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  1. A compellingly odd but beautiful violin

    Soundclip? No thanks.
  2. Interesting viola shown on violinist.com: http://www.violinist.com/discussion/thread.cfm?page=1014
  3. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    This picture is a little more detailed: == It looks better on this photo. The restorer(s) chose to keep the face very fuzzy . Smart choice as it would be impossible to make a passible go at a clearer more Mona Lisa like version. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/15/arts/design/leonardo-da-vinci-salvator-mundi-christies-auction.html Indeed it doesn't look like the Mona Lisa - or any other of Da Vinci's major portraits - at all in style and execution.
  4. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    this is the Mona Lisa: and this the Salvator Mundi for comparison: Sorry but I don't like the latter. They have messed with the eyes and the nose too much to begin with. Some one called it "flat" and that describes it well.
  5. Your violin is not in the same class as the stamellstring viola.
  6. Ancient Cremonad Violin

    Fiddle was "Ancient Cremonas revived by D....W. Adams, Montpelier" That doesn't give any information as to what kind of violin it is. Please post some good pictures of the violin / viola.
  7. C S Violin Maker?

    From the way the rib ends look: is this BOB or more likely outside mold construction?
  8. On second thoughts

    Here a violin à le Derrida:
  9. On second thoughts

    One has to love German philosophers: "To think Being itself explicitly requires disregarding Being to the extent that it is only grounded and interpreted in terms of beings and for beings as their ground, as in all metaphysics". "Making itself intelligible is suicide for philosophy". Martin Heidegger
  10. Gemunder ID help

    August Gemunder mostly imported stuff from elsewhere. Agree looks like student quality French. Never seen pitch being used on the inside of a violin if that's what it is.
  11. What is this??

    Certificate says pretty well what you said: "The undersigned Antoine van Hoof (Antwerp) declares that the violin with specifications as below is a real Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume with Geigenzettel of Gasparo da Salo and model of this master. signed Ant van Hoof Length 37cm 6mm width upper 17 cm 6mm middle 12 cm lower 21 cm 8mm Back one piece broad flame ...... violin inlaid f holes large and wide ....... brown yellow Antoine van Hoof " It isn't Alphonse but Antoine van Hoof who wrote the certificate with between brackets Antwerp. There were van Hoof shops in Tilburg and Den Bosch at some point as well. Could it be a Nicolas Vuillaume? I know one of those quite well and it has some similarities. He liked to copy Maggini and da Salo and made oversized violins. Didn't he make a good number of violins for his brother until he started on his own in Brussels?
  12. 1897 Giuseppe Fiorini... Could it be real?

    This Fiorini must have been made during his time in Markneukirchen:
  13. Early 90s German violin ?

    Snow in Miami? Imho looks like a student fiddle could be 1990 , fairly new. Pictures don't show much detail; reminds me of Eastern European but who knows, maybe Chinese. Just because those are the most likely places of origin.
  14. Help me identify this violin

    Thanks Martin. What are the various other Mirecourt like features? Maybe the squared off corners, the rather wide grain of the top? Very even somewhat flat edgework? Robust pegbox? Anything else? Don't see much Schoenbach but what features did you think could be?
  15. Violin Identification

    " If anything it reminds me of a Seiz I once repaired" Pardon my ignorance but is that Michael Seitz? There also is an 18th century maker Bernard Seitz.