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  1. One other thing: A gentleman with handwriting as precise as that would surely have filled in the year before gluing his label in. All the "trimming" is completely unnecessary.
  2. You could take a diamond and pulverize it very finely... A quick question before I start running chromatography experiments: Crayola art markers are all water-soluble and non-toxic. Would you consider them as good color match test tools (using bright white paper) or do you prefer to start working with pigments right away?
  3. Oh! Okay, so a back bowed guitar... Thank you. I do enjoy guitars, but they confuse the hell out of me. Harry Chapin's "Six-string Orchestra."
  4. Jacob, I haven't yet had the honor... These are gorgeous! Ta much! Marc
  5. Actually, a truss rod on a guitar is tightened make the neck _more_ curved. Guitars use what is called neck relief, instead of scoop. of course, steel string guitars are under a lot more tension. That's why you don't take your violin to a guitar shop.
  6. Same here, and it was a rare treat to see a good one. My teacher had a good one that cost her $800, a kid I knew had a Stainer handed down from his Granddad; my question is always, "May I try it over?" not "Whado these things run you these days?" My attitude is a violin without pedegree is worth $3-500. The stories that grow up about these things... In my hometown the shops are still there. My current city has a new one, I'm going to try to get an appointment soon.
  7. Yeah... that history is kinda... I am curious what was approved for the Philharmonie Germania... they do have to learn it though.
  8. I'm grateful to him for sharing Shapes of the Baroque. It made things much easier to understand.
  9. No prob, Rhys. Aren't dimensionless numbers fun?
  10. Rhys, I'd take it off your hands for about 400 ningis all in. You'd have to wait until the last week of the month. (@JeffreyHolmes, if I've overstepped here feel free to delete this post.) You're asking for a sales appraisal, which is a professional service, which is not something I am personally qualified to give. To find it's fair market value, pick an auction venue, look for comparables (1920s-30s German Stainer) and set up an auction with the least you feel comfortable parting with it the starting bid) Or, start at the minimum bid increment and let the auction run it's cou
  11. Hi, Mike! I'm probably the least qualified in the making department to reply to this; my line is mainly trying to keep them from falling apart in 100F 100% humidity while I noodle out highbrow music in my flat. Your tool skills are quite good, as far as I can tell. Your fittings are really well done. I think what would benefit you most for Opus 2 is to really study (I mean serious study, as in spend as much time as you can) the model for the next violin you want to make. Dig around in any archives you can. I think you had Stradivari in mind with this one? The scroll is very clean. I
  12. ... On second thought, never mind. Theoretical violins give me a headache.
  13. My bad... when I see Super Glue I get CA immediately in my mind. Fix All. Does it set hard or is it flexible? Thanks for this thread, FiddleDoug. It serendipitously helps me fix my own bow