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  1. I know thi is an old thread - I’m just bringing back this topic. I’ve been playing violin most of my adult life. But Not having too much time for taking lesson. One question: has anybody who started with Suzuki method ever later be come successful violinist ? Just wonder...
  2. LastChair, I agree with you about the "conflicting" nature of sellers, Certificates, and Appraisals...Make no mistake, the only reason a seller would want to get certificates, is to get the best price posible for their instrument. I know that what i'm about to say may step on someone shoe, But the fact that the "expert" get pay by the sellers, of the percentage of what they value the instrument...doesn't that causes some conflict of interest?? The higher the price they value the instrument, the more they get pay!! I am sure that, in most cases, most experts are honest. But, there is no check and balance for this system...To me, as usual, Power equals Coruption. If you hire the wolfs to watch the sheeps, even most of the wolfs are nice wolfs, it is just a matter of time until we get a bad wolfs whose will eat the sheeps. cheers,
  3. Quote: I know of one violin shop that gets rid of nice-looking set up violins that haven't sold, presumably because no one has liked the sound, by removing the strings and bridge so no one can play them and consigning them to a real auction. I suspect this is a common practice. Good information! I am guessing that there are many reasons that the auction houses purposely do, or say. for example the descriptions, "ascribed", "by","Attributed to", "label"...I am pretty sure they (auction houses) are not doing it for the buyer's best interest, they are trying to cover their bases, in case of any law-sue. Cheers,
  4. Quote: Is this a Stradivarius? Indeed it is a Stradivarius, in fact, it was made by Wofgang Stradivarius...No, wait... may be, it was made by Jet-li-Stradivarius... Are you sure you are not Insrearchofcremona in disguise?? Have you changed your user name from Insearchofcremona to Regent??... If you are not Insearch...somebody eventually, will explain to you about him...welcome to this forum, we have a bunch of nice people here...but, i don't think they take "none sense" that well...something about waisting time, that they don't go for...So please, try not to BS by posting German violin pictures, and claming they are Italian violins. Cheers,
  5. in some countries, outside of the US, in others part of the world, people bargain just about everythings, taxi rides, clothings...and if you have managed to bargain down a Strad for $1, does it mean that you are a bad person? I think not! It means you are a good negotiator...Like Yuen was saying, nobody twisted anybod arms. Telling somebody a violin is a Strad and it is not...that's lieing. But if you know a violin is a Strad, and you are negotiating with a seller and choose not to reveil the information, I believe you should have the right to do that...even in America, businesses negotiating just about everytime they make any deals, And that's is why they need lawyers. Also, applying the term "one man's junk, is another man treasure", so I think that it is all depend on the situation... A lie is a lie, but if you are negotiating (barganing) and the other person know that you are doing it, I don't think you have to tell any of your information (as long as your opponent knows that you are doing it). Most (all) businesses choose not to tell the buyers how much they have payed for the product that they sell you, that's just normal. But, if they are flat-out lieing, or "cheat, lie, and steal", like in some cases on Ebay...it's a different story... Cheers,
  6. Quote: Is it safe to assume (ass-u-me??) that any well know (typically $20K+) makers' violin at Tarisio auction would not be started or have a reserve in the hundreds of dollars. Regardless of condition, as long as it is all there. I would think that it is in their interest as well, to place authenic instruments in the correct (higher end) auctions. I could believe that a copy of high quality could start low but, not the "real thing". Tarisio seems to be pretty carefull to say "Labeled ........" rather than saying "Made By ........" when a high profile name is used. I think the only thing Tarisio and e-bay have in common is that there are 'NO' $75,000 violins sold for $750. For sure, you would not get a "Strad" for $25, like some people would hope to get on Ebay. So You are right, i don't think we should expect that kind of "bargan" from the "real" auction houses. But then again, you'd get much more safety net from Tarisio than on Ebay. Like, you would get to try out the violin before you bid on it (you'd have to provide you own round trip ticket, and hotel from where ever you are to the auction of course). Or at least, Tarisio (or any other auction houses) would not or should not flat-out lieying to you like some sellers would do on Ebay. So, no...Tarisio and Ebay are not the same -- or at least we hope they are not the same... Cheers,
  7. Let's just say he is telling the true about his wife's kindness and the nice old lady, the violins could still very well be junky...That's the brillian thing about scam artises -- they are able to tie completely two different things together and make a believers out of some victims -- because some people may assuming that the nice old lady must have good violins??? Cheers,
  8. Supply-Demand...great scam...It's because, he either think Ebay buyers are very stupid/ignorant, or they are really stupid/ignorant...or, they are realy some where in between...which made the world an interseting place. Although, there is no bidding on this item so far...so, we may still have hope for the humanity... . If you look closer, the violins that he (or she) offers on Ebay look like brand new manufactory violins. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...me=STRK:MEWA:IT Cheers,
  9. Sorry Jesse...now, I feel like a fool... . Also, sorry about name calling...I've gotten a little too sensitive. I always thought you are a good member, and a good ebay seller. Now that we clear that out of the way, i'd love to talk to you again... "...words are the biggest source of mis-understanding..." -Midori- Let's play violin instead!! Cheers,
  10. Hi pahdah_hound, I noticed that you have somehow tried to avoid communicate with me, which is fine...it's a free country and you don't have to talk to anybody, if you choose not to. And I know, to you, or some people, I may have a strange way to speak, or roughing you in the "wrong" way. But, the fact that I have written many direct messages to you, and you have continued to ignore me, I will stop writing to you. Perhaps, you are better than me in recognizing "stereo" types of what German or Italian, or American violins should look like...What if there's a good Italian violin maker, whose build very good sounding violins that look "tacky" like American violins...you are mostly stereo typing what you have seen before. In some places, people call it Racism!! I think it's very rude of someone to not responding to people whose speaking to them... Cheers,
  11. Kidding a side, I personally do not think it is for sure German. It could be southern Italian. I own a "real" modern Italian violin from Rome (with a certificate, 1986) that looks very similar to this violin (looks newer of course). If you want any pictures send me a private email. Cheers,
  12. It depends on wether you are buying or selling. If you are buying, it's just an old German violin. If you are selling, it is clearly a master piece of a Master luitier from Cremona... where is Insearchofcremona when we need him??? I think you guys kind of have chased him away...I miss him...He is entertaining...I'm not helping am I?... Cheers,
  13. Quote: That does not allow a bidder to change his mind where there is no misrepresentation or fraud. It is the responsibility of a bidder to ascertain to the best of his ability with a bit of due diligence, whether the seller is legitimate and whether the item is accurately represented. Research should be done before the bid is placed, not after. If the buyer is not saavy or willing to take a risk, they should avoid "final" sales on items they are not expert in. Perhaps the retail shop or refunding seller is more appropriate for such buyers. I like that there is risk in the eBay marketplace. It alows me to buy cheaply from time to time and also allows me to differentiate myself when it comes time to sell. I would not like to see more regulation as I am sure it would dampen the vibrancy of the marketplace. Good business practices are encouraged both by eBay and the bidders. Jesse I agree with everythings you said. Couple points: 1) There are always two extreme sides (kinda like Bin ladden, and W), and then most decent people (silence majority) are kind of in-between. On one hand, You have scammer sellers whose hiding behind Ebay policy to riff-off buyers. And then, on the other hand, you have "Flaky" buyers whose bidding on merchandises, out bidding other legelimate buyers, and then don't pay for the merchandises, waisting everybody times. 2) Most "real" auction houses, like Tarisio, Skinner...(although some of them get caught cheating, and fine billion of dollars sometime too), stand behind (or least supposed to stand behind) their descriptions, and allow viewing time, so the buyers can try-out the instrument before they making any bidding...on Ebay...you get to see some fuzzy pictures... You were right, if someone cannot take risk, they should not waisting their time (and everyone else) on Ebay. I do not bid on every things i see, or like on ebay. Nor do I have a habit of not paying stuffs I bid on ebay...I think we've beaten this subject to death... Cheers,
  14. Quote: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ALL SALES ARE FINAL ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ That is, he said what he meant. If I am in Tucker's situation. I e-mailed seller before placing a bid and requesting an independent appraisal at my expense from his locality such as a reputable violinshop , phone (talk) to the person who knows violins and has seen this violin. Would that be a solution? Just my hindsight. Yuen, Your "solution" only works in the "gentler, and kinder" world, NOT on Ebay. You've managed to miss my point and Tucker point completely! We are talking about some sellers whose are trying to cheat the buyers into buying some violins that they are presenting as better in value. And NOT all sellers are cheaters. We have some of our own members whose selling some very, very fine violins (Pahdah_hound, I believe is his name), whose would goes out of his way to to show any information, and stand behind his merchandise, offering money back if the buyers are not happy. Now that's a GREAT seller. Of course, we are talking about a very fine line between out right lie and stretching the true. That's why there are many, many court cases going on every days, every where in this country. The law cannot protect all consumers. One can say "let's the buyers beware!!", and that's fair enough. But, my point is, there's nothing wrong with the consumer changing his or her mind. I have spoken on this subject before. One can gets very technical about the detail of the deals. That's why many time, busineses have to go to courts to fight-out the disbutes. But, from what i have learned in Business school, a "good" deal have to be in "good faith". It means, nobody should trying to cheat anybody. It means that both parties have to be trueful to what they have promised. If one side does not keep (present) what they have promised, then the whole deal can be viewed as "invalid". Of course, all of that have to be proven in front of a court or a mediator...or the buyer can choose to not pay, and risk being ban from bidding on Ebay again...enough said... Cheers,
  15. Quote: Isn't Ebay a lovely place? You are exactly right...I have been in your shoes before with this same seller. Obviously, this seller is a Fraud!! He and Ebay (his partner in crime) have used the phrase "ALL SALES ARE FINAL" to get away with any FAULT description as they are pleased. We all know that this violin IS NOT a Vuillaume violin, so why is it OK for the seller to LIE?? By the way, I did not pay for his faunny violin, and he did not leave me a negative feedback...he knew that i would expose him... If you don't pay this auction, all you did was breaking Ebay's "house rule". You are not breaking any of the US laws...another word, you are not going to jail or the FBI will not knocking on your door!! The worst case senerio is that you will be banned from bidding on Ebay...Big deal...Ebay can go screw itself and the faunny sellers...not all sellers...just the bad ones...:-), so everyone, please calm down...don't get mad at me...it's only my opion... Cheers,
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