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  1. How to talk to students after losing compeition

    Agree with George.... ask him what he would have done differently now that it is behind him, and ask what advise he would give to another student preparing for a similar competition.
  2. Red violin bow hair?

    Don’t get me started on purple, blue and green violins!
  3. Red violin bow hair?

    A red horse..... it’s dye, people do it to add color for kids. I think they should ALL be dyed!!!! White!
  4. Opinion; Markneukirchen or American?

    Someone had told me those streaks were exclusively from the north eastern US, however after he told me that I started keeping an eye open and would see it and German fiddles off and on. I had kept some pictures but unfortunately am not sure where they are. It is very prevalent in our wood.
  5. Protecting oil varnish during postage

    I have a Josef Teclaw fiddle with dimples all over the back from bubble wrap, back is completely covered!
  6. violin provenance identification

    Please read the section on taking pics. Then post a few more! Those blocks are huge!
  7. Opinion; Markneukirchen or American?

    Markie has my vote. At least in my eyes the varnish on the back near the corners and edges is rarely seen like that on American fiddles. Yes Peter, About 75% of the amateur work has graffiti inside. Thanks Jacob quite accurate in his three categories. (Are also makers born here trained by European immigrants) It seemed as though about 3/4 of the trained makers that came here varied from their training and added some individuality. I seem to see a lot of golds, yellows, light brown, and orange/red varnishes. Fewer maroon, brown and red or red/orange varnishes.
  8. Worn-down Bow Mortice Repair

    It’s from a loose eyelet, tightening causes down pressure on the end of the screw as the heel of the frog pulls away from the stick. Same issue on the stick below.
  9. Reg Unusual scroll ?

    Back up a few feet, then zoom/crop the pics and they will be far less distorted....take straight on, no angles!
  10. carbon fibre sound post..

    Own stock?
  11. help appreciated with this french fiddle.

    The back reminds me of a George Gemunder that I recently saw.
  12. Hen(d)rik Jacobs? No offers please!

    A little powder and a little paint will make a lady what she ain't.
  13. Wirbelschneider - still around?

    I have this one, once I got set up it works fantastic, just do about a 1/8 turn after each shave. Very clean pegs as a finished product.
  14. Help ID this poor old violin

    Take a look at this block.
  15. Stolen from Hogwarts?

    It is cleaning up nicely.