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  1. Chanot family items wanted. Letters, business receipts and photographs, documents, tools etc. Any original material really for our Chanot family archive. Phone : 07871 473229 (UK)
  2. No,but the fact that it had worm damage at all put me off travelling to London to see it. There also appeared to be a serious crack across the button,through the purfling to the edge. No mention of this in the condition report !!
  3. I would agree that you have to view in person, as the condition reports I have requested over the years have been less than accurate to say the least !
  4. I believe my great great grandfather donated several instruments from his collection to the South Kensington Museum (Now called the V & A ). This instrument is a copy of one of those.I have seen one other of his copies and I know of another that sold at auction some years ago.The one currently for sale at Tarisio has some condition issues,especially re the back.
  5. Yes that's true. The whole world has become rather unstable of late. It can only get better (We hope).
  6. Talking of global adventures, does anyone ever make enough money as a luthier to go on one ??
  7. Don't get too excited, I'm not sure I trust French banks any more than those in any other country. '
  8. As long as you're not after money it's all good.....
  9. Hey jezzupe,if my great great grandfather created you as you say that means we may be related!!?
  10. "Bass Bat" --Do you use it for some kind of ball game??????
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