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  1. OK neck is now clean I tried after shave not that good ended up with the glue sort of smeared all over the neck O'shit what have I done so then I turned my attention to the food cupboard and found some old peanut butter and low and be hold sitting on the top when the lid was removed was the nut oil so I've used a kitchen paper dipped in the oil and seconds later no glue what a really good tip thanks Dan Now how do i get rid of the peanut smell ?? while cleaning the neck I have noted that the neck is varnished? is it right that it should be unvarnished so the thumb moves freely James
  2. I even have computer screen cleaner James
  3. what a bout baby wipes would they get the sticky tape glue off ? James
  4. OK I've had this cello looked at by my teacher also had it played by my teacher for me. My teacher has played it with my bow (carbon) the bow that came with the cello and her 2000.00 bow also played her 12000.00 cello all I can say is this my carbon bow (200.00) match the Otto jos kiler cello better than the kit bow that came with the cello the case the cello came in is in need of repair. The Otto cello played very well but their is a muffled under tone that come from the bottom of the cello if that makes any sense this is only my own view this was played against my teachers cello her ce
  5. I need to clean this cello so I can play it what would you suggest I clean with. I have sticky tape marks on the neck and need this removing I have nail varnish remover would this be ok to use I also have lighter fluid James
  6. OK I'm back home now I can confirm this cello is a Otto Jos Klier No 8 made in 2002 I look's in good shape BUT it will need to be refinished as it does look quite tried I've had a quick look on line and this cello goes for around 1400.00 and a second hand one on ebay is listed at 700.00 James
  7. CCM and Oded I would like to thank you for your reply, they both seam reasonable comments . Which dictate I should view this cello with common sense and my head and not of the heart. I will be back later on today with images Thank you James
  8. Tomorrow I'm going to Harrow. I'm going to harrow to collect a second hand cello to try for two or three week's I believe the cello I picking up is a Chinese imported one that has taken the student all the way to grade 8, there are a few marks on the cello but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. The way I see it every scratch and bump tell's a story. I don't know the age of this cello is, I also believe they paid a £1000.00 for it. My teacher found this cello through one of her friends in Westminster. I would like advice on how much you would pay for this cello if you where in my
  9. Well yesterday I went to get some new rosin as my old block shattered and had a look at some of the cello's on display. Now I had rung up three or four days prier to my visit and the lady in the shop said we have one in that would suit you as I explained my requirements and ability. she also said they would be getting more in after Christmas. So armed with this information I had a look it was a sandner 204 But I don't know what I was expecting but I was just expecting well' MORE !! The finish was not that good and even showed movement around the neck (chipped varnish ) the cello did sou
  10. It's OK the teacher has never been to the shop before so I don't think this applies Plus the teacher is only going so I can hear the cello at it's best and not from a beginner's limited first finger songs I want the cello to sing for me James
  11. well thank you ben So armed with this information I can now make a judgment on a cello based purely on sound, feel and my own ability to play crap hee hee no I shall be taking my Teacher with me, roll on march James
  12. Hello all I have a question regarding cello's I've been looking at some cello's OK only on the internet but I will be taking my teacher along for help in selecting my next cello. I've been to many internet sites and a lot of suppliers have many different models for different Grades but my question is what is the difference between a cello for grade 1,4 and a cello for a grade 8 I'm only at the moment going to buy a cello once but I would like to go all the way up to grade 8 and beyond James
  13. I have been back to my cello teacher and found the problem is in two areas First one was my shoulder was moving forward to meet the cello neck and the second point was my elbow was to low thanks to all that replied and tried to help me. James
  14. I've read some where that if you wrap your wood in aluminium foil this will helps with moisture and burning the wood James
  15. I have a soft box 24" and a old flash if your Interested (free) I live in Rugby James