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  1. I have a framed poster of the Hellier on my studio wall, do you think Christie's may be interested ?
  2. Good point bearing in mind both Bein & Fushi have long since departed.
  3. What happened to Christies and Sothebys in London ?
  4. Thanks for your recommendation,but I was wondering whether or not LN are still in business.
  5. Anyone know anything about the availability of Lie Nielsen tools ? Is there a supply problem ?
  6. Okay, okay it was a bad joke ..
  7. the usual usually do, these are" known knowns" !! to quote Rumsfeld.
  8. What do people think of violins by Arthur Richardson ?
  9. Am I right in thinking that because these violins are 300 years old that the wood has shrunk rendering the tops thinner than when new ?
  10. Sorry to bring it up again, but Vuillaume's "Exact" copies of the Messiah Strad do not look very exact to me. Perhaps his copies are accurate imitations of a different violin altogether (The real Messiah ?????!!)
  11. Yes he was a real gentleman. He used to tell me about his experiences of the violin auctions in the 50s,60s and 70s. Many of them sought his opinions on fine instruments in their sales.
  12. Looks a little more like liquid splashes to me. The level of heat required to cause blistering could cause the glue to melt and the violin to come apart !
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