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  1. In the 80s I met an elderly colleague who sounded British --- I thought. Last name was Hassett. What do I know. Foolishly I asked what part of England he was from. That did not go over very well. Mind you he was an active IRA supporter. Things have changed though.
  2. You're a sh.... disturber are you..
  3. Markneukirchen later 19th century imho
  4. Sweet and mellow? Maybe. Could be loud and a bit unwieldy. Will be interesting to hear when finished.
  5. Are the ribs let into a groove in the back? The one picture seems to suggest that. ( not the Juzek but the original OP's violin)
  6. Quite a non-starter. Who is going to make your new top? And what quality wood? At the end of the day even if well done the violin would be worth considerably less than the original instrument.
  7. Is it possible to turn clamped rib ends into what we see here, by fitting a corner block, using a dremmel and what not , and revarnish the area? I'm not saying this happened here but I wonder if that is possible.
  8. Mendicus, could you show us some UV pictures? The tiger stripes on the one side of the scroll but not the other side are a bit odd.
  9. And here a puzzle: second one should not be too hard to guess as far as region: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Violin-scrolls.jpg
  10. Looks like a nice scroll to me, with some character. Different from Mkn or Mittenwald. But what do I know. Here some history, ( hope I didn't break any copyright laws) not chronologic : Guarneris, love those funkier ones: View large image Andrea Amati Stainer, love that scooped out first turn The Betts Stradivari AHHope opA2/2
  11. Not sure you can tell from the angle of the pictures. Might be ok?
  12. Bass side soundhole has been butchered a bit as well.