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  1. beethoven 5

    Hello Dianne, I've played this scores of times. Most effective for me is 2nd position, moving back to 1st position for the D in bar 99. Practice slowly at first and everything will fall into place...
  2. French bow?

    Martin's posted picture looks precisely like Vigneron's work.
  3. cello bow with German grip

    To the OP: Consider experimenting with gamba and violone bows as they were specifically designed for the bass instrument bow technique you describe.
  4. FR Ender violin

    Fantastic! Bonding with an instrument can be a life-changer.
  5. How to tell a viola bow from a violin bow?

    I have seen listings where the bow is described as violin/viola meaning heavy-ish violin bow or light-ish viola bow.
  6. FR Ender violin

    That is an excellent point, George. OP's violin looks fine and IMO other posts establish the price is not out of line. Son has done comparisons and is bonding with it. Teacher approves. Nah-sayers want to dismiss those qualitative aspects. Sad!
  7. IMHO the Amati box is a design improvement on any instrument shipping method I have experienced, outside of hand carrying the instrument to its destination. Secure, cost effective, reusable, and specifically designed for the purpose. What's not to like?
  8. I agree with Carl. It's something I picked up from a Michael Darnton post years ago: Over-the-tailpiece style rests have a detrimental effect on tone as compared to those of the side mount variety. I started changing all my violins to Tekka-style and my neck and ears began thanking me immediately.
  9. Top 10 Living Soloists - your vote

    Rachel Podger
  10. Stolen Goffriller violin London 26 July 2016

    I do not mean to suggest that in this particular circumstance the owner was negligent. He was in close proximity when the event occurred. My question is more of a curiosity about the circumstances where actions incurring criminal charges of theft are not so clear. Leaving an instrument on a train platform or after exiting a taxi or catching a bus. These situations involve possible negligence, but theft? What if years pass before the instrument resurfaces after having been so abandoned? Is there not a statute of limitations for such an event?
  11. Stolen Goffriller violin London 26 July 2016

    If you place a cased violin on the street and leave, isn't that abandonment, so the finder couldn't be charged with theft?
  12. When the bow breaks...(humor)

    Of course in the video, her bow doesn't "break", the plug simply pops out of the head, common enough in bows of lower quality, which includes most if not all ½-sized examples.
  13. Death of Pierre Boulez

    Boulez had a excellent orchestral rehearsal routine. The orchestra would play through the piece in its entirety, then he would make comments regarding various points in the score, ("Horns, a bit more in bars 56-60, second violins, less pizzicato in 89-95", etc). Then we would play through the piece again without stopping, and he might make additional comments at the conclusion. Quite opposed to the technique of many other conductors I have played under who are too fond of starting, playing a few bars and then stopping to make comments, starting again, then stopping, etc. a technique most players find quite fatiguing. Monster ears, and I don't mean physically. I also recall working in London with violist Fred Riddle on a pop string date back in the 70's and commenting to him on an upcoming concert program which contained La Mer. I said to Fred, "You must be bored with playing that piece for the thousandth time." To which he replied, "With Boulez conducting, not in the least." High praise indeed.
  14. Tarisio New York May

    Tarisio has received the authorization and licensing from NY State to export remaining effected items from December's auction. They are scheduled to go out on Monday, April 27th. Obtaining the licensing for items in their current May auction and future auctions should proceed without incident. Whew.....
  15. Tarisio New York May

    As I understand it, the fines are quite stiff for violating the statute. If there is any frustration to be vented, it's not directed towards Tarisio. It's like traffic. It is what it is. As to the extent of the effect the unresolved issue will have on upcoming sales of antique bows by Tarisio in New York, we'll just have to wait and see.