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  1. ^^Oh, dear... @The Violin Beautiful, my step-brother and step-sister (Stiefgeschwister?) are holding down the fort in your area. @PaganiniGuitarCongratulations! Welcome to Maestronet, where the orchestra's roadies unwind.
  2. International Violin Company sold them at one time, but I don't recall if they had individual plates. If possible, go for geared pegs. Wittner are easy, and I feel safer, to install. I have no experience of the Knilling. [gentle mocking] Perhaps you have a luthier locally who could help you?
  3. I'll let the experts handle the repair. I say Mark NOY keershen.
  4. Any chance of a how-to thread?
  5. Just realized I'm still logged in... I've been using a tiny bit of amber shellac to sort of bring back luster to a worn patch below the button of my violin. You can get back to playing pretty much overnight. Good stuff.
  6. Entirely forgivable. I believe Maestro Antonio was as well.
  7. Not all that strange. While I'm playing, the last thing I want to do is read advertisements.
  8. There was a video on YouTube by one of the better-known young masters imitating famous 20th c'y players, about a dozen. I don't recall his name, but will search.
  9. Looks like a decent fiddle. I couldn't read the label on my tablet. What's the asking price?
  10. Would they tend to darken the wood over time?
  11. I have not, but the decision falls to the site admin and moderators. I appreciate your interest, and encourage you to explore the older posts among the titled members. I may have misspelt it in my first use of the term. I hope we can settle the issue convivially. If you're in BC, maybe buy some Ghostbusters merch.
  12. Nor Alabama. The server is in Canada. So it may be something to do with Commonwealth stuff.
  13. Has maestronet grown to terabytes? BTW, should I become an enthusiast, I hereby reserve "Dilettante Hobbyist" as my caption (pending mod and site owner approval, of course.)
  14. I concur, being a complete dilettante hobbyist. I believe the server is actually gordon hunt's iPad...
  15. Speaking of which, Maintainance are finished with my apartment. Come on over.
  16. It may be germane that divers have just discovered remains of an estimated 60,000 year-old forest off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.
  17. Splurge on Everclear, $35 a liter and if it doesn't work for shellac you can spike some melons.
  18. I'm curious myself, Philip. Arbeit von does mean, in Herr Schmidt's opinion the work of. The vitriol that arises when an attribution is challenged is the reason for courts.
  19. Wonderful is wunderbar. Wunderschön is gorgeous. Jacob is grudgingly an expert witness in Austrian violin-related court cases. But enjoy yourselves. Do carry on.
  20. I'm not sure "gorgeous" is a legally certifiable attribute...
  21. Ethyl rubbing alcohol has poisons added--acetone, methyl isobutyl ketone, and something called “denatonium benzoate.“ You can't put a fire of it out with baking soda. Perhaps it might not kill you, but it won't stay in your stomach long enough to find out.
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