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  1. Do you use a polishing compound on your strop?
  2. I visited last month while in Phoenix. It is located just off one of the freeways so getting in and out was easy. There was a grade school class visiting when I was there. They all ended up in a room were they could play instruments but almost all the instruments on display cannot be touched. Here are a couple of pictures I took. The guitar has the best quilted maple I have seen on an instrument.
  3. Thank you all for the nice comments. This is my 3rd shop and by far the best one. It has lots of room and looks out on a small river. The bench took me close to two months to finish and I love it. It is a combination of two plans, the base from one and the top from another. I had to engineer in a fifth leg and shortened it to 6 feet.
  4. Some of my work worthy of posting here. The workbench
  5. Based on the name I'm guessing the op is an anti-sub warfare tech second class
  6. It depends on how much you thin out the varnish. Oil varnish thinned out to water consistency might take 30 coats. Just keep varnishing until you get the results you like.
  7. My first violin making book was a Strobel book
  8. Nice varnish Joe. This is my latest violin with your strad varnish. Last coat applied waiting for a rubout.
  9. I have this one. Its a little cheaply built (compared to the GEWA ones) but overall it is just fine. Mount it to a board and clamp it to your bench. I personally like the digital readout.
  10. It would drive me crazy to try to rationalize my wood buying habit.
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