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  1. Are we setting it up? Is @barnesviolins (HI DORIAN) was it you that was doing setup? Nick Allen and I can get it done if things are complicated.
  2. Thanks @Dwight Brown And Sheldon-- I'd be happy to take a look-- the speculation on here is fun, but you can't beat checking the bassbar placement, centeredness, geometry, and setup to iron out an annoyance like the one you are describing.
  3. It was me. I am someone. It's on my Instagram.
  4. the fingerboard has already been wedged to raise overstand and projection. IF this is something you NEED to change, then the neck needs to come out, get shoed, and reset with different geometry. if the extension is at 26.7 and it's sounding well, don't worry about it until there is worry needed.
  5. What's your @ on Instagram? I'd like to see your pottery.
  6. Sounds like a good model to me! I'm really looking forward to the return of the Reed-Yeboah event too.
  7. Guys-- isn't gesso just processed POP? Can't we just buy gesso?
  8. You're very right. I let my website lapse six years ago. Instagram is, of course, an old folks playground too, by now (I'm 40 this year.) TikTok and SnapChat are the visibility behemoths now, and as they too will churn under for something new soon, I'm too busy to get on board.
  9. I don't understand this need to over-intellectualizze the process, or to do what Andreas claimed-- to have a vision of one's work as a package that fits inside a marketable label. You don't need to be in an orchestra playing the Ring cycle to understand the violin should be well-balanced and not too heavy. You don't need to have a tale about the important ramifications of your intent and vision to learn to carve a bassbar that projects and yet lets the fiddle speak clearly and articluate when played ppp And I know that maestronet is the estuary for this sort of rigor of imagination. Take the grandiose ideas out of worrying about marketing and make woodchips every day. Your intellectual vision should be to stay stubborn enough that you start making money eventually. If you're not building three or four a year at least, you probably aren't going to get anywhere worth having some silly vision of yourself.
  10. The spirit of what you're saying pans out... But the market elevates what it wants. I know more than a handful of antisocial, approaching unpleasant luddites who can't stop their fiddles from selling...
  11. Yo, we ALL want Luis' target audience
  12. And Ted, sorry, none of that was aimed at you in particular! I just find that makers, even quite good makers! get in their own way and stop shops and markets from helping them sell their stuff. We all have this chip about integrity and selling out and our own vision, when we can focus on making violins Within the strictures of the needs of a given market and succeed, instead of taking advice badly and failing to grow relationships where money is to be had.
  13. First step-- grow callouses over your ego. As Luis said, ask every player for serious feedback. And take your axes to shops, and ask them-- what would I have to do better for you to confidently sell my stuff here? This will teach you about different markets, and if you're not a complete dipshit, it will get you used to hearing stuff you don't want to hear, and allow the callouses you grow over your ego to help you succeed.
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