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  1. Neck projection

    It’s not likely of the instrument is new and gluing surfaces are fresh and the neck is set well. It will give more overhang in the upper bout— an alternative if you’re confident handling fiddles a bit more like livestock is opening the four C bout corner on the top and cranking the neck down physically, changing the overhang in the Cs instead and gluing clamp by clamp to keep the system there, neck lowered
  2. Neck projection

    Indru, lots of roads lead to Cremona. I don’t think many will disagree fundamentally with your statements about the need for guidance in all geometric relationships. just consider that the right numbers might be realized.... while a maker is focused on other overriding details entirely. to the OP— take .4 mm off the thick end of the neck and put the fingerboard back down, or realize a “New Jersey Neckset,” and take the top off and take .5 mm out of the bottom of the neck heel cutout on the top plate and force the neck to it when regluing, after securely gluing down the C bouts first...
  3. VSA magazine The Scroll

    There is one, though fallow. If Kate Mohr and co. were interested, could some of your media be shared by the VSA?
  4. VSA magazine The Scroll

    I’ll buy you a beer if you write a few paragraphs on that thread of thought?
  5. VSA magazine The Scroll

    Thanks David! A thought about moving our visibility and expertise into new fields and new media— if you ever had any thoughts about what it was like to put your YouTube videos up in an industry that’s traditionally covetous of knowledge, I’d be eager
  6. VSA magazine The Scroll

    Ze Volute of Sleepy Hollow
  7. VSA magazine The Scroll

    Cheers! We are looking for pieces by folks at all levels and parts of the industry
  8. VSA magazine The Scroll

    Thank you Mike! I am happy and willing to receive content any time you have an extra day or two to pen something for us
  9. VSA magazine The Scroll

    Any type of content folks want to see more of? Less of?
  10. VSA magazine The Scroll

    Thanks, David-- We are working on the Geritol endorsement for that edition
  11. VSA magazine The Scroll

    Thanks, Edward— Antoine watches like a hawk, even if he never comments, I believe, so he will appreciate that you enjoyed it.
  12. VSA magazine The Scroll

    Hi Maestronetters! Many of you are Violin Society of America members. Most, if not all, of those offenders have gotten our new membership magazine, The Scroll, the last year or so. I am the general editor of The Scroll-- I gather content, vet submissions, and I hope, receive some feedback. Personally, I am a verbose, dramatic, defensive know-it-all. I say Personally and not Privately, because this community has seen me be so Publicly for quite a few years. But Professionally, I believe in the good content, and the great community! the Violin Society of America is trying to offer to this industry, and its members. We are overhauling the website and its environs right now, and I hope any who aren't already members will join, and see what there is to offer. And when your reasons why The VSA annoys you pop up as a reaction to that-- let me say: The dues paying members off The VSA are directly responsible for What and How the nonprofit serves its members. Input, volunteerism, and suggestions are wanted. Badly. My point, doe... I BADLY want some feedback on the Scroll. Publicly here, on the Facebook groups I will be posting this same message on, or privately. What you liked, what you hate, what typos burned your everlovin Jekyll or your Hyde. Feel free to scorn, slander, or lambast me for my own shortcomings in the process-- I have some of it coming, sure-- but if you've seen an issue, and smiled-- if you saw one and vomited, let me know why. I would like to publish some of the most apt, accurate, or accusatory in future issues, so let er rip. The disappointment in some aspects of the very first issue was addressed here: Have we done better? Anyone like the Matthew Tucker bass bracing article? The Nedelec effhole article? Are we interesting? Current? Embarrassing? If you call our editor a Prickus, does he not bleed?
  13. Recognize this resin?

    Ah, true. I was just stabbing at its appearance
  14. Recognize this resin?

  15. Fingerboard Geometry Poll