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  1. To those who play in Trios or Quartets for you set it up as a business by registering with your city, getting a tax ID number etc?? Peter.
  2. I recently bought a Jay Haide viola 16 1/2 in size and am really happy with it. Priced at 2850 and that is top of the line!!!! Peter.
  3. My suggestion is that you go to Stringworks webpage. They have good instruments for a quarter of the price of a Dunov or a Doetch. I know because I have owned and played all of them. peter.
  4. Yes, what Sooz says about the weather is dead on. The only consistent thing about the Irish weather is it's inconsistency! The temperatures believe it or not are not as cold as the winters in North America. Our's is a mild wet temperate climate; something akin to the Pacific Northwest.
  5. Sooz, So that makes two of us "real live Irish people" here on Maestronet. I know SImon lives in NorhernIreland even though he is from England I understand. What county are you from? I'm from Roscrea Co Tipp. Peter.
  6. Congrats! Ireland is my native country although I live in the US. Enjoy yourselves!
  7. Isn't it interesting that three of the greatest players of the older generation all grew up in San Francisco and are around the same age. Two of them are now deceased: Menuhin, Stern and Ricci. Menuhin was 82 when he died last year. Stern was 80 going on 81(i Think) and Ricci is easily about 81. Another interesting fact : even though we know that Menuhin and Stern were Jewish with origins in Russia and the Ukraine, apparently Ricci was also Jewish when in fact I thought he was Italian.Could anyone verify that for me? Peter.
  8. Journ, Sorry for being late in replying. Yes, the University of Limerick is a regular University . They do have a website. Sorry I do not know how to get the link on this page !! Their fees are very low for members of the EU but even for US citizens it is fair by US standards.The music school is called the Irish World Music Centre.Limerick happens to be the town my family lives in . Good Luck, Peter.
  9. Journ, To follow up on what I said, the London College of Music also grants three levels of Professional Diplomas , Associate, Licentiates and Fellow which is the highest. The RIAM trains musicians of the future in Ireland and are modeled after the London College of Music.
  10. Journ, I went to the RIAM myself in the early eighties. It seems to me that you are looking for a place that emphasizes Irish Trad music in a formal way. Well, the University of Limerick has degreed programs in Irish Trad Music as has the University of Cork(I think). You can also take formal exams for the London College of Music examining Board in Irish Trad. If you look under London Collgege of Music and Media on the web, it will give you details. Peter.
  11. My spirit is with those in sorrow.....
  12. I really do not believe that the Basques may be Celts. There are a distinctly unusual race. It is said that their blood type is different from any other race. So back to music. "Celtic" music only really goes back as far as maybe the Middle Ages in its structure. So there is no real generic Celtic peculiar that has survied to this day. I do not know but maybe the CELTS had their own form of music that may be vanished. So what is unique to Irish music is the fact that it has taken music from the Baroque period and with its intrumentation and ornamentation has eveloved into a distinctly Irish form which today goes under the heading Celtic.
  13. Crystal, The word Celtic is really the anglicised form of Ceiltigh in Gaelic which denotes an ethnic group of people who originated in North India, moved to Central Europe and greadually ened up in what is now known as the British Isles and Ireland, Brittany in France. As a pure race they are extinct but have mixed with Normans, Vikings and to some extent Romans (of the Roman empire). So Irish people are a mixture of Celts Vikings and Normans. ( THe Vikings are Scandinavian).
  14. Hank, Could you tell me what price you are selling your violins for. If you do not want to publish the info here, please feel free to e-mail me. Peter.
  15. Shen, Are you saying that one company thru its employees (weddings etc) as well as functions that they may have can keep a Quartet going? peter.