Paris as well as a Verdienstmedallie at the Vienna World Exhibition in 1873. This viola was probably in Schoenbach, built by order of the Viennese firm Lutz, 1869-1875, and wearing a printed original label on the inside of the bottom: - Lutz & Comp. Musik Instrumenten - & Saiten Fabriks Niederlage Wien Fleischmarkt 10 The one-piece back, ribs and scroll are made of flamed maple, built the ceiling of medium wide grained spruce. The instrument is covered with a brownish-red paint. The base dimensions are measured on the vault - Length 393 mm. top width 183 mm. average width of 126 mm. bottom width of 227 mm.
  2. So how's it's character? how different it's from Dominant apart from the colour silk? or as dave said it's actually the same with dominant?! And Jacob, how much is it?
  3. wow, anyone know where to get this? or anyone here sell that string? I want to try a sets..
  4. I recently asked by a friend about special string that the luthier said it only shared between the luthier.. Here's the Color (String, Tailpiece, Peg): G-Orange-Yellow D-Orange-Green A-Orange-Orange Blue E-Orange-Brown Anyone know what is it? I've searched to website and I can't find it.. The example can be seen in Thomas Hoyer's website
  5. I got correct on the Tesco one, but not with the other 2..
  6. Why I didn't think about Photoshop, hahaha Violadamore, here some from me using your second picture as benchmark: 1. - pale black and white 2. some additional contrast 3 smooth
  7. Thank you Violadamore for helping make contrast in the picture! So now I can read it: (shield) COPY OF AMATI Manufactured in S......(v or y?) ---- (saxony? savoy?) (signature, 2nd letter looks like "R") But still, I don't know whose label it is, anyone used to see the same label, shield, and signature?
  8. Anyone know whose label is it? Anyone know whose signature is it? It's on my Copy of Amati, I took some photos after removing the top, this is the best photo I can get, but it seems that it's too dirty so it still hard fot me to see the shield and the signature.. Windu *Edited picture in post 2,3, and 5
  9. Thanks Ben for this thread! In my little experience in violin world: the psychological aspect of player often the biggest aspect when choosing an instrument. an example: a friend of mine, he has 2 violins, an old amati and a very good modern stradivarius copy. He inherite the Amati from his grandfather and the stradivarius copy he bought himself by his wage. In my observation he's more careful when handing the Amati and play more relaxed and enjoyable on it.
  10. I just knew that the strings attached are "attributed" to Pirastro Evah Pirazzi, a very nice synthetic strings..
  11. and now $15.100..!! but if you the bids history, you'll see something strange there.. http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&item=251271215797&showauto=true
  12. Check this out, Currently on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261210869234?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 seems interesting, any chance it's a real one?
  13. Some previous discussion here regarding bird eye maple sound.. http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/320314-effects-of-birds-eye-maple-on-sound-volume/ http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/323629-birds-eye-maple/
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