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  1. also, -certain parts of rachmaninov's 2nd piano concerto. -almost anything by respighi. his adagio for cello & orch, violin concertos, etc -dvorak's cello concerto -schubert death & maiden quartet
  2. ditto on what nicolo said about not making me cry by itself. some really powerful and memorable works, mainly melancholy, that i can recall off the top of my head: prokofiev - 1st violin concerto (especially the 3rd mvt) barber - violin concerto, Second movement. shostakovich - string quartet no. 8, 4th mvt tchaikovsky: 5th symphony, slow mvt, and the entire 6th symphony dvorak: song to the moon... just because it sounds so pretty oh, and you probably knew this, but dvorak's american is #12 not 13
  3. on a similar note, my string broke right at the loop. it looks like this: can a ball or new loop be attached?
  4. Quote: If your fine tuner has a hook like this one ( http://www.elderly.com/accessories/items/VFT46.htm ) what I've seen people do is put the loop end over the two posts (so that it wraps around) instead of having the ball end inbewtween the two posts. that was my first thought. i've only seen 2 types of fine tuners, and they both accept loops. the hill style, with its small hook, won't accept a ball, but that kind (whittner?) accepts both
  5. menuhin, with susskind conducting was the first recording of the bruch I heard, and it's still one of my favorites. i'm not sure what his other recordings are like...
  6. http://www.jaschaheifetz.com/about/quotes.html
  7. the 6th and 7th are believed to be written by someone other than mozart... there is also one in D major which is suprious (written by Casadesus)
  8. saint-saens vln. #3 respighi vln. concertos (p.75, p.135 ... I think there's 1 more but I haven't heard it) prokofiev vln. #1 beethoven vln. tchaikovsky vln. mozart vln. #5 or #3
  9. there is a really great CD called Bridge of Light which contains the music of Keith Jarrett.. he even plays piano on the recording of his violin sonata
  10. you can open this up in windows media player: mms:// i really hate streaming videos... i can't seem to save this file. carmen fantasy starts at ~25 min sibelius concerto, ~42 min the soloist is Chuan-Yun Li
  11. EMI classics- Menuhin, amazon emi classics- szeryng, amazon I want to get the emi milstein dvd, which has the bach chaconne and him playing his paganiniana.. and there's a new one out called "Nathan Milstein: In Performance With the Chicago Symphony Orchestra" but amazon doesn't have any info on which performances it includes. I pretty much want all the EMI classic archive dvds... and The Red Violin. too bad DVDs are so expensive
  12. I just got one last week... it still has a new smell to it which I dislike very much. I even left it outside for a couple of days and it hasn't changed. It sort of smells like candy. The fabric inside is soft, and sheds if you run your hand along it... so it's not velour or velvet, it's some kind of plush lining. It closes up and fastens very tightly and securely like they claim, and it seems very solid and strong. Close fitting inside too... no need for a neck restraint. A note about music123 (where I got mine)- I e-mailed the site asking about interior color choices. An employee linked me to the SKB site which shows the case as a green interior. I got one with blue. fwiw :
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