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  1. Comes with a fake grafted for 55,000. Goodness sakes....
  2. Holy smokes there is some violin here that are not as labelled. Check out this antiqued fiddle he is selling for 55,000 http://www.jeanjoluvierluthieria.com.br/violinos/rafaelle-gagliano-ano-1832-napoli.html What is wrong with this world?
  3. Beware of this cat. He's been on Ebay for years and years changing his ID and not paying for my violins or friends violins. Always wanting me to lie on customs forms stating the violin is 50 bucks. I'm screwed if he steals it or it gets lost. Ebay has deleted this guy repeatedly many many times and yet he just opens new accounts. He goes by Dr. Lima from Brazil.
  4. Vienna looking fiddle in my opinion...
  5. Interesting piece. First thing I noticed was the A symmetrical f-holes, it's been cheeked, and the scroll is unique. All that aside, Grancino violins I've seen on the net should have pins under the pufling on upper bout and lower bouts. I have not seen any this dark color on the net. But they do have oddly shaped scrolls. It is deffriantly a 18th century piece, no question on that.
  6. Perfect! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Unearthly-Violin-Case-/131107137948?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e8698299c
  7. I have owned an authentic Chappuy. All I can say is they have very unique scrolls like none other.
  8. Hello friends, I own the violin here in question that belonged to Lily Mae of the Coon Creek Girls. This is her Hopf directly from her estate many years ago. She passed away in 85. I have filled in as staff fiddle player at Renfro before when I wasn't on tour. Wanda Barnett the new coon creek girls fiddle player is a friend of mine and I have informed her of the violin. It's not hard to prove the provence of this violin. The sheen is from a French polish. The violin has restorations its a beautiful piece and sounds fantastic under the chin. Absolutely huge sounding in the top of the violins I have owned (around 3,000 violins). The D is pretty huge on this piece. Amazing! I am looking for the state to add the piece to Kentucky's Music Hall of Fame or Renfro Valley to display it. These girls really opened the doors to women in the music industry. If it wasn't for pioneers like them music would not have evolved socially or musically in the commercial realms. Email any questions you have to: www.BenProbus.com I have a email link that can be accessed on my page. Thanks and God Bless
  9. On this forum... I see you calling the violin from Scottish American Saxon Klingenthal This opinions really show the legitimization of luthier or violin connoisseur evaluation. The best and brightest are not always right. However the substance of inequalities it what sets apart a true italian violin. I study violin all the time, from my knowledge this violin the body appears italian, but the scroll maybe unmarried. Lets talk like adults. I am willing.
  10. Hello, I am the seller. Any questions feel free to contact me. No it is not saxon or american. Please do not run my auction through the mud for your enjoyment. I was very thorough with what information was giving to me. Most opinions where italian with one mittenwald opinion. If I can be any more clear, I can give you more details to the violin for you. I have a little newborn and a new family, I am not trying to pull one over. I am selling it at the best of my knowledge. Ask any questions about this violin. God Bless
  11. Hello Ladies & Gents, The violin for sale is by me. I took it to several shops in which they all had different opinions. Which leads me to find expertise is opinion. Most of the shops said 18th century Italian, but one shop said maybe really old mittenwald and the scroll may or may not be married. As far as my opinion of the instrument, I believe the body has italian instruments, very much 18th century piece, and the scroll stands a chance of being unmarried. Any questions Pleas direct to me. God Bless you guys,
  12. They informed me of recent sale prices.
  13. The scroll has not been revarnished it matches the violin perfectly..the violin is red in the light outdoors...Inside the violin is dark.
  14. I am the seller of the Instrument. What is comical about the re humidification process? We use steam vapors to renew woods. And we steam to bend woods. The violin was very dry, and this truly gave the top a nice flex. The back neck joint is nearly un-noteciable. It joins very well. I understand you have no idea who I am. I contacted first Chrisites about the violin. Your dealing with other peoples feelings. Don't bite off more than you can chew, I just sell a violin now and then. Ive been restoring since I was 12, but I am a musician. www.benprobus.com
  15. Look at his feedback responses on Ebay. Every time someone says "hey you sent me a fake violin," he responds with F*** You!" This guy is a fraud he should be terminated from ebay for false certificates and cursing clientele.
  16. Hello Friends, I am a seller on ebay from time to time. I needed to branch out and ask if you guys knew whats up with this buyer. He calls him self Dr. Lima. He keeps buying violins from me and either not paying or wanting me to commit fraud on tax value for customs by making my items appear as if they sold at a cheaper price. I notice he keeps changing his ID and doing this to many many sellers. He even has written me bad letters when I tell him I cant lie on my customs what if the item got stolen. Its a shame ebay allows people like this on the site. I just need the scoop on this ID he is becoming a pest. Even as far as bidding on stuff that has no international shipping available. Buyer: grafetd_scroll( 2 ) JOAO LUIZ VIEIRA LIMA
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