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  1. i have regretted every time I've decided to take dictated special instructions. no one is happy in the end...
  2. i would try..... dark, dry charcoal but watercolor is usually what i associate with that dusty dark gray. i often use india ink or graphite.
  3. episode 2 coming the 20th! Visit or wherever you get your podcasts! fae41918-fae2-4bb5-8915-0faa85824d1d.mp4
  4. that is such a beautiful violin. sam rocks.
  5. here- we aren't disagreeing! what makes the sound? a non-static, deformable structure, warping and deforming in a way which uses the concave and convex parts of the system as bellows for sound waves...
  7. reguz-- build a flat topped violin that weighs a pound and a half and string it up with evah pirazzis.
  8. The wise and venerable david van zandt cooks his varnish, then pours it warm into metal paint tubes and seals them up. When it is time to varnish, he squeezes a bit out and lets a hot lightbulb heat it through a fine mesh filter onto his plate and gets to work. one of the cleanest, most elegant solutions for storage and conservation I've seen.