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  1. Hi again! The story is that I have purchased this violin because of it sound. It is supposed to be from USA, although I see something "German" on it, maybe in the Saxonian violin-making tradition. Those are some pictures of the side and scroll. Thank you for your time. Rubén
  2. Hi all! This violin is supposed to be American, from the 1950's. It looks quite fine for me. Someone can recognize the stamp (maker) that it has? Thank you for your time. Rubén
  3. Thank u for your answer. The strick sounds good, full, clear, round. The maker told me that she would clean the bow and change the hair. I will try it for a week. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you for your answer Mat. What more worried to me was the change in color, a lot of color change along the stick, but I agree you now, I think I don't have to be worry about it. I have looked the dark line near the top, but it seems to be the wood pore, not anything more. A very beautiful stick, good balance, but I have to try more for days before purchasing or discarding it. Thank you again.
  5. Thank you so much GeorgeH for the link. It's very interesting.
  6. Thank u for your reply. The bow has good balance, 59,7 gr weight, medium strength. But I had never seen that kind of pernambuco I wanted to know more. Thanks.
  7. Hi all! I'm searching for a new violin bow and this morning I came to a bow maker here in Madrid. She showed me her top range bows, that are supposed to be made of old-grow centenary pernambuco. The bows wood looks so nice, light color, as they had some kind of maschiatura, very little darker spots and rings along the whole bow. What do you think about the wood? Do you think it is pernambuco? Let me know please I have never seen such wood before. Please, I apologize both for my English and picture quality. Thank you!!! Rubén
  8. Hi Martin!! Haha, I almost convinced you Seriusly speaking I totally agree with you. Sound and price are not related, as I told before, we all have tested "expensive" violins that sounds very average. And what's more, "Breton Brevete" speaking, while looking on Internet for something similar to mine, it's true that I've seen too much low quality made violins (wood selection, craftmanship, etc.). So, I'm lucky for having found mine Thanks for your answer!!! Rubén
  9. Hi Blank Face! I understand and agree. Maybe because bidders at auctions are not mainly musicians (I suppose bidders usually don't buy instrument for them, for their own use). But, as I saw in Amati website lots of "100$ estimated value violin", the up to 2k valuation seemed me noticeable. Could I understood 2 hundreds instead of 2 thousands? No, no, he told it was a nice violin (2 times) Thank you Blank Face! Rubén
  10. Hi Blank Face! The Amati expert told me up to 2k in a good auction, and 4k for insurance purpose, maybe not auction real values. But, I would bet that I would not find such an instrument (now) for that price (2k) in Spain, not less than 5k for something similar here. Chinese models (with Spanish luthier setup) from 1200 euros here and I have seen here tons of +5000 euros violins that are (sounding speaking) true paddle tennis racket Thank you for your answer!!! Rubén
  11. Hi Martin!! I'm not in the auction's world. Maybe 2k is quite high but, I don't have to lie, it is what one of the Amati expert (he is in their website staff) told me yesterday He also told me that Spain market is about 20% more expensive than German or English market. Maybe they are used to tell to sellers a higher valuation than real in order to encourage them to sell in the auction, who knows. Anyway, I don't want to sell this violin As profesional musician, all that I want is a relatively healthy instrument, with a good sound, and that is what I payed for and that is what I founded in this violin All is about the sound (and playability, of course). Despite the low trade value, it is really a nice sounding violin far far far above from average student violin IMO Than you so much! Rubén
  12. Hi all!! Thanks to all of you for the answers. Have a nice weekend guys!! Rubén
  13. Hi Martin!! So, we could agree that the scroll is original (not known if Mirecourt or other origin), isn't it? Maybe, as mass produced, they could be from anywhere. I also agree with you that 5500$ for a trade violin could be slightly high, but as you've told, it does seem to be in super condition. Yesterday, AMATI AUCTION have his free valuation day in Madrid, and I had an appointment. They told me about the "Breton Brevete" style of my violin, they told it was an original "brevete" in their opinion and that was why I found the other violin on Internet. They also give me a valuation for about up to 2000 euros (auction value) and 4000 euros (for insurance purpose). Thanks so much for your answer!! Rubén