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  1. Fascinating! Any chance for a picture of this feathering? Unsure of what qualifies as inside vs. outside. is it possible to see this without taking the top off?
  2. In the condition report it refers to a bassbar patch. I can understand the necessity of a sound post patch however under what conditions would would a bassbar need a patch?
  3. The team is stopping in Los Angeles first! 4 days during NAMM Location: LA Violin Shop https://laviolinshop.com/lavs-is-now-partner-of-vatelot-rampal-jean-francois-raffin/
  4. It is also interesting to note that sometimes the legitimate certificate which accompanies a violin does not belong to the violin. I have experienced that. What Jacob and Martin have written is true. Be careful out there!
  5. Perhaps also ‘Alabama’ as in “Sun so hot I froze to death” & " It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry“
  6. Wouldn't recommend Guarneri style. Michael Darnton opened my ears about those in a thread from long-ago (during the period he posted regularly) wherein he wrote how over-the-tailpiece-mount chin rests exert a negative influence on tone. Tried it and was immediately convinced of his findings (thanks Michael!). He also suggested that many violins respond favorably with lower tension (weich) strings and after following his advice noticed an improvement there as well. It is my observation that clamps-on-the-bottom-block style chin rests have largely disappeared from So Cal. orchestras. There are quite a few Teka style in use. YMMV.
  7. I have a Gillet bow as well. It is frighteningly fabulous.
  8. I use a Mac. What's a virus?
  9. Yikes! Jacob, you are quite simply totally awesome.