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  1. Sorry I haven't had time to take the additional pictures that were requested. The appearance wasn't exactly why I purchased it - it was the sound, definitely wasn't the price tag either for that matter. Came with nothing, no bow or case, which I already had anyways. The sound is more of that from a viola to me (and others have said that as well). It's just not the tin-canny sound that comes from some of the ones made in China. I've been playing for over 35 years, so I've played quite a few. I just haven't had the time to research this particular violin (nor the interest for that matter).
  2. I purchased this old antique violin about ten years ago from a guy whom didn't know a whole lot about the instrument. I fell in love with the warm tone it had and because it looked different than any other I had ever seen. Notice the unusual curves it has to the sides. I'm hoping that someone can help me learn more about it's history. I've read as much as I can find on the internet but for some reason I have a gut feeling that there's just more to this violin. The label inside (though I know can be deceiving) reads: Nicolaus Amati recit Cremona An;: 1762 I'd love it if anyone can help me out and shed some light on it. Thanks!