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  1. To me looks French (but my opinion doesn't count for much) but rib ends do look BOB. Better pictures might help.
  2. Looks like rib ends are not mitered. Ends have been clamped and are flush with the corners.
  3. Built on Back. Looks like a Markneukirchen violin from around 1880 - 1920. But I don't know much. Pictures as per would help.
  4. I read the certificate, i'm not doubting Dilworth, ( what do I know anyway). Just that I'm wondering if Forster had somehow been influenced by Mittenwald .
  5. Scroll looks a bit like Mittenwald. Varnish definitely not. Is that the original varnish?
  6. I'm not sure that this is "the very low end of trady looking." Looks like typical built on back violin, scroll very much Mkn. But has some fluting to the ffs, wood looks not too bad. Hard to tell from the photos if the purfling is scratched in. If the violin was in very good condition would still be over priced,but worth some money. It looks like the main problem is the condition in which case value would be close to nill.
  7. Bruce Carlson refuses to certify any Mario Gadda; I think he mentions it in a thread here somewhere.
  8. There are all kinds and sorts of "Mario Gaddas".
  9. And as Jacob says ; please provide more detailed pictures. It doesn't look like "the usual" to me but hard to tell from your photos.
  10. Hi Mood 2000 Is this an English violin?
  11. Better pictures would help. From what you posted it appears your first assumption could be correct. IMHO the wood is nothing special.
  12. Maybe a Mittenwald belly on a MkN back?
  13. It looks like the purfling of belly and back are different. Maybe purfling of the back was put in at a later date as the violin does not look composite. Ribs have been built up, at least at the bottom rib part. Don't know about the scroll; not as pretty as a good Mittenwald scroll.
  14. Wow, never expected that from you. Much like the " like Hitler " comments on various internet forums. We Europeans take our history very seriously. Not because we hold grudges, although some do. Many of us are only one generation away from a time of tremendous suffering, a time when families were caught up in the events of history that so profoundly affected them, it also had a great effect on the next generation. No matter what side they were on. It is not like you to be so flippant about such serious matter. This is where some of our sensitivities lie. No question we are not as polite as the North Americans. When I first came to Canada I unintentionally offended many a Torontonian with my straight forward unfiltered opinions, which back home nobody worried about. But I must say it is nice to be a little more polite. After 38 years here I sometimes have to remember " observe, don't absorb" when talking to my family, that they don't mean it in a personal manner.
  15. French.........I think. Mid 19th century? What do the bee stings look like?