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  1. Actually, Joshua Bell provided the solo music and worked as a double in The Red Violin. It's all somewhat smoke and mirrors, but then that's what the story is about.
  2. I realize I have no hope of understanding violins. I'm grateful mine lets me play it occasionally between maintenance sessions. Shine on, Harvest Moon...
  3. Think of it as the maker's signature on a bill of sale. if you received a check, and the signature was faded, do you think the bank would deposit it for you if you added ink?
  4. That was my confusion. I misinterpreted "drying" as "evaporating." So the string takes on a tiny bit of mass, with the benefit of less humidity dampening and fraying. Maybe in October I'll see if I can go back to gut.
  5. Walnut is one I haven't tried. Does it leave a film as it dries?
  6. Some of the older treatises recommend sweet almond oil for string maintenance.
  7. As an amateur restorer, I applaud the idea. The musician(Ugh!) in me prefers a proper ebony board... It's a pretty pickle... dill or sweet?
  8. Rothwein

    Bridge stamp

    It's called history. Some believe it, some dont. If you want to go into detail, just Google "violin bridge" and select Images, and see if anything interesting pops up.
  9. Philip, you may be thinking of Triangle Strings, who at least on this forum have been quiet so as not to be accused of advertising.
  10. By all means. A violin should travel in the most luxurious vehicle one can afford. After all, who can travel with a 32foot stop?
  11. Possibly Stanley Ritchie, a Stainer. I haven't searched for his recording catalog in a long time.
  12. String technology has changed, for one thing. Gut was standard in Romberg's time, and overspun gut was still being tested.
  13. Do you know what wood that is? I like the color and texture.
  14. True, and the isometric is likely to be misinterpreted as a sound "field" rather than a sound "space."
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