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  1. No short cuts here, just that I'm back after 25 years (I started really really young ) Pulled out the old music books, and thought to myself, no way did I used to play this, Zigeunerweisen, Bruch violin concerto, Mendelssohn, impossible. But the old finger markings are there, as were comments from the teacher "Wrong!", "don't rush", so it must have been real in another lifetime. Just start slowly and forget that you've been there. I started again with Wohlfahrt and Hrimaly (the old Mazas and Rode will have to wait), and am working on the Bach #1 in A minor. Humbleness, stuff that I played as an 8 year old. But now the fingers are stiff, the back aches, and the eyesight depends on the angle of the prescription. Good thing is that I no longer rush, and play each note fully. Taking some lessons from a teacher is also good since he or she can correct bad habits, and remind you of what you should be doing. Good luck!
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