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  1. This may be a genuine "Holy Crap!"

    Joe Bonamassa would more likely be the buyer ------ Don't all say, WHO??????
  2. violin marquetry

    I also worked as an antique furniture restorer for about 20 years....
  3. violin marquetry

    You could try a local antique furniture restorer - that's the kind of job they would have to do.
  4. Hills shop records

    Didn't he die of a broken heart? Not surprised after spending so much time at the bench !
  5. Buyer's Premium

    I think they are referring to auctions other than online - Sales that you can attend in person.
  6. Buyer's Premium

    Sotheby's is to scrap the buyer's premium on all its online auctions. Does this mean we can expect ALL online sales to follow suit ? Let's hope so !!
  7. Not really surprising that it failed to sell - Perhaps the estimate was just a tiny bit unrealistic ??? Anyway, according to recent tests it has been established once and for all that old string instruments don't sound as good as new ones. Great news for modern day luthiers & maybe antique instruments will now become more affordable for collectors. A win-win situation !!
  8. Amati auctions.

    What will it smell of - Pasta, Shepherd's pie or sausages ??
  9. Amati auctions.

    Perhaps I am mistaken, but didn't auction houses once have specialist musical departments with experts heading up these departments? Some auction houses have run these departments so well that they have closed them altogether !
  10. Happy Easter! What's for dinner?

    Vegetarian nut roast for us - Happy Easter to all...
  11. RIP Bernard Millant.

    I remember visiting his traditional atelier in Paris over 20 years ago - It is indeed an end of an era.....
  12. BVMA makers day 2017

    I was thinking the exact same thing - The " joys" of online forums.......
  13. interesting auction at amati

    Precisely !
  14. interesting auction at amati

    Depends whether or not you believe in coincidences...........
  15. Ivory bow tips, what to do?

    All I know is that I've heard Hollywood referred to as "Hollyweird"...