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  1. Perhaps also ‘Alabama’ as in “Sun so hot I froze to death” & " It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry“
  2. Wouldn't recommend Guarneri style. Michael Darnton opened my ears about those in a thread from long-ago (during the period he posted regularly) wherein he wrote how over-the-tailpiece-mount chin rests exert a negative influence on tone. Tried it and was immediately convinced of his findings (thanks Michael!). He also suggested that many violins respond favorably with lower tension (weich) strings and after following his advice noticed an improvement there as well. It is my observation that clamps-on-the-bottom-block style chin rests have largely disappeared from So Cal. orchestras. There are quite a few Teka style in use. YMMV.
  3. I have a Gillet bow as well. It is frighteningly fabulous.
  4. I use a Mac. What's a virus?
  5. Yikes! Jacob, you are quite simply totally awesome.
  6. IMHO one could compare R Podger’s recording of the Chaconne with HH’s to realize how over-the top Romantic and stiff Ms Hahn’s interpretation sounds. My preference is for the lilt of Ms Podger’s refreshing dance. Further on the subject of originality, Shake-speare’s name was hyphenated over 40% of the time during the life of the playwright when used in print after first appearing in 1593. Now what do you suppose that could mean? Check the original title page of the Sonnets, etc.
  7. Michael Darnton is another who has long recommended a side mount chin rest. I took his advice and also moved to lower tension strings (weich) on his recommendation. In my case that’s all it needed. Bingo!
  8. Thank you Martin for your cogent and detailed reply! Extremely helpful. Anyone experienced in the ins-and-outs of traveling globally with multiples specifically for the purpose of obtaining a certificate? Any extra documentation required or suggested to reduce export/import issues?
  9. Whom do Maestroneters regard as the shops or individuals that issue the most highly respected and credible Certs for string instruments and bows at present? As regards instruments, with the advances in dendrochronology some certs from formerly highly regarded appraisers have become less credible and perhaps all but worthless. Not blaming them, they simply had no access to such a valuable tool for contributing to provenance. If folks travel from the US to Europe for certs, what experiences can they share getting violins in and out of the country (Customs, inspection, etc.)? Feel free to qualify (French, Antique Italian, Contemporary, Bows, etc.). One would expect Charles Beare to be near or at the top. Others?
  10. 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for marking up.