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  1. violin ID Help

    Then I guess it wasn't at a thrift shop
  2. Pros and cons of Dremel Purfling router

    As a buyer, if I am buying a "hand made" violin, I want it to be made by hand.
  3. Moisture Level of Hands

    Hand cream and talcum powder?
  4. Bow familiar to anyone?

    I believe it does, very good eye Mr Meyer. Although it is not the typical upside down stamp. I decided to go out on a limb and send pics to JFR to see if by any chance he recognized it.....well, he did, and it will be in its way to him later today. I will update this post when I have some definitive information.
  5. Bow familiar to anyone?

    Just want to add that the weight is without hair, what you see in the pictures is all there is. I'm hoping to end up around 55+ when the work is complete.
  6. Bow familiar to anyone?

    Starting at about 6" in front of the winding and running for the next 10" there is significant "wear" where is is quite rounded over on the edges.
  7. Bow familiar to anyone?

    28 1/2 exactly, There is about a 10" long area that is off center and favors the end, the edges of the facets are well rounded, especially the top. Could someone have had this done to customize to their personal tastes? I am curious if this will play well or be whippy.... Am I right in my assumption this is probably German?
  8. Bow familiar to anyone?

    Awesome Jacob!!!! Thank you very much, will order this morning! Not sure what happened on the weight, it is a fairly strong stick and I was very surprised when I weighed it.
  9. Bow familiar to anyone?

    49 grams.....48.8 to be exact.
  10. Bow familiar to anyone?

    I have been trying to find the Klaus Grunke book set on German bows, if anyone knows of a set for sale please PM me.
  11. Off-The-Shelf Tool for Removing Top?

    You can get vintage frosting spatulas on eBay, various lengths, thicknesses and stiffness/flexibility, they work great.
  12. Guns and violin making

    If you had actually taken time to read them you would see that they pertain today just as much as they did when they were written.
  13. Guns and violin making

    Our founding fathers were a lot smarter than we were. I think many do not understand why our constitution is written the way it is, and why the govt will never round up the firearms. https://www.buckeyefirearms.org/gun-quotations-founding-fathers We may be a new country compared to many, but we have one of the oldest running governments, so it seems to work. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states_by_date_of_formation
  14. Bow familiar to anyone?

    Just wondering if this looks familiar to any of you? Looks close to a Nurnburger that I have but this look earlier. Thanks in advance! Weight is just under 49g, under slide does have 2 pins. No pins visible on button.