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  1. Cracks in Bending Ribs

    I like this. Bend em the wrong way super hot first, turn the iron off, then bendem back and let em fissure like this after a cup of coffee. The linings are your insurance...
  2. Best saw for scroll cutting

    I share that curse
  3. The Manual of Violin Making by Brian Derber

    Nice job on the aesthetic, too. I'll be picking one up when I can
  4. Casein glue and ground

    I had a coworker that made it from raw milk-- was it raw goat's milk? I may be foolish (for more reasons than this,) but it seems to me that lipids and fats are what you want in casein-- is the fat-free stuff what most are using? Or does it just not smell as bad...
  5. Springing a top plate a la Stradivari

    I'm interested-- I'm floating further and further away from measuring-- rib and lining thicknesses seem to be a matter of trust and the stiffness of the materials, and I have taken to making my ribs and blocks as much as a cm tall (cello), 5 mm (vn vla), then flattening the back side of the ribs, and using a fine saw to cut the excess height/top cant out all the way around the blocks and ribs. It's not that I'm saving time... but if something twists or wanders during the glue-up, I let it do its thing, and still have enough material to get my heights after. Does anyone else do this? Does anyone else think tall ribs are good for violas, and bad for cellos? Does anyone else enjoy contracting and expanding a 3 mm tall entire rib structure onto push pins to see what Tony S. was doing when he switched to long pattern and back?
  6. Springing a top plate a la Stradivari

    I do it jes like Mike, but I pencil a goal line around with a flexible steel rule first. I am okay with some scalloping between blocks for the top side o the ribs, but that's mostly on violas and cellos. 'Some' being .5 mm or so in the lower bouts, .25 in the upper. Start the plane of the cant from the upper mitre tip up, and be aware that the natural result can be to round those tips off lower than everything else. I toothblade to my pencil line, horridly squawkdrag the new plane of the cant across a flat plate moving only toward myself vertically, then the Iron Mike sanding block.
  7. Use meat tenderizer to dissolve hide glue

    That sounds just about like the most psychotropic thing in the toolbox, Bill...
  8. Integral bassbars

    Hi, Koo Young, problem is that not everyone does spring tension into the end of the bar--many fine and successful makers put none in, many put gaps at the ends, yes--but some also gap tension into the middle of the bar. You can also put much more angle on your placement and set the bar further inside the foot, or put the bar in perfectly straight and set it closer to the outside of the foot. I imagine that with an integral bassbar you could excavate it out much too tall, leaning 45° out toward the bass edge of the plate, then stabilize the plate, steam the ridiculous tall bar, and force it straight. Then The confused spruce's desire to return to angled once strung up with a post in it could provide strange and wonderful stiffening tension. I'm being silly, of course, but there is no end to ingenuity and good effect in the closed system of a top .
  9. Angry today

    The illustrations were not part of the copy. They were auxiliary, and tacked on after the copy was approved. Read the article, Carrie? You'll see.
  10. Angry today

    I'd love to hear your problems with me, Carrie. I saw your husband recently and had no trouble at all rekindling our friendly relationship. Was it the gift of four sets of tonewood when he went out on his own? or the fact that I replaced two viola tops that revealed defects that were invisible in billet form I had sold him, once he carved into them, because I understand how tight money is for a maker with a family, despite the fact that a tonewood supplier would not have done the same? as for erasing this thread-- Im not vindictive. I'm defending myself against a serious allegation of taking credit for another's work, which was put forth on this platform. Carl stross, you can borrow my shovel any time, to clear the crap from around your keyboard. Here is the actual motto I run my life with, and I've not betrayed it in the last two days: Do No Harm, But Take No Shit. i make violins for a living. I've apologized to Christian. If anyone has ever published OUTSIDE of academia or self-publishing, they will understand my culpability is limited to this: I am sorry that it was published thus. I apologize that I wasn't able to keep my word. I don't need anyone's work to replace my own, and would not disrespect a colleague like that even if I was a hack.
  11. Angry today

    i did apologize. Privately and publicly. I was given a chance to defend myself against really offensive accusations when I discovered them all over the Internet. Not in private, like grown ups handle difficult things.i apologize again that a promise I made was not fulfilled. Doesn't make any bearing on the thing I'm pushing back against in this situation. I sent my emails with my editor to Christian privately. I will not post them here, because that would be a breach of privacy with a good editor that employed me. Christian knows what happened-- through my inattention, or a mistake elsewhere. I've been pretty occupied with family health issues, which Christian might actually understand. He can stew and pretend I would try to pass his violin off as mine if he wants. If any of you know me, you know I earn what I have. The idea that I would get away with such a thing does not even stand up to one-eyed moronic inspection. Landsake, it's a stupid, stupid idea. The IMPLICATION would have been more offensive than the slight Christian received. His name is in fact there, but not as he wished it. And I am truly sorry about that, because I promised him otherwise. but he didn't imply. As I've posted, he TOLD people in our mutual realm of the world I was passing his work off as my own. Without talking to me. Asshole move. Pictures were not part of a narrative in my copy, Carl and others. There was no STEP one: picture. STEP two: picture. I provided a slew of images WITH CLEAR ACCREDITATION. They were sent after my copy, and were not integral, so NO, there was no mention. I didn't provide what was printed about Danny Fallon's instruments, nor is the author the one to pick and choose. guess what? I neither format, edit, nor print my copy once it's somewhere else. They do whatever they want to it. I did not choose what photos went in, nor what photos went where, at what size, with what copy. no press is bad press. cB gets to sling as much shit as he wants at me. It's just offensive, when what happened was only unfortunate.
  12. Angry today

    And on you go, amigo...
  13. Angry today

    Are you serious, Christian? Do I have to go search Twitter and Snapchat and Instagram for you slagging me too?
  14. Angry today

    I did. I won't cry coward. I apologized for the way it was published. Christian has private messages with screen shots of what was submitted. i won't quibble about my second post above, either. There was a way to express anger and disappointment without accusing me of plagiarism and defaming me publicly, and Christian didn't have the constitution to start there, and let me have a word with him first.
  15. Angry today

    I find it pretty unfortunate that you felt you needed to handle it like this, without making perhaps a little more effort to get in contact with me and see if I am sort of raging asshole that would pretend your work was his by convenient omission. My contact info is all over the Internet, Christian, and your private Facebook messenger message, which was not kind, where you suggested I had done just that, wasn't gapped much by this Post. Good on you, and may we all show the benefit of the doubt to each other better in the future, in this teeny tiny industry of ours.