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  1. About two year or so ago I was the winning bidder in one of the rare books auctions. After the auction had ended I received an email from someone who raised some copyright issues. I then raised the questions with the seller. He/she never replied.
  2. "... or Zheng Quan or Chan Chong ..." No sure abbout Zhang Shu Mei but you can call Zheng Quan the father of violin making in China. He brought back knowledge and experience from Cremona and almost singlehandedly raised a new generation of violin makers. Zhang is very well respected in China (at least among the better informed ones).
  3. quote: Originally posted by: fiddlecollector Do you mean right along the back or just around the A string peg ,ive seen some with material removed around the A peg to increase easier access,but assumed it was done by someone other than the maker. Some basses,cellos can have cut outs on the back probably associated with viols. I mean around the A string peg. Why should anybody make a hole on the back of the scroll? Easier access does not appear to me to be a good excuse for such damage to the scroll. Regards, Warren
  4. Dear guys, I have recently come across violins with scrolls that are cut out at the back. Is the cutting out associated with any particular school? Have a nice weekend, Warren
  5. Dear David, I don't know what's wrong with the original links. They worked last night. Try these: http://www.cnave.com/productdetail.php?pid=93533 http://www.cnave.com/productdetail.php?pid=85908 http://www.cnave.com/productdetail.php?pid=85913 I have purchased from cnave.com before. They are quite reliable and efficient. As they are willing to ship to Hong Kong (which for one reason or another is considered foreign), I guess they will ship to overseas addresses. Warren
  6. Dear guys, For those who understand Chinese, I wholeheartedly recommend the various VCDs published by the Beijing Central Conservatory. For US$13, you can have detailed instructions on the Kreutzer given by Dr. Lin (the Chinese Galamian) of the Conservatory with demonstration by his students in a 5-VCD-set. For another few more dollars, you can get similar sets of VCDs on Kayser, Paganini's Caprices and Dont's. See the following links: http://big5.cnave.com:8080/productdetail.php?pid=85908 http://big5.cnave.com:8080/productdetail.php?pid=93533 http://big5.cnave.com:8080/productdetail.php?pid=85913
  7. I do know this ebay seller (Ned Nikolov). He is a Bulgarian who is now living in the States. I came to know him a few years ago on an online forum. We shared some common interests and talked about everything - politics, international affairs, history, lives in Bulgarian and in Hong Kong/China, etc. When he knew that I was looking for a better violin, he sent me a Stankov for a trial without asking for a deposit or security for payment. Holy cow! It put those more expensive Italian/French violins to shame. Although I did not (and still do not) like the antiquing, it sounded so good that I knew I should not miss it. For about $3,300 it became mine. (I understand that Stankov's violins are now selling for about $6,000). I have shown my Stankov to a few players. All of them (including a first violinist of the HK Phil who was once the Concertmaster of Juilliard Opera Orchestra) were extremely impressed. Ned is not selling on ebay for a living. He is promoting his mother country and his fellow Bulgarian makers who do not have many opportunities to promote themselves in the outside world. You probably will not see many of these higher end Bulgarian violins around because they are low production hand-made violins. Re-sale value? I don't really care. I am not going to sell my Stankov. By the way, if you do not like the varnish, ask Ned if he can get you one without antiquing. You may also consider commission one from Mr. Stankov with your preferred varnishing style. Hers is a photo of Mr. Stankov.
  8. Dear Steve, My experience with Bulgarian violins is limited to violins by a maker in Kazanlak whose name is Ivan Stankov. What I can say is his violins blow away everything I have seen in the same price range. Here is an example of his violins: http://tinyurl.com/zo5qe (usual disclaimer: I have no connection with the seller and not interested in the sale etc. etc.) Warren
  9. Hi skiingfiddler, Here are two close-up pictures of the neck/upper block, Regards, Warren
  10. Thanks for all the advice. You guys are really great. The original fingerboard is in good shape and I don't need a new one. The neck angle seems to be correct too. I have "successfully" repaired a few cracks in the past but am not going to touch thhis one until I feel more confident about my work. In any event, if I am going to work on it, I will not go beyond fixing the crack and regluing it. Retouching or revarnishing I dare not. Thanks and regards, Warren
  11. Dear all, I am an absolute beginner when it comes to violin repair. The violin here is one of four broken violins that I purchased on the bay to practise violin repairing. The other three are, as I expected, pure junk. This however looks reasonably good. I have proceeded to open the top and am not sure whether I should go any further. The internal work looks decent to my untrained eyes. The only significant damage is a long straight crack on the right f hole side that is not close the bar area. The question is - is this violin something too good for a beginner like me? Regards, Warren
  12. Tianwa Yeung's Paganini is featured in this VCD box side - http://big5.cnave.com:8080/productdetail.php?pid=93533 It is a set of 4 VCDs containing excellent instructions given by Professor Lin of Central Music Conservatory and demonstration by Yeung. The price for the set is ridiculously cheap (less than US$10). A must buy for those who understand Chinese. Warren
  13. In case you are looking for a physical copy, go to Rhythm Music House at 1/F, No.1A, Humphreys Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Hong Kong Tel: +852 2801 4939. It is just 20 steps away from Tsim Sha Tsui underground exit. I'm quite certain they have most of what you want. Warren
  14. I guess I am lucky here in Hong Kong. I have been a subscriber for a few years. Never missed an issue, never got an issue delivered late, and never got an email unanswered. Warren
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    Hart and Son

    Thanks Rob, That's what I want to find out. Have a nice weekend, Warren