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  1. Quote: Austen, why can't you stand menuhin, he is not so bad. So can you stand me? Oh no, I LOVE Menuhin. He's my favorite violinist, by far. I just dont like his recording of the Mendelssohn, the ONLY recording that I can listen to (that I have ever heard) is by Perlman.
  2. Very cool. I'm just SUPER picky when it comes to my Mendelssohn......I cant even stand to listen to Menuhin's recording. Perlman has the only one I like.
  3. 4 Octave scales are fun. I was doing 3-4 octave arpeggios all on one string earlier.
  4. I have a recording of all the Ysaye Sonata's played by Ilya Kaler. I love the way Ilya Kaler plays, but only like one or two of the Sonantas.
  5. Exactly. But at the same time, you want to do all you can not to get a bad rep.
  6. I have never, in my entire time of playing the viola, strung my instrument with Dominants. Not because, I dislike them....I've just never done it. I have however, had all Obligatos. They are wonderful strings if you have a violin that tends to be really warm in tone. Otherwise they just tend to make the instrument sound too harsh.
  7. This may have been mentioned already, but I am too lazy to read through all the posts thus far to check. Where do you live? If you live in City with a decent Symphony Orchestra, you might consider coming in contact with the players in the orcheatra who also teach.
  8. This may have been mentioned already, but I am too lazy to read through all the posts thus far to check. Where do you live? If you live in CITY WITH A DECENT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, YOU MIGHT CONSIDERING GETITNG IN CONTA
  9. Thanks, I know how hard of a piece it is so I can relate. Just practice really, really slow and try to get it all in tune (easier said then done). Stay loose, get a good bow grip and pronate to get a nice thick sound.
  10. I have a very good friend that I know pretty well and spend a lot of time with. He is a true viola virtuoso, at the age of 16 he is out playing college grads and even some professionals. He is competing in the Johansen competition this year and will most certainly be a finalist. He started at the agre of six and has always been under very fine private instruction. I honestly believe that in order to become as solid of as player as my friend is, you absolutely must be playing under good instruction from a very young age. I would say no later then the 6th grade.
  11. Your tone seems excessively thin in specific reoccurring passages. The sound almost seems to disappear towards the end of each phrase. Your intonation tends to dip in and out for the duration of the piece, which will require a lot of hard work to correct...especially on a piece like the Mendelssohn. Focus really, really hard on the chords.....they are super hard to get in tune. One thing I (personally) would work on, is articulating your bowings a bit better, just to make things sound more powerful and full. Don’t take all this the wrong way though, the Mendelssohn is really, really hard is considered advanced repertoire. I did a little bit of the Mendelssohn on my viola, and it totally kicked my butt. I am beginning to wonder if the Cadenza is even possible on the viola at all!
  12. Interesting! Intonation and tone seem to suffer on the on the first movment of the Mendelsson, but its proably just the recording.
  13. I am stunned, and dissapointed that the Howard Core K500 hasnt been mentioned yet. http://www.howardcore.com/Catalog/Instruments/Instr_home.htm It is impossible to do better for the money, and veyr hard to find a better instrument for hundreds more.
  14. Thank you! I am glad you are fond of my dislike of the harpsicord. May I offer you the phone number to a social therapist?
  15. I cant stand the harpsichord......
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