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  1. Kev Chanot

    Which maker do you prefer and why

    I think a common mistake when looking at instruments is the tendency to "want" them to be by a specific maker, therefore overlooking features that tell otherwise....
  2. Kev Chanot

    Accumulating violins. It's a Sickness !

    Love your cat - do you take her for walks? My daughter would take one of ours,only I'm not sure the cat would be happy.....
  3. Kev Chanot

    String setup for Francois Chanot cornerless violin

    Be interested in photos when you get yours. Perhaps then we can tell if it's original.
  4. Kev Chanot

    removing fingerboard

    The alcohol will come in useful if anything goes wrong !!
  5. Kev Chanot

    Good verses Bad Arching....

    I have only the words of the great Captain Beefheart in my head ---- "Fast & Bulbous !"
  6. Kev Chanot

    Turner violin Mittenwald imported

    Just add it to your log pile.....
  7. Kev Chanot

    Straight Gouges or Bent Gouges?

    Didn't think gouges were gender specific !!?
  8. I'll have to sort through all my "Chanot" family stuff & find it. Now, where did I put it......................?
  9. You're right re Joseph. Not really sure about Francois(The designer of the cello illustrated in this thread). I did compile a fairly detailed family tree some years ago with some assistance from a Chanot cousin in Paris, although this was pre-computer days......
  10. Morgana, Very interesting reply, but with respect I believe you have muddled up the Georges. The George I was referring to was the son of the GEORGES I think you are referring to....(Him being my great great great grandfather !!!) Now I'm confused !
  11. Hi Tom, Yes, the man in question was my great great grandfather. Incidentally, it would appear that it was an attempt by a self righteous violin business to discredit serious competition. They failed, and I am glad.
  12. Perhaps you'd like to enlighten us on the supposed "Uplabeling" ?
  13. Kev Chanot

    Joining Spanish Cedar (cedrela oderata) casein or Hyde glue?

    Si, As I thoughto !!!
  14. Kev Chanot

    Joining Spanish Cedar (cedrela oderata) casein or Hyde glue?

    Slight deviation from original topic , but does anyone think Stradivari et al would have used ready made wood glue from a supplier if it were available??
  15. Kev Chanot

    Joining Spanish Cedar (cedrela oderata) casein or Hyde glue?

    Unusual comment John. I don't know how long PVA has been around, not 100 years I bet!