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  1. James Claseman

    30 coats of varnish?!?

    It depends on how much you thin out the varnish. Oil varnish thinned out to water consistency might take 30 coats. Just keep varnishing until you get the results you like.
  2. James Claseman

    Henry Strobel, Sr.

    My first violin making book was a Strobel book
  3. James Claseman

    varnish as usual

    Nice varnish Joe. This is my latest violin with your strad varnish. Last coat applied waiting for a rubout.
  4. James Claseman

    Bending Iron

    I have this one. Its a little cheaply built (compared to the GEWA ones) but overall it is just fine. Mount it to a board and clamp it to your bench. I personally like the digital readout.
  5. James Claseman

    Managing our wood stock - how much wood we need?

    It would drive me crazy to try to rationalize my wood buying habit.
  6. DaTuner lite works for me
  7. James Claseman

    What does the Pegbox think of this scroll ?

    I am not a lawyer but this board may fall under the fair use doctrine. Section 107 of the Copyright Act states: the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. He is using them for criticism isn't he? Just my opinion.
  8. Dennis your drawing looks like it evolved from a Lira Da Braccio
  9. James Claseman

    Do you guys ever use liquid hide glue?

    I use it just for the nut. The rest is hot hide glue.
  10. James Claseman

    Becoming a business, where do I start?

    learn excel for you will need to keep a running inventory
  11. James Claseman

    Favourite plane for shooting fingerboards

    The small scraper plane from veritas is the best one I have found. It works better than my veritas and lee neilsen block planes. I used it on an ebony fingerboard with wild figure and it worked flawlessly. For a little deeper cut, I put a piece of paper under the front sole while adjusting the blade.
  12. James Claseman

    Safe Stripping

    I graduated from the Red Wing school in 2012. Before that I didn't care if my hands touched any denatured alcohol. I learned a lot in that school about violins but also about the chemicals that are added to denatured alcohol. It was clear that I should be using ethanol. Minnesota doesn't sell it in the liquor stores; so I made a run to Wisconsin during a lunch hour (right across the river) to legally purchase 2 fifths of everclear. At roughly $40 each I thought it was a good price. Also Joe Robson's posts about stripping seem to be right on the mark (although I have not tried acetone the citristrip is great).
  13. James Claseman

    varnish as usual

    Looks real nice Joe.
  14. James Claseman

    What is the most pleasent part of a build

    I like almost everything about violin making (still new at it). But I like ebony fingerboard work the least. Its just too damn dirty.