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  1. Danke schön! My parents are of an age where this sort of certainty is important. My aunt will be pleased to hear. Thank-you also for the demonstration video.
  2. My aunt found this in her house. Placeholder text description: A stainless steel implement (forgive me not using metric) about a foot long, a quarter inch thick, with a cylindrical phenolic handle . At the distal end, a knob securing two wires which run along the length to the handle. This has been endlessly frustrating, so please hold back on the "Oh, it's a Zach!" On one side is stamped "Germany" on the other DGVB (going from memory, which mine is like a steel funnel) Apparently, this device was sufficiently used that they developed it to this degree, but what on G-d's green Earth is it for? Photos soon
  3. ^^Oh, dear... @The Violin Beautiful, my step-brother and step-sister (Stiefgeschwister?) are holding down the fort in your area. @PaganiniGuitarCongratulations! Welcome to Maestronet, where the orchestra's roadies unwind.
  4. International Violin Company sold them at one time, but I don't recall if they had individual plates. If possible, go for geared pegs. Wittner are easy, and I feel safer, to install. I have no experience of the Knilling. [gentle mocking] Perhaps you have a luthier locally who could help you?
  5. I'll let the experts handle the repair. I say Mark NOY keershen.
  6. Any chance of a how-to thread?
  7. Just realized I'm still logged in... I've been using a tiny bit of amber shellac to sort of bring back luster to a worn patch below the button of my violin. You can get back to playing pretty much overnight. Good stuff.
  8. Entirely forgivable. I believe Maestro Antonio was as well.
  9. Not all that strange. While I'm playing, the last thing I want to do is read advertisements.
  10. There was a video on YouTube by one of the better-known young masters imitating famous 20th c'y players, about a dozen. I don't recall his name, but will search.
  11. Looks like a decent fiddle. I couldn't read the label on my tablet. What's the asking price?
  12. Would they tend to darken the wood over time?
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