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  1. Ida Haendel

    Probably one of the 2 listed here? http://www.jose-sanchez-penzo.net/ihaendel.html
  2. What Kind of Back Wood?

    My guess is slab cut American maple.
  3. Violin ID

    The violin is due to arrive on Thursday, the seller did not get me more pics before shipping but he did send the measurements, which I thought I would post. Back Plate: 35.8 cmUpper Bout: 16.6mid : 11.5lower: 20.5 cm
  4. Help identify

  5. Violin ID

    My first thought was English or French 3 quarter, 18th century. Hopefully there will be something identifiable inside. There is a repair tag from 1862 from Johannes Hjorth, I would assume that is when the neck was updated. I like the character of the scroll, that's what made me look beyond the worm damage! I will take to get treated and asses the damage from there.
  6. 300+ year old Spruce

    Or just do the wood before you make the violin .....
  7. Violin ID

    Just picked this up on eBay, unfortunately this is all I have for pics until it arrives. Just wondering if anyone sees anything that may look somewhat familiar besides the woodworm dance floor? Many thanks in advance, will post interior pics once it arrives.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

    And exiting on a stretcher...
  9. Asset Manager Verifying Clients "Inherited Violin"

    If you could sell for $175 on eBay you would be getting a good price.
  10. Viola: Karl Hofner Bubenreuth 1991

    It's a Karl Hoffner 15" viola, made in Bubenreuth in 1991....?
  11. How these varnish lines can be removed?

    Did it occur to you that they were under the grime that was there before you sent it to be "cleaned"?
  12. How these varnish lines can be removed?

    Not sure what you mean by "varnish lines" are you talking about these scratches?
  13. Violin I/d

    May want to axe the habit of laying instruments on abrasive surfaces, unless of course you are out in the alley working on your "antiquing" skills.
  14. Cello ID

    Thanks Jacob, and yes it seems both sides have been re-cheeked. I bought it at a good price "unseen" and will post better pics when I go pick it up next week.
  15. Cello ID

    Just wondering if someone can give me some insight on this cello. Pics are not the best, but all I have available. LOB- 29" there is no label inside,