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  1. A. Lamy bow?

    The bow has been confirmed as a Lamy (father) and is on the way back to its homeland for a certificate. FC- many thanks for your input! Attached a picture showing the second pin in the button.
  2. Paint Removal

    It came with a bow the of the same color, I expected to have to strip the bow and decided to try acetone first (thanks to a post on here) and realized that the acetone breaks down paint much faster than varnish and it almost wiped off the bow with little effort, hoped that if I was fast enough I could remove the paint before the varnish would break down. I just kept rubbing the paint with a lightly dampened paper towel, without letting the surrounding varnish stay wet until it came off (constantly changing the paper towel). The Hills cleaner worked for all of the overspray, I was able to buff out the back in about a half hour, until blue stopped showing up on my cloth).
  3. Paint Removal

    Thank you, that rib was throwing me off. I forgot rule number 987, there are always exceptions....sometimes.
  4. Paint Removal

    I just had really good luck removing spray paint on the back of a violin! I would also appreciate some comments as to its origin. Rib corners are rounded over, one of lower rib, middle of back plate is notched, inside mold, the scroll is not sharp down the middle, and throat stops around 6:30. Is there a chance this scroll is an addition? JS stated that it would be an anomaly for Dutzendware to have a 1pc rib and inset saddle...so hopefully someone can give me some clarification as to what this may be? Many thanks in advance!
  5. A. Lamy bow?

    Thank you, I will contact the Raffin shop....just wanted some feedback first!
  6. A. Lamy bow?

    Sure Jerry, here you go!
  7. A. Lamy bow?

    Just picked up this interesting bow, any input would be greatly appreciated. The wood for the stick and frog are very nice. 55.5 grams as is.
  8. Mirecourt?

    Please post more pics...
  9. Bow I/d - French?

    Aversion to light?
  10. Perhaps This Viola?

    I will be surprised if the 2 by Asa White do not top the estimate...if not, I may walk away with one! The JF viola should fetch a good price, I always watch for his instruments online, imo, he is very under valued. A few years ago I sold one of my Friedrich violins to a member on here and I have been kicking myself in the arse ever since!
  11. Machine or by Hand Lion head?

    I would say probably made by a variety of tools/setups, if you look at quite a few you will notice a large number are nearly identical. Growing up in the 70's my father had a shop that made wood products for Cornwall Industries, we had an old man named Frank that set up the machines, no cnc, each step was done and moved to the next machine until the product was ready to send to finishing. Here is a link to a previous post:
  12. Machine or by Hand Lion head?

  13. Cello ID

    Here are a few more pics, although the quality is not as good as I had hoped. Yes Jacob, both cheeks have been "re-cheeked" which seems to have been done after the graft/neck replacement.
  14. Ida Haendel

    For what it's worth, I thought it was outstanding.
  15. Ida Haendel

    Probably one of the 2 listed here? http://www.jose-sanchez-penzo.net/ihaendel.html