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  1. He was a remarkable and simple man. The last time I visited him in 2010. He was born in Ptuj - Poetovio - Pettau (Slovenia).
  2. Not only in Germany. He loved going on holiday in the Czech Republic every year until the 1960s!!!
  3. This case really does not belong here. But such as perception and manipulation. This example shows the different views of one and the same product.
  4. http://www.ebay.de/itm/strad-violin-early-1700s-anno-with-autograph-extream-very-rare-/131029555866? EBAY: strad violin early 1700's anno with autograph extream very rare
  5. Jacob, You fully understand. But let others tell you what you should have in relation to price. Thank you
  6. Jacob, Compared to today's price of an old violin, or is this the right price. The owner of this violin is sold for 60 EUR. Is this too much?
  7. Jacob, thank you to answer. Let me explain this matter. I got a picture of my friend's violin. He was convinced that what it says on the ticket. From the beginning I told him what I see from the pictures. The fact that the violin is not French. Since it was persistent, I prefer to check it out. Now I can tell him the facts, what does the violin. Thank you.
  8. Thank you, Jeffrey, for fast transmission and eliminate errors.
  9. I'll see bass bar, or it is glued or, together with the plate. The image seems to be that, together with the plate.
  10. Jacob, in the lower part of the violin two "blind" corner block in the upper part of the angular blocks is not, therefore, by the method of "Aufschachteln". I do not currently carry violins to look at the bass bar (or is made of boards or glued. Seems that along with the board. Jacob, one more question please: Are GAND & BERNARDEL worked by the method of Amati and Stradivari (exclusive of inside mold),
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