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  1. Jesse, you crack me up... that's so funny!
  2. aheist, There was a "PIERROT" from Lyon at the end of 17th C to beginning of the 18th C. I am guess your violin is a lot newer? rc
  3. I suppose you are referring to the David Rattray's book "Violin Making in Scotland." It is an excellent book. IMHO, it is well written with some historical background, but that doesn't make it academic. There are many violin books that are more academic than this one. From a very superficial standpoint, it has many pictures, how academic can that be? It is not like we are talking about dendrochronology, with sound waves studies, with pages after pages of scientific data. With the exception of the front introduction, and the appendix in the back, mostly it is just photos of the instruments with some essays on the side. rarecellos
  4. Jeff, You took my words, I was going to say Roth is like a Honda Accord. Ok, I will call them Toyota Corollas, the better ones are Camrys. rc
  5. "...when I see a Roth I see a good factory made instrument, but still a factory made instrument, but I may be wrong." Manfio, you are not wrong. That is just your opinion. However, it is interesting to think about what a "factory instrument" means? Is a factory instrument: 1) A violin made by several people? 2) A violin made with the help of machines most of the time? 3) A violin made by an apprentice with finishing stage like the varnish done by the master? 4) A violin with parts made by so many different people that it loses its artistic uniformity. 5) None of the above. 6) All of the above. rc
  6. My friends, IMHO, at least from the photos... it looks like this listing sold for a high price of 3000GBP for a badly repaired old fiddle. rc
  7. Wow, how does someone mistaken a beer stein from Disneyland from the Holy Grail? What is he going to do with all those copies of Strads and Guarneris? What's his favorite charity? rc
  8. Much better rendition here found on the web: rc
  9. Glenn and Rich, Yes, Chris Pu stopped dealing in violins alltogether and moved back to China. There are some of his instruments still sitting in a warehouse though. rarecellos
  10. That's the funniest looking label I have ever seen. Ouch!
  11. That's some gorgeous wood. Congratulations!
  12. My May issue didn't come till the end of June. Go figure... But I must say I think there is an improvement in the content in the last few years. July issue is good, check it out... if you can get a copy without too much hassle. rc
  13. I subscribe to Strad Magazine... Twice this year already I receive no magazines and had to email to get them. In Edit: the July issue just came in a few minutes ago... they heard me across the Atlantic. rc
  14. Cassi, It seems rosin is the answer. You may also want to investigate different kinds of rosin brands. rc
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