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  1. Christopher Jacoby

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    I will lend a hand for a step. Craig was a good egg, and a better human than most good eggs...
  2. Christopher Jacoby

    VSA and job searching

    Insinuate away. If any adults were involved and unhappy with a transaction, those adults would have communicated their displeasure, so it could be adressed. Tell rich I said hi. It’s unfortunate that you are doing your very best to corollate the bad experiences people have with you, with his work.
  3. Christopher Jacoby

    Indianapolis Violin Making Competition

    Its an Exhibition, seems like?
  4. Christopher Jacoby

    VSA and job searching

    Not Telling, you've managed to propose that your husband wants a job through an organization, then clowned groups of people that make use of that organization, and attend the things that are part of the organization's efforts. You've stated he would rather work than hobnob, and suggested that bothering to be social in the organization means one would rather party than work. You've always made a chip on your shoulder part of how you interact with your husband's colleagues. You could have asked and responded with relaxed interest-- what opportunities and networking for employment are made available through an entirely volunteer-run nonprofit? You could join the VSA and propose the things you think would best benefit you as a member. But you responded like that, instead... Your husband works hard and makes beautiful instruments. I love his instruments. The job you want doesn't exist until you make the person you want to work for realize they need you. Jobs that get advertised that are worth taking are rare, because someone always has one or two next candidates in case a luthier doesn't work out. The socializing isn't frivolous, or less important than speed, quality, and sound, in instruments. I have worked a few places that had brilliant luthiers that were miserable work environments, because the social aspect wasn't balanced in the workshop and front end. You're not doing him any favors. We've been interacting for years now, here and IRL-- Im afraid your initial instinct when you were hiding your identity: that your activity on the internet might be a disservice to your husband and his career-- was the right one.
  5. Christopher Jacoby

    Indianapolis Violin Making Competition

    I think the Maybe They'll Buy Something! bit is tired...
  6. Christopher Jacoby

    Willow for corner blocks etc

    Reinhardt Zach has good schtuff
  7. Christopher Jacoby

    Bridge height with low arch, how high is too high?

    A man I once knew would add height at the saddle of the tailpiece, exacting your string pressure with a secondary sharper break in angle there, and boosting some projection and sound.
  8. Christopher Jacoby

    Purfling channel below button

    I seriously had never considered making a template until I saw Eric Benning's template solution on IG a couple years ago. I was amazed, as one is, by the obvious nature of simple solutions, and yet still use a dull pencil and a sharp knife to accomplish the arc...
  9. Christopher Jacoby

    12-20K Viola Suggestions

    This is silly! I'm only a salesman when someone wants to buy an instrument-- it's not a social disease. If someone comes in and won't tell me what they want to spend, my impression would be that cost is no object, and I would show the best instruments regardless of their high cost. If a shop takes 'midrange' as a price point and doesn't ask more questions, go to another shop with real salesmen that have enough inventory for that to be an important detail...
  10. Christopher Jacoby

    12-20K Viola Suggestions

    I manage the workshop at Potter Violins these days— we have great instruments in your price range, and I’d be pleased to meet you if you have some time to come over and say hello.
  11. Christopher Jacoby


    I had a few sticks of this from Josh Henry— .7 density, but flexible and lovely. Wish there was more!
  12. Christopher Jacoby


  13. Christopher Jacoby

    The Top 3 Beginner Mistakes

    Nothing wrong with copying the Brescians...
  14. Christopher Jacoby

    museum trip

    You can take a blacklight in and get an idea of how many different varnishes are on a fiddle right through the glass...
  15. Christopher Jacoby

    Honed Bliss

    You ever... forget... to sharpen for a week or two, and surprise yourself how easy things are after an hour or two regrinding the knives and plane blades? I have a bottomless capacity to be amazed how much better a sharp tool works, yet still not hit the stones regularly.