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  1. How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    As a teenager back home I wondered why it was nearly impossible to locate the sound of the large green grasshoppers chirping while it was much easier to locate some of the warblers with similarly high pitched chirping. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_Q02ThdrBk There may yet be other factors besides just high frequency that make it more or less difficult to locate.
  2. Run over violins - whos fault?

    Nice dually truck VdA. Around here we use them for hauling water, oil equipment and other heavy stuff. Actually those are usually bigger or not crew cab. Are you hauling big loads of gators?
  3. Run over violins - whos fault?

    Once I was given a MKN fiddle that had been decent until improved upon with regraduation. The owner had paid a bit of money for the procedure and couldn't stand the sight of it any more; it had completely lost all sound and pretty well had the acoustics of a cigar box. I was going to use it as a wall decoration but couldn't stand it either and gave it away. I would have gladly run it over and burn the remains. Catharsis.
  4. Run over violins - whos fault?

    Kim sent me a bow in a square wooden box. I have put the pvc tube inside a square cardboard box as you do.
  5. Run over violins - whos fault?

    Regarding bows getting run over: Kim Tipper in Victoria BC advises not to mail bows in a round pvc tube. They tend to roll out of the back of a van and get run over by forklifts etc. He once had one delivered in a splintered tube with tire marks on it. Know a shop that sends expensive bows in steel tubes having had similar experiences.
  6. One more violin ID... whew.

    Looks like a " Maggini" copy from the MKN area to me. These are quite common and sometimes sound decent. The violin is oversize at a LOB of 36.3 cm so the value is a fair bit lower than a standard size violin.
  7. One more violin ID... whew.

    What's the LOB?
  8. William Harris Lee 16 1/8 Viola

    How can it be LOB 355 and 16 and 1/8 at the same time? Becker's appraisal would be for insurance purposes I imagine. Violas are difficult to sell. If it has a marvellous sound you might be lucky and get 15000 for it or even more but it is anybody's guess what you could ask. 16 and 1/8 is not huge but smaller violas are usually easier to sell. My 2 bits.
  9. Vintage or not?

    Looks like a 1/2 or 3/4 size violin? What is the length of the back? Not that it matters much but could go to a beginner child.
  10. What I found inside my viola this morning

    Does it say H. Schicker Freiburg? Maybe a collectionable item.
  11. don't what ...? If not Eastern Europe than what? China? Does anyone think the varnish is what it claims to be i.e. at least 150 years old?
  12. This post has been deleted

    You mean the cat didn't leave, having to put up with 4 dogs in HER house? When we got our then 3 month old 3/4 border collie - 1/4 blue heeler puppy Jake last summer, our cat took off even though he is an outside dog like our 14 year old Reece - also border collie. Never came back. She had had some problems with her teeth and lost the front ones so was somewhat defenseless. She probably got killed by the coyotes that get around town; have found some cat skulls in the back along the river but not her's. Too bad , she was a nice cat.
  13. This post has not been deleted

    You`r from West Texas ? Can you barbecue them ?
  14. This post has not been deleted

    It's not a toad for crying out loud. It's not horny either, but a "horned lizard". --- Oh I just read some call them horny toads. Not very proper. I would be insulted if I was a horned lizard.
  15. This post has been deleted

    "The other side of the coin is the shop owner who heaps unwarranted and excessive praise on any VSO brought before him, in hopes that the customer will drop big bucks on the needed repairs. I have seen this happen." -- a few pages back. Can attest to that. Know of a cello with a plywood back that got 2000 dollar (canadian) worth of repairs. One wonders what the owner paid for the instrument to begin with.