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  1. It's my experience that dealers don't keep many Arcus bows in stock. Although they advertise them on their websites, you'd be lucky to find any dealers that had both models to send you, let alone several of the same model. But definitely try as many as you practically can.
  2. Thanks for your comments. I loosened the tension and it helped. In fact it became a completely different bow.
  3. I'm auditioning an Arcus Cadenza and Sonata violin bow and finding it difficult to get a spiccato, or bounce, or however you want to describe it. I understand one needs to adapt to the Arcus. Its center of gravity is different. I've already spent a lot of time playing the Arcus-- because I like it so much! I had a spiccato going once but the next day, couldn't do it. Spiccato has never been my strong point but it's a lot easier on my $125 wood bow. My teacher couldn't get a spiccato on it either, though she had no "adjustment period." I've read a lot about these bows but not much about how they spiccato. Maybe I'm misreading the language. It seems a standard bow test. Arcus players, how do you like your spiccato? Thanks!
  4. I, too, adjusted pretty quickly to the lightness of the Arcus. I was immediately smitten by the Sonata, but later tried and prefered the Cadenza. The Cadenza sounds slightly "bigger" on my instrument and feels better in my hand. Andrew said in one of his reviews that his Arcus made it seem like he was "cheating" and I agree. I think the Arcus makes me sound better than I am. But although it sounds very good, it doesn't have the "sweetness" or resonance of the JS Finkel gold-mounted that I'm also auditioning. But then, the Finkel is harder for me to play! Perhaps the Arcus compensates for my sloppiness, where the Finkel does not. Either one would take some time to get used to, I suppose. I'm waiting to see how I like the Righetti and Spiccato. Lots of fun!
  5. Jeffrey, by the way, I'm really liking the JS Finkel hybrid gold-mounted. I think it sounds better than the Arcus Cadenza (silver) on my instrument, but it's not as easy to play as the Arcus. I'm still waiting for others to arrive. But right now, it's JS Finkel hybrid gold vs. Arcus Cadenza silver. I liked the Arcus Sonata, too, but not as much the Cadenza. Anyway, I don't want this to be about the money.
  6. It seems there is a niche to fill here: Bow Mart. A mega-warehouse of bows that ships 50 at a time to try for one month, all at discount prices, no shipping charges, etc.
  7. Sweetmusic and Andrew, good advice. I'm finding that inventories are sparse, shops closed for holidays, etc. The high-end Spiccato is no longer made. It is a grab bag process. Samples of Arcus (Cadenza, Sonata), JS Finkel hybrid (silver, gold), Coda (Classic) and Yamaha (2) are on the way from Shar and Southwest Strings. Not necessarily my first choices, but they answered the phone and made it happen. This will get me started. My present bow is OK, so there's no rush. This is Phase One. I will dedicate extra time to explore the Arcus exclusively. After that, I'll have a better idea where to go next. I think.
  8. Thank you for your replies. Yes, it will take some time to find the right one. Too bad they only send a few at a time.
  9. Hi! I'm looking to try some high-end carbon fiber violin bows via mail order. I'm in the US. Please recommend your favorite stores, or ones to avoid. I already contacted Shar and Violins 2 Go. Any others? Thanks!
  10. After 11 weeks of silence, MCS appears to have sent me an email. But my email service rejected it because, supposedly, the email contained a virus. Hmmm....
  11. Does heavy gauge always mean high tension? On guitar, I use heavy gauge strings (Pyramid) but they are low tension. Are violin strings different? I'm confused.
  12. Thank you, FiddlinJim and others for your moral support. It has been three weeks since the order-- a relatively short time, apparently, for MCS. Today I sent them another email asking about the status, but of course I'm not expecting a response. Their phone is disconnected (maybe it was never connected) so I'm sure they're too busy to pay the phone bill-- too busy because they're scrambling on my behalf to find the Dominants. Probably looking in the warehouse right now, driving the forklift. Or maybe they didn't pay the electric bill and they're waiting for the lights to come back on. Maybe they're even trapped in the warehouse, in the dark, under the forklift. Should I call an ambulance? I'm starting to worry. OK. If I have to wait another couple of months for the strings, I'll live. But will they? At this point, it's not really about the strings. It's about "closure."
  13. So today their web site is up but their phone line is "temporarily disconnected." Lots of better places to buy strings, for sure.
  14. Yes I should have done a search on them BEFORE shopping. I figured a sponsor of Maestronet is a friend of mine. I was horrified to see some of the experiences posted. Sad!
  15. I ordered some strings from them two weeks ago. They sent a confirmation number but then I never heard from them again. Two days ago I sent them an email asking about the order. No response. Today their web site says "This web site has been disabled.. To have the account restored, contact Customer Service." It is my first time dealing with them. Did I make them mad? Sorry!
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