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  1. I have read about a procedure that has been termed a neck "pull-up" although I am not sure if that is the right term. I have a violin with neck that is a bit on the low side, with the fingerboard projection to the bridge projection of 25.5mm. The rest of the parameters, of overstand and string angle, from what I have read in the archives here, are within acceptable. The bridge has been cut on the low side to accommodate the lower neck and I think that this could be negatively affecting the sound output of my violin. Would a neck pull-up be a good thing for a violin with this problem and if so, what is a reasonable price to pay for such a procedure. I am a long way away from a decent luthier and I want to be sure before making the trip. Thanks
  2. Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on this eBay cello or the seller? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISA...26frpp%3D50%26fvi%3D1 Thanks
  3. I am relatively new to violin making and I have a chance to buy a variable speed 16inch scroll saw at a reasonable price. Is this a useful tool? Thanks
  4. I have a chance to buy a cello made by the early English maker, Barak Norman, that is dated 1720. The cello has been "authenticated" by a reputable shop. It is in decent condition, given its age. I have not been able to find much about cellos made by Norman. He is widely accepted as a master English maker of viols and violas da gamba. This cello has the characteristic inlay on the back, similar to his violas da gamba. What I am trying to find is what is a "reasonable" price for such a cello and any other information that you may have regarding this maker. I know that a lot depends on the condition of the instrument, but a ballpark figure is what I am looking for. Out of interest, the Dutch cellist Pieter Wispelwey recorded his Bach Suites on a Barak Norman cello, that is set up as a baroque instrument. Thanks for any help
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