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  1. These questions are always a little rife... I feel like I'll forget someone and offend others. But if I were cash in hand to buy a modern maker's violin, I would buy Andrew Ryan, Frank Ravatin, Ryan Soltis, Ben Ruth, Von Baehr, Melvin Goldsmith, Philippe Girardin. Big money; worth it. Three younger makers whose work has really blown my hair back recently have been Kristin Siegfried Ballenger, Dan Gillespie, and Meike Aupperle. There are a dozen others, and more. Violins have been improving steadily the last twenty years, no doubt...
  2. Come onnnnnnn. I'll trade someone some Garbage Pail Kids cards or something for them.
  3. Hey Dwight! Miss you my friend.
  4. Hullo all, Would anyone be willing to share Prakticello plans with me?
  5. All of your hesitancies on these instruments can be adjusted by a luthier worth a quarter his salt. Imbalance or one weak string; a general timbre you'd like changed... a luthier can adjust these things for you...
  6. Jeff! I am so tired of these thigh-less blanks! I will trade you watercolors of you as various characters from the Iliad for some viola bridges. It is decided.
  7. Some friends on the West Coast are getting a marketplace for our type of nerd together-- you can find them on Instagram and Facebook, of course. Not sponsored, I just think it's a great project. Fill out the survey and sell some of your stuff you've accumulated. You should dig some of your old bridges and ebony and tools out and post them! Luthier survey: https://pre-launch.handcrafted.market/luthier-survey Sign up for launch updates: https://pre-launch.handcrafted.market/luthier-launch-updates
  8. Nathan, I find my bridges have changed because of the shit quality of bridges available. Especially on cellos. Unless I'm using a vintage blank I can't get away with as thin of a leg side to side as I was taught; I also take as little wood off the outside as possible, bringing the width in from the inside only, to increase the bowed nature of the arc...
  9. If your photo of the ruler shows where the outside of the bar is, then yeah, go ahead and cut a 44 mm bridge. I would not widen the string widths. 33-33.5 all day. You can use thin brass stock to make a two-arm bar checker that is bent to follow the arc of the inner top!
  10. Yeah...tell us where you're located and we can offer advice on who to go to. The cost is a secondary consideration to the quality of work.
  11. Ah! Thank you Jeff. I stand corrected.
  12. yeah, that's clearly the point to hand
  13. Find geometric center line of the top. Ignore the effholes. Choose a skinnier bridge blank if need be to get closer to the bassbar and get the soundpost in to match. Unless it sounds good. Then leave it alone!
  14. Nah. That's closemindedness, and doesn't serve the life of the instrument.
  15. The Primrose is 15 7/8" and is sometimes bandied as ideal. I find 16 1/8" about playable for everyone...
  16. Always make it sturdier if you're not compromising anything...
  17. Roger, you old dogfish you, I am very glad to see a comment of yours pop up on here again. It is, like Camelot, a very silly place, but better when you come around. I love dogfish skin, and have used it to replicate tracked scratch marks when copying Guadagnini. The sharkskin scratches do what the leveling scratches on his work in Turin shows-- completely invisible until you get right in and peer at the varnish up close, then they are a little shocking.
  18. Sorry about your friend. A lot of us lost people the last couple years, and it's all feeling heavy. Take it easy if you can.
  19. The Becker shop, among others, has used ebony like this for years, if the fiddles I've seen from there tell any tales.
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