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  1. Thats what i thought about the pain, although im told everything hurts at the beginning and i have to build strength in the muscles. Suprisingly my teacher is in his late 20's im guessing, but i bet you its the whole " I learned this way, so will you" mentality. What i find ironic is im being taught with the Suzuki method, and even in the pictures of bow angles and such, the player is using a sholder rest!!
  2. Hi guys, Just started the violin a week ago as a 35 yr old. My excercises for the week is bow hold excercises and bowing open strings . My teacher does not wish me to use my sholder rest I bought which I have no problem with ,however, he is telling me to practice holding the violin without hands using jaw and collarbone pressure. He says a little bit per daybto build up the strength . Impossible! IV been trying all week and I cannot do this. My left jaw hurts and I swear is bruising, and my collerbone is tender. I can do this Easily with the sholder mount but not without. is this pain normal? Why do you have to be able to support it this way? Doesn't the left hand hold it up? I'm also wondering if I'm holding it right...let me explain. I place the button at the bottom of the violin right into my neck almost touching my Adams apple. I place my chin almost on the tailpiece, and then rest my jaw on the chin rest at a slight angle. feel it snug on the collerbone and jaw, but when I clamp down and let go. The scroll dips down and it really hurts like the chinrest is digging into my jaw. I have the violin at about a 10 o'clock or so so it isn't resting on my left sholder as I read it isn't supposed to and it is slightly tilted towards the floor about 45 degrees I guess, although IV read it is supposed to be parallel, almost flat but I doubt it as in ever picture I see it's tilted. All these angles makes it complicated and I REALLY want to learn the right way. Trying to learn bowing is hard if I keep changing my angles to what its supposed to be which everyone seems to have a different opinion on.... I really could use some help. I'm so devoted to learning the and have all the passion to practice, but don't want pain. Thanks so much guys. I'm excited To finally be able to play violin as it has been a lifelong dream! Rob