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  1. Very interesting replies! I am glad I posted this question here. The short answer for why go non-electric.. the challenge, the journey.. my love for woodwork has led me into the world of interesting and fine old handtools.. and developed friendships with antique merchants. It is just more fun using a 100 year old plane or a hand-crank drill press from the 1800s.. it's that kind of thing.. a love of old ways and tools, the learning! I am currently experimenting with an olive oil burner to heat the pipe/iron. The flash point of olive oil is such that a breakage or spill would smother the fla
  2. Yes I am considering the propane approach.. though with a modification.. I would prefer to set it up as flange > straight pipe > "T" > straight pipe; using the T as the flame inlet.. with tank in the upright position, as you mention. However.. my quest is for a more "peaceful" way to operate.. perhaps spirit-lamp flame introduced to an opening cut into the lower portion of the pipe. The iron in the fire technique is more up my alley.. though it does seem to be quite precarious. Any more ideas?
  3. Hello, I am curious about early versions (non-electric) of the rib bending iron.. types of fuel, different designs. I would be most appreciative of any descriptions and or photos you may know of or have. So far this is my last hurdle to creating a completely non-electric shop. Thank you!