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  1. I set violins and violas 8-12 deep in the block. Good for stability, good for sound. Some asshole's gonna have SOMETHING to say about your "expertise" no matter what you do.
  2. Solving a problem that doesn't exist-- you set the foot of the post, then pull the head up behind the bridge foot.
  3. I agree! But hey, you and Gabrielle Kundert are the only ones ONLY building violas
  4. I think the line from Julie was the Meteny/De La Dyle. We carry them at Potters and they are quite good for the price.
  5. shhhhhhhhh i need a few months before the patent is ready
  6. a "hi-vise!' I use it for a lot of what I use a patternmaker's vise for-- clamping a scroll in a jig for the work to graft it, clamping a cello scroll so I can plane the fingerboard... I clamped a bassbar blank yesterday to true it up quartered a little better
  7. This is my baby, built by the amazing Frank Straza furniture. Look him up if you'd like an heirloom!
  8. And I love this. With the respect obvious, you still gotta talk shit
  9. Thank you, Michael. So much packed into this and your article it’s amazing
  10. I retract my final sentiment. WORRY.
  11. What do you know about "the rules?" And if you've seen Jordan's work and can't understand why his clout is real, irregardless of his age, its not being a bitch you have to worry about...