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  1. I would like to let the people who posted the soundpost setter know . That I own the patten on this soundpost setter.For the last six years. Please contact me when you find the time. Thank you Terry Farrell Farrell& Farrell violins
  2. Martina, Finally, Very, Very Good. Of corse I would love to play it first, But you should be very proud of this work. Terry Farrell Farrell&Farrell violin
  3. Take a 6in.X4in.x3ft. of cedar. on one end cut the shape of a fingerboard. Now you can clamp the cedar wedge cut out together around your fingerboard.This is a very old method. But a very good one.
  4. Look at alot of the old pianos the varnish is very chippy and cracked. This is the linseed oil after a short time. It was never used as some would like to think on the good old violins.
  5. Whatever you do stay away from linseed oil. It is no Good. No Good.
  6. fingerbord


    Anyone know of a good supplier of carved violin fittings. Iam having a hard time finding a good source. Thank you.
  7. I just found this site, anyone know how good this is. i can never get the site to work. Terry
  8. Thank a great deal for your answers to my question T.F.
  9. anyone ever play this makers violins. I think he was French.
  10. Nice work Seth, I love the golden color.
  11. Jeffrey I sure would like to see more pics of the same amati. thanks T.F.
  12. I did take a few min. to watch the history channel, yesterday. They said theres a commet that could strike the earth. Boys it will soon be over anyway.
  13. You should have offered her free lessons.
  14. How much should the top of a cello change, the height of arching that is. The sound post side is higher than the c sting side.Is a slight diff. the norm for cello. T. F.
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