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  1. hendrik

    Mario Gadda Cello

    Maybe one day there will be a book on Mario Gadda like this one: https://www.amazon.ca/Great-Dali-Fraud-Other-Deceptions/dp/0942637631 Just check https://www.artbrokerage.com/Salvador-Dali and others and you see that Dali prints actually go for many thousands.
  2. hendrik

    Mario Gadda Cello

    Reminds me of Salvador Dali prints. ( Don't you know someone who has one of those?) In the 70s a van was held up at the Spanish -French border and on inspection customs found about 10,000 sheets of blank paper each with an original signature of Salvador Dali. The van was on it's way to Paris to a group of hired artists who had been instructed by Dali how to make surrealistic prints in his style. Customs had to let them go. How many vans did cross the border over time no one knows. There are now 3 different kinds of Dali prints: the ones made by himself, the ones made by his Paris friends and the ones made by others as well but with a faked signature. The funny thing is that the fake ones with real signature still fetched over a 1000 dollars some years ago and maybe even more today. Apparently a few art dealers are expert enough that they can tell the difference. Whether they do or don't who knows. I bet you that "M Gadda" violins - with his papers and stamp - will continue to fetch good money no matter the very questionable origins.
  3. hendrik

    Student violin

    You need a bridge. Maybe a sound post? Don't see any cracks, only an open seam. That is a simple repair job. If the neck is straight I would go for a repair. But that is provided there are no other problems that the pictures don't show.
  4. hendrik

    Mittenwald, what about this label please?

    "Even when we were child we have all seen people using a 2nd hand paper for many things not important. That the way it has been made here." Agree with the " not important" . Lancelot, if you are one of those people that want to make something out of a fake label be prepared to get heaps of scorn on this thread.
  5. hendrik

    Cello query

    All I can tell is it looks like it has a base bar crack.
  6. hendrik

    Authentic Alessandro D'Espine Violin?

    The most depressing part being the extensive worm damage?
  7. hendrik

    Violin ID

    What happened to the edging ; or is that original and a bit amateurish?
  8. hendrik

    #that-feeling when...

    ..... some one posts another relatively new instrument , decently executed but not bench made , from who knows where and wants to know - where it was made - how old it is and the guess work starts in over drive.
  9. hendrik

    Violin ID

    This violin does not remotely look like a real Stradivarius . One doesn't have to be an expert to be able to say so. What it is I don't know. Looks like it was built on back.
  10. hendrik

    Violin ID

    Was wondering about that "lip" on the scroll too. Looks like it has a rim with heavily scooped out turns. Can't remember seeing this on Gligas but I didn't pay as much attention when I saw those many years ago. BTW I'm no expert so am talking out of turn.
  11. hendrik

    New find

    19th century Markneukirchen/Schonbach ( also called "Saxon") violin. I think probably after 1850. Often oversized. Some sound quite nice. Some don't.
  12. hendrik

    Ornati copy by Mario Gadda?

    Mario Gadda era un mascalzone!
  13. hendrik

    Old Violin and Vuillaume Bow

    Cheap MkS fiddle that has its ff holes messed with. Neck and pegbox look warped. Is there a piece of string around the soundpost? Looks like it hasn't been played much. Bow even cheaper and completely beyond repairing. Commercial value is close to 0 if the neck is indeed warped. My 2 cents.
  14. hendrik

    Stefano Scarampella Fake quality

    ....." Is tree DNA unique enough to be useful?" No, never that I can see, for many reasons: - you would probably need whole genome sequencing done on a fair number of spruce trees, before you could focus on smaller areas in the genome that may indicate variations between INDIVIDUAL trees within one species. You have to find the significance of those changes. It will take a lot of time and effort just to catalogue all that. I think it would be a hopeless nightmare to try. - the problem of assigning dates would be another issue; one would need references from dendrochronology and other sources to add those to the data base. - cost at this time would be prohibitive; the cost to first read the whole human genome was staggering. It keeps coming down but at this point still is in the 8000 or so dollar ball park if I remember correctly. But only because all the groundwork has been done. To start with a different species would be even more prohibitive. -
  15. hendrik

    Looking for info on Czech Maker

    Sorry to be a party pooper but your violin does not resemble the beautiful violin Martin shows. To me your violin is a 20st century MarkNeukirchen violin and not the highest quality looking at the wood, the lack of fluting of the F holes, workmanship including the decorations and general "gestalt". Which doesn't mean it couldn't sound wonderful. Strange that the front has single purfling and the back has triple. By the looks of it a double purfling and decorations were added later. But maybe I need new glasses.....