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  1. The cats at have the new rosin we all need this year. IMG_4818.MP4
  2. I emailed you about the calipers. I'll text you I guess.
  3. Your understanding of violins under pressure is... mostly misunderstanding. Impossible for ribs to move?? Arches bulging under longitudinal pressure not possible?? First, the top moves like a goddamn pringles chip on choppy sea. its not being delicately bounced up and down perpendicular to the feet of the bridge. Check out the Strad 3D stuff to see how a top really moves. Second, start from the other end of your "understanding." From the fact that everything you don't believe is possible to happen happens constantly, consistently, and in surprising variation when instruments war
  4. I can tell you it does. Not only from seeing very, very old instruments, but also from forcing distortion on my own instruments over intense intervals, and from seeing violins of mine which are fifteen years of Evah Pirazzi use old. If you start with more of a catenary arch in spruce, the top will come to resemble a "top arch" with a plateau, and the ends of the sausage will bulge out rounder. How extremely you take the initial shape will change this, of course...
  5. Don't stress about it. Cut notches where you want, put a 130 neck in, and move the bridge up til your string length is 330. Carry on.
  6. what a great resource! Iris does amazing work.
  7. Thanks for all you do for the membership, Marilyn. Looking forward to the next issue.
  8. *pours CocaCola directly into oil varnish for the ground application *sues Jim
  9. don't swap the bar unless there is a clear lack in the sound and you can communicate how the new bar will adress that lack.
  10. This is why one shouldn't use the word "copy" casually. Just as luthiers don't use "appraisal" casually when "insurance evaluation" is what they mean... because the cats that are truly doing the thang aren't messing around about what they mean with their word choice...