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  1. Don't forget sales tax in the State in which the sale is made. You will want to check the State Taxing authority's website for the particulars. Elaine Oklahoma
  2. I thought I would chime in with my experiences as a thoroughly ignorant adult amateur with Tarisio. First of all, I have bid on some bows without trying them out, but I was staying under $500. I got outbid on all of them. I happened to be in London for the preview of their first London sale. I went, again looking at bows. I did not take my violin with me, and I was going with the expectation of 1. having an interesting experience; and 2. maybe picking up something that would be as much souveneir as instrument. I discovered that I have FANTASTIC taste in bows. I chose three or four bows that I liked and that all had high estimates in the price range I was looking at. Every one of those bows went for well over estimate and every one of them went for more than my price range. One of them went for more than twice its high estimate. If you live within an easy drive of a major auction house's preview site, then, by all means go, try things out, keep your wits about you and bid if you find something you really like. However, most of us don't live within an easy drive, for most of us the travel costs would eat up our budget; and the chances of actually getting the violin you have your heart set on is not great. If you really, really love it -- odds are someone else does also. Elaine Dowling Norman, OK
  3. Two weeks, they seem to be mostly settled in. I like these strings quite a bit, especially considering the price. They are reasonably powerful but add real warmth to my Doetsch. They aren't the most complex strings I've ever played, and they don't have the fastest response. Even so, they produce a nice sound with a pleasant character, are quite even (the e is a bit bright), seem reasonably tonically stable and settled in fairly quickly. Elaine Norman, OK
  4. So far I am liking the Crystals. They aren't fabulous, but they are definitely a solid choice -- at least after a week. Elaine Norman, OK
  5. I just got an email from Shar advertising new Peter Infeld violin strings. So, I clicked through to the web site. Before I even found a description of the strings, I saw the price. Depending on the e-string chosen a violin set is either $109.99 or $89.99. Now, in good conscience I must add that they are also listed as out of stock. So, those prices could come down once the strings are actually listed for sale. Nonetheless, it got my attention. Is there a point beyond which string prices just can't go? (Ok, all the cellists and bass players can stop laughing now.) Elaine Norman, OK
  6. I put a set of Corelli Crystals on my Rudolf Doetsch violin last night about 9:00. They weren't stable by 9:00 this morning, but they were getting pretty close. My initial impressions (which will almost certainly change) is that they produce a warm tone on an instrument I think of as being quite clear. The e string is surprisingly good (at least so far). I was detecting a fuzziness and slow response when I first put them on last nigh, but both were substantially reduced by this morning. My expectation is that both of those will clear up quickly. Elaine Norman, OK
  7. Thank you. Elaine Norman, Oklahoma
  8. Anyone know who made the violins Corey Cerovsek or Stefan Jackiw are currently playing? Elaine Norman, Oklahoma
  9. I went to the London viewing in March. This is what I found. At the entrance they had a coat check with a couple of shoulder rests on the counter in case you forgot yours. I walked into the room, which was a hotel meeting room filled with rows of long tables. The violins were just laid out side by side on the tables. Each one had its number on a sticker I think at the top of the fingerboard. At the end of the room just to the right of the door was a table with violas and a group of cellos in floor stands. There was room there to stand and play if you wanted to. At the far end of the room was a row of tables with nothing on them. Behind those tables was a Tarisio rep. If you wanted to see a bow, you would tell the rep the number, and she would hand you a large drawer with about 10 bows in it. She would set the whole drawer down in front of you. I was looking at lower end bows. (I got outbid on the 3 I liked, by the way. Evidently I have GREAT taste in bows. One of them went for 2.5 times its high estimate.) I was on vacation and had not taken my fiddle. I picked up one from a table and took it to the bow table with me. I sat down and tried a couple of bows. I would just try some short on and off string strokes sitting there. If I had wanted to play I would have moved back a bit. There were two dealers sitting on either side of me. One of whom did not look terribly impressed at having to sit next to someone making NOISE with a bow. The other one was fabulous, btw. In fact, he handed me a bow and suggested that I try it. Turns out it was a $50,000 Peccatte. Nice stick, btw. There were a couple of people there while I was there who were seriously trying out instruments. One young man would go to the back of the room and play with his back to us. He was quite good. An older man who was bow shopping, brought his violin back to the bow tables and stood right behind the tables and tried a couple of bows. He did not play any of them for long. Although, one thing I noticed was that I formed an opinion very quickly about bows. Obviously, I couldn't tell how they would sound on my violin, but I tried the 3 I was interested in on 2 different violins and used that to form my opinions. I was looking in the sub $700 range, so I was willing to take some risks. If I were interested in doing serious shopping at the May auction, I would go to New York instead of Boston. The viewing period is quite long. I would probably go towards the middle. If you want to play in private with a violin or bow, contact them directly in advance and make arrangements. I was invited to schedule a time to come by the London office and try something in private if I wished. Hope this helps. Elaine Norman, Oklahoma
  10. There are a number of auctions in London this week. Although, not all of them have completed. Anyone who is active have a feel for how things are going? One thing I have noticed from Tarisio is that reserve is frequently below the bottom of the expected sales range, and there are a large number of items with only one bid. Of course, there is still a large group with no bids, as well. Anyone else with any comments or conclusions? Elaine Norman, Oklahoma
  11. Thanks for posting this. I leave Monday for a week in London. Elaine Norman, OKlahoma
  12. As circumstances have it, I will be in London for the March Tarisio viewing. It will be my first instrument auction viewing. Any suggestions, warnings, ideas what to expect? Oh, if this makes a difference I will be looking at their lower end bows. Elaine Norman, Oklahoma
  13. Next question. Anyone know if and when that sheet music will be available? Elaine Norman, OKlahoma
  14. I think the two posters above who made the comments about the violin trade being a handful of people who are relatively recession resistant are right to an extent. You are not going to see Strads suddenly selling in five figures. The handful of people who buy and sell in the millions are going to be less effected than the rest of us, but the last Tarisio auction wasn't aimed at them. The last Tarisio auction, and most auction lots, are dependent on normal people paying decent prices for instruments that aren't Strads. I think the other comments have been very interesting. There were a couple of comments about particular items that did very well, and another comment about generally disappointing results. I don't know that any conclusions can be drawn from the comments of a handful of people about a single auction, but it does seem that buyers are still willing to pay for something specific that they are seriously interested in, but are less interested in buying inventory without an end player in mind. It now looks like I will be in London during the March Tarisio viewing. Here is to hoping I find a great price on a good bow. Elaine Norman, OK
  15. I switched to Evahs after trying Obligatos. The Obligatos were TOO resonant on my violin. Evahs were just about right. So, I would second the suggestion that you give an Obligato G a try. Elaine Norman, OK
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