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  1. Wow, never expected that from you. Much like the " like Hitler " comments on various internet forums. We Europeans take our history very seriously. Not because we hold grudges, although some do. Many of us are only one generation away from a time of tremendous suffering, a time when families were caught up in the events of history that so profoundly affected them, it also had a great effect on the next generation. No matter what side they were on. It is not like you to be so flippant about such serious matter. This is where some of our sensitivities lie. No question we are not as polite as the North Americans. When I first came to Canada I unintentionally offended many a Torontonian with my straight forward unfiltered opinions, which back home nobody worried about. But I must say it is nice to be a little more polite. After 38 years here I sometimes have to remember " observe, don't absorb" when talking to my family, that they don't mean it in a personal manner.
  2. French.........I think. Mid 19th century? What do the bee stings look like?
  3. That is surprising. My understanding is that d'Atilli at the height of his career was highly regarded. But in the very last part he had lost it and was writing certificates that were far off the mark. However willfully faking instruments: I had never heard of that.
  4. Another Rhegin creation? Even an amateur like me can see that's got nothing to do with Michael Dötsch.
  5. By far the highest price ever fetched for a violin by a living maker was one of Roger Hargrave's Del Gesu copies. But that is a different story altogether. From what I have heard or read: violins from the Florian Leonhard shop , and those by Christophe Landon are in the 60k US dollar range, but I may be off now. So please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Meaningless splatters - sometimes, but not here. Even Jackson Pollocks' splatters aren't meaningless. I didn't like most modern art for many years. Till some of it gripped me, and over time I have come to appreciate a lot of it, not always enjoying it. Same with modern music. Didn't care much for Shostakovich. Until one day I heard a live performance of quartet nr 8 and it moved me to tears. But some can be hard on the system. Like Ligeti, although it is brilliant. Modern music is all over the place, like modern art.
  7. VdA, your picture looks German to me. Who's the artist ? I do like a lot of modern art, for example this: Isn't this beautiful as well: or this: Only the first one is a painting, as you can tell. But all are abstract to our understanding. Agree that a lot of modern art is just trendy or rubbish
  8. William Hogarth, The Tête à Tête. Part of a series called " Marriage a la Mode" satirizing arranged marriages for money and status in upper class British society. It is in the National Gallery in London.
  9. hendrik

    Label ID - Wagner

    is the neck warped?
  10. I guess I should retire from commenting on French or Saxon and study the pictures better. Never looked carefully enough at the arching on photos, but do on a violin in hand. I can see how this looks pressed. Is this chippy varnish typically French?
  11. Looks like "the usual" student model Saxon fiddle.
  12. Looks a bit too old for Rhegin to me. Upper B sting at the treble side is off centre ergo is French. I have no clue ( as usual). What about more pictures ?
  13. Are you sure the Roths from the 1920 - 30s were built on back as you described? So the corners would be clamped; I'll have a look tonight at a Roth in our orchestra.
  14. Antonius Amati est décédé longtemps avant 1636. Des étiquettes comme ça - même si les dates sont correctes- en gross sont sans signification. S'il vous plait nous montrer quelques photos
  15. Thanks Martin, that's very helpful. I just haven't seen too many MKN from that time ; mostly Roths and they are quite different.