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  1. https://www.gviolins.com/violin2.html The above description doesn't entirely compute. Most of these fiddles couldn't have had much extra work done considering the price.
  2. Scroll looks like an import from the usual area. Fiddle does not look Mkn to me.
  3. "I was told it could be a 1900 German violin. " Yep, Saxon .
  4. What a weird duck. Scroll from the rather poor picture seems Mkn -Sch, fluting stopping before 6 o'clock. Better pictures may help. I would suspect the body is too, probably 2nd half 19th century. But don't take my opinion too seriously, am no expert.
  5. Scroll looks Saxon / Mkn to me. Body could be as well.
  6. In a way my almost complete ignorance of music theory and composition theory might be a blessing in this case. Not being ironic. I remember how as a teenager a certain vinyl recording of violin middle movements from early romantic concertos gave me the goosebumps , many times. I think it was a more intuitive kind of listening. Then years later I found those performances not very inspiring or moving any more, having listened to a great number of the same with critical ears. And yet even though many of the later recordings were outstanding, none gave me that " rapturous" sensation I used to have. I regretted having lost that. Almost like a loss of innocence. Was it overly critical listening that killed it? Over familiarity? It never came back, and it won't any more I think, not in the same way. Now I appreciate music differently, appreciate more of the subtleties, the technical mastery, the interpretive style, the flow, the cohesion, but the more primal, direct connection to - whatever it is that moves us - works in another way now. A performance a few years ago of Shostakovich' 8th quartet brought me to tears. In my teenage years I would not have "understood" - gotten - much of it.
  7. Phillip K.T. : if I hear you correctly you find Brahms' music to be contrived. ( My words, not yours) I agree , some of his music comes across that way to me as well. For example some of his solo piano works, and bits and pieces in his compositions everywhere. Yet when I hear his first symphony , the piano concertos, so many other compositions he blows me away. He can create an atmosphere, as for example in the adagio of his G major violin sonata that one doesn't find anywhere else. Playing his chamber music is quite a challenge, but a very moving experience. It can easily sound muddy or dragged down. It seems he is trying to expound on Beethoven without leaving the restraints of the classical period too much. There is something very German in his music I think, this complexity , ( too ) much emphasis on detail, gründlichkeit, somehow lack of natural flow. Mozart was pretty well the opposite in many ways . His complete mastery came naturally - and yet from the "German" tradition as well. I am not a music scholar, just enjoy all kinds of music. Including both Brahms and Dvorak. Brahms is actually one of my favourites. He didn't write any bad music. There is some nobility to it. Sometimes he sounds tortured, maybe because he was often very unhappy. Some of Dvorak's music is astounding - 9th Symphony, piano quartets, quintets, , romance for violin and orchestra, romantic pieces, but he also wrote some very uninteresting second rate stuff. Just my 2 cents.
  8. In the 80s I met an elderly colleague who sounded British --- I thought. Last name was Hassett. What do I know. Foolishly I asked what part of England he was from. That did not go over very well. Mind you he was an active IRA supporter. Things have changed though.
  9. You're a sh.... disturber are you..
  10. Markneukirchen later 19th century imho
  11. Sweet and mellow? Maybe. Could be loud and a bit unwieldy. Will be interesting to hear when finished.
  12. Are the ribs let into a groove in the back? The one picture seems to suggest that. ( not the Juzek but the original OP's violin)