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  1. Hi, to complement the iOS version I made last year, I've just finished the Android version for those interested in an App they can use on their phones:
  2. Hi Catnip Unfortunately there is no way to directly port from iOS to android. However, I’m working on implementing the functionality in android. Hopefully this will be available on a month or two. Thanks Stephen
  3. Hi Guys, I've made an replacement iPhone app for the MAG-ic Probe to help with using it without a computer. Thanks to Liam at MAG-ic Tech for his assistance. You can view the screen shots and list of features here:
  4. I find this kind of scientific research very interesting and i'm glad someone is doing it. However, to the layman the paper implies a link to tonal quality by invoking the Stradivarius name. To see how the press interpret such a paper look no further than the title of The Strad's coverage of the paper: "Research suggests chemical wood treatment may account for the ‘Stradivarius sound’"
  5. I believe I ended up with a 2nd of these by accident. I'll check my collection and get back to you.
  6. I should have mentioned it has the logo "TUBBS" on it.
  7. A friend got this bow to rehair. I'm curious if the serial number under the frog is an indication this went through the Hill shop? Sorry for the low quality picture. Thanks Stephen
  8. Hi all, I don't know John, but I saw this on craiglist and thought someone here might be interested. The posting is on craiglist, here's the link, some pictures there: Capistrano Beach, Orange County "Entire Luthier/Violin-Making/Guitar Making Shop Tools - Incredible - $2750" GREATLY REDUCED AND INCLUDES MODEL 5 SHOPSMITH!!! MAKE AN OFFER!!! I am posting this for my neighbor and friend, prominent Violin Maker, John Speak. John is now 86 years old and has decided to retire. The money will be used for ongoing medical exp
  9. Hi Jack, I can't see the picture if you meant to post it this time. I replaced the cartridge heater element in mine with a CIR-30202/120V from Its a 1/2" diameter, 2" long 250W unit. I'm assuming you're in North America so 120V is fine. Check your length and diameter. The wattage should ok. Also a good time to pick up a PID and thermocouple off ebay and give yourself a nice accurate bending iron temperature control. Thanks Stephen
  10. Styrofoam is expanded polystyrene. I see two problems with this. The first is you're coating your resonant body with plastic which i would think would dampen vibration. The seconds is that since its plastic and not oxidizing to form larger polymer changes, so you probably would find it hard to build up any kind of thickness since the solvent in the new coat would take off the old coat.
  11. The first one I came across was the Guarneri ‘del Gesu’ violin 1733 in April'84, then the G.B. Guadagnini's ‘Lachmann Schwechter’ 1776 violin in Feb-85. Then the Muir-Mackenzie followed in December. But that's reconstructed from old ads, so I could be wrong. Perhaps these were re-issued?
  12. An update. I made a hygrometer based on Oak glued cross-wise to Maple. This means the tangential shrinkage is being compared to the axial movement. I used thin pieces for each and laminated them together with epoxy to keep the 50% point near the center (it was about 50% humidity when i did the epoxying). The oak is 1.3mm and the maple about 2.0mm. In late summer the humidity in my workshop was about 45-55%. Now it's drier - with a cold front moving this week in it dropped to about 20% today. So I've seen a fairly wide range of humidities on on the hygrometer. The hygrometer is 76cm