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  1. We suggest using a non-treated microfiber cloth only to clean your strings. You may want to wipe down a new set of strings with alcohol, before you install them on your instrument, to remove some of the residue left over from the polishing and manufacturing solvents. This is the harmless dark-colored oil you can see on new strings (and sometimes in the packaging).
  2. No problem, Cassi. If you tried Dominant and are looking for something warmer, then I have a few suggestions. I always ask players to clarify the word "soft". We have been very careful using this word to describe tone because most people have found don't want a string that plays at a low dynamic all the time. Please let me know if by "soft" you are referring to an "organic, gut-like tone", or a "slinky, smooth surface". For the former, I suggest the Vision Titanium Orchestra set, which has a lower tension, polished surface, and a gut-like feel and sound. For the latter, I suggest either Vision Stark or the Infeld Red, both of which have a higher tension than the Dominant, but can produce powerful warm and dark tones. You can all refer to this soundchart for choosing the right strings for your instrument.
  3. As far as Dominant strings go, I do not recommend bringing them to tension, taking them off and then bringing them back to tension. The core of the Dominant string is not as stable as a steel core string or the newer, advanced synthetic cores like Vision. In fact, this goes for any perlon/nylon core string, regardless of brand. If you aren't sure which type core your string has, consult with the string manufacturer and they will be sure to help.
  4. Gorecki Symphony No. 3 "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs" Not necessarily for solo violin, but for me, it doesn't get any sadder than that.
  5. Vision Viola strings are available in most places starting April 1.
  6. Oh, and NEVER use silver polish on strings. EVER. Even the silver ones. Lab tests have shown that tarnish, albeit ugly, does not affect tone or playability to any measurable extent.
  7. Franz Klanner, Director of Material Research at Thomastik-Infeld, suggests wiping strings that are just out of the package with isopropyl alcohol on a cloth, before they go on the instrument. This removes any polishing residue left behind from the manufacturing process. After playing, wipe down the strings and fingerboard with a microfiber cloth. This is the best and safest way to remove dirt without harming the instrument finish.
  8. Anybody going to be in San Antonio Feb 16-18th? Stop by and say hello!
  9. All synthetic core strings require a "break-in" time. Like most synthetics, Dominant requires a few hours of playing time before they lose their edge and stabilize tuning. Newer strings with advanced synthetic cores, like Vision, take just an hour or two to settle in. Steel core strings have a negligible amount of stretch, and therefore "break-in" easier. Gut strings historically take the most amount of time before they stabilize. Go0bur - if the strings don't seem to catch, it is most likely due to your rosin. There is also the so-called "quick break-in method" described on our website: http://www.connollyandco.com/P...faq_item.php?the_ID=31
  10. On behalf of Thomastik-Infeld: if anyone on Maestronet has a question or needs a customer service issue addressed, please email or call me directly. I work for Connolly and Co. (The exclusive U.S. importer) and thereby proxy T-I for all service related inquiries, string replacements, etc. My staff and I would be happy to assist all of you. If I am unavailable when you call, please ask for Ms. September Burgess, our outstanding Customer Support Representative. Here are the best ways to contact us: toll free phone: 800-644-5268 email: info@connollyandco.com web: www.connollyandco.com (a terrific resource for Thomastik-Infeld string info)
  11. T_Rocca: I am concerned by your statement, "the problem is that they are not very well made. in quality wise". Is this based on facts or your opinion? If you have purchased a string (from any company) that you feel was not manufactured to your expectations, please take the time and contact that company to resolve the situation. I will gladly speak to you about perceived quality-control issues. Please PM me or call 800-644-5268 to speak to Ms. Burgess, our extraordinary Customer Support Representative.
  12. Does anyone know a good resource of information on Sanctus Seraphin and his instruments? Biographical information on this man is scarce to the say the least. Much appreciated.
  13. In the Thomastik-Infeld family, all Vision and Infeld E strings come with a removable ball, as well as the E01. On Vision Titanium and Vision Titanium Orchestra sets, the ball-ends are made of titanate, a Titanium alloy, which adds strength and reduces the weight by nearly 75%. Research continues to be done on the added inertia of ball-ends in overall vibration. In most cases the extra weight is nominal but could theoretically change the resonance of an instrument.
  14. Gosh, it's been awhile since I posted here. I've been reading everybody's feedback on the Vision and your positive experiences are certainly similar to the feedback I have received from players all over the country. Vision Fractional strings in the standard increments down to 1/16 are now available in the United States. The 7/8 size mentioned above is only available in Europe.
  15. I suggest you try a Spirocore C string with either a silver or tungsten winding. I have also had some great feedback with the following combination: A string of your preference Dominant Stark (Heavy) D string Spirocore Silver G string Spirocre Silver C string
  16. It's possible they are Superflexible brand strings from Thomastik-Infeld. String Color Chart
  17. Quote: Are these strings available in thin gauge yet? Both heavy and thin gauge Vision and Vision Titanium strings will be available soon (in the U.S.) Please email me for more information.
  18. In the world of wind ensemble Grainger's music is ubiquitous, but ironically he always thought of himself as a vocal composer. For a real Grainger treat, find a recording of "The Warriors". As for beloved composers, I think Zoltan Kodaly composed some of the most beautiful works I've ever heard, but they never seem get be performed. Well, in the U.S. at least. By the way, which piece was arranged for voice and trombone?
  19. I am so glad that our strings were able to improve the sound of your daughters violin! The feedback on these strings, especially from Maestronet members, has been very inspiring to us, especially with all the success stories we've heard from amateur and professional players alike.
  20. K544, you beat me to it! I also suggest you try the Infeld Red E-string (IR01).
  21. Will I run into any of you Maestronetters there? Stop by booths 514-516 and say hello!
  22. Hi Thomas, and welcome to the forum! I'm honored you picked this thread to start! I want to thank you and everyone for your continued invaluable feedback regarding our strings.
  23. Quote: For those of you out there who care, I just received and email from Shar stating that Hillary Hahn uses regular Dominant A, D, and G and a Pirastro steel E. The email did not discuss her shoulder rest. Sorry, I couldn't find out about her shoulder rest either... Hilary Hahn and Thomastik-Infeld Strings
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