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  1. VHS - David Oistrakh, Tschaikovsky Sibelius concertos, Beethoven sonata no.9, Romances etc VHS - David Oistrakh, Brahms sonata, Brahms concerto, Beethoven Triple Concerto with Rostropovich and Richter etc VHS - Isaac Stern, a life's virtuoso VHS - The Art of Violin VHS - Heifetz / Piatigorsky (excellent, close up) VHS - Heifetz, scottish fantasy etc A taste of my collection
  2. I'll be going to 3 weeks of Bowdoin http://www.bowdoinfestival.org And then 3 weeks of Keshet Eilon http://www.keshetei.org.il And then a competition in september Anybody coming to these places contact me. james@soloviolin.com MSN: james@soloviolin.com YAHOO: paganini_solo AIM: Lee85j
  3. Do any of you college "kids" have msn yahoo or aim? Please add me, i(college "kid")'d be delighted to have a chat or two.. MSN: james@soloviolin.com YAHOO: paganini_solo AIM: Lee85j
  4. Congratulations. I remember i was in the same situation here in europe last year. Thankfully i knew straight from the audition/interview. look forward to the life in conservatoire.
  5. the legends are always legends. no matter "how good" they were, they became the legends because they made a huge impact on their audience. I'd say that these days, there's a general higher standards in technical aspects of playing, since we know more thanks to these great legends. Also i think there is a great emphasis today on authenticity of a performance, portraying the right style, which is right. Perhaps we must be careful not to lose our individuality though.
  6. james2


    I would not trust these ASTA ratings. Brahams is a 40 min giant concerto. Havanaise is a 8 minute showoff piece. Musically brahams is a top challenge. Technical difficulty - you can either play it or you can't.
  7. PAGANINI caprices - you can either play them or not. As for the bowings, each individual can vary to make the best sound and projection for best possible virtuosity. I'm currently enjoying 1, 4, 21 and 24. No.4 is the hardest in my opinion, the stamina required on those double stoppings is immense.
  8. james2


    well yes it does depend on who you are. And i'm talking about Scales not "Scales, arpeggios and études" etudes are i think quite different from scales. etudes - They involve a certain musical element. But the truth is all music is made up from scales and arpeggios. Why not warm up with a tricky taxing passage of your current piece? I personally find play scales rather tedious. For professionals, it's just simple as whether you want to do it or not. I think less experienced players benefit a lot more from scales.
  9. james2


    I don't think they do, i just practise my pieces and paganini caps. Scales become really less important as you progress.
  10. Quote: Could anyone recommend a good summer camp with a music program? My daughter will be eleven in July. She is currently playng the Bach A minor Concerto (Suzuki Book 7). She also plays in an orchestra and a string quartet and loves chamber music. We (her parents) would prefer that the camp be in the Northeast or in California, and not last more than four or five weeks. Thanks I'm going to Bowdoin Festival this year - this is great. Great faculty and also great venue! It's held in maine. http://bowdoinfestival.org They do accept late applications.. if interested quick!
  11. I agree. But do try the Pirazzi and Obligato strings. They seem to be most popular at the moment from where i am.
  12. Quote: Thank you Shirley for the encouraging words <not alone returning after so many years>. My teacher is a professional player who likes to teach, a little. He asked me to bring some music (outside the lesson books) and then he selected this piece for me to work on. Makes me wish I had lessons every other day rather than once a week. thanks, Regis Great to see enthusiastic violinists. Of course the most difficult thing will be to maintain that enthusiasm all the time. I find this difficult when going through long hours of practise..
  13. I have a great recording of joshua bell playing goldmark with great taste. PhillipKT why is sarah chang's recording "just horrible". perhaps it may b different taste to what you like but nothing played by a artist of that class can never be horrible Another very interesting concerto is Korngold. Listen to Heifetz play it.
  14. Gustave Bernadel is the top choice for me
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