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    I enjoy Classic & "Modern" Austro-Hungarian and Italian instruments. I also enjoy riding my 1983 Shovelhead when the Canadian climate allows me to ;)
  1. method for testing finish for acoustic transparency?

    Hi Barry, I am not absolutely sure if this will address your inquiry but I have a colleague who is considered one of the premier guitar builders in the world. Acoustic instrument in the $20K+ range. For years he has used a device that measures the thickness of his finish and he is very adamant on it being a specified thickness throughout the entirety of the instrument. While I'm not sure it is the linked measuring tool here it is something similar. Of course he experimented on various types of finishes for several years and then honed in and tweaked his preferred finishing material. DGSR
  2. 20th Century Italian violin makers

    Every time I see that scroll Davide I am floored. Outstanding work! DGSR
  3. Where can these Japanese mini saws be found?

    Lee Valley always has a very good selection of the Japanese saws. These detail saws are likely what you're after and here one can go through entire list of their Japanese Saws. DGSR
  4. Info on unknown makers

    Hi Nate, It's free. Link here for the 'Maker Archive' DGSR
  5. Info on unknown makers

    I just caught now that you're looking for information about a Parker Ryan. This may be in regards to the person you're looking for info on. Again from J. Dilworth via Wenberg off the Amati website: "PARKER Worked to c.1940 Asheville, North Carolina USA. Self-taught maker. Large Stradivari model using orange-brown commercial oil varnish. [Wenberg]" DGSR
  6. Info on unknown makers

    This is from J. Dilworth on the Amati website: "Biography of Kurt Gutter - John Dilworth Kurt Arno, Born 1894 Markneukirchen. Pupil of O. B. Heinel. Worked for Glaesel in Berlin and H. T. Heberlein in Markneukirchen. Established there from 1921, later assisted by his son Albert Conrad. Professional work; usual models, and some personal forms. Kurt Gütter / Markneukirchen / Made in Germany / Copie: Joseph Guarnerius" Hope that helps a bit. In regards to the "Ryan" is that the first name of another Gutter or the last name of someone else? DGSR
  7. American Maple on Mittenwalder?

    I agree with your comments on Sugar and Black being alike Jim...I think I'd go with sub-species but I'm no botanist. Here in the North they can be distinguished by their leaves; Black Maple having less points... Hard Maple is certainly harder to work than something like Red Maple but I'm also not a fan of the timbre of instruments made with Hard Maple...I find it too dominant in the treble range... DGSR
  8. American Maple on Mittenwalder?

    I usually refer to the Janka hardness scale when considering wood for various purposes. Hard maple (sugar maple/rock maple) has a Janka Hardness around 1450lbf. More usable maples, like Red and Bigleaf are in the 850-950lbf range. Oppio, (European Field Maple) is around 1150lbf. Black & White European Poplar are in the 410-460lbf range. DGSR
  9. Veritas block plane

    If you didn't see it, there is one here on the Luthiers Exchange for sale... DGSR
  10. 18th Century Violin on Amati

    I see a SP crack in the top and I think the back as well as bassbar crack among others...and it's very uninteresting DGSR
  11. Ernst Heinrich Roth?

    Ditto DGSR
  12. Christian Bayon´s bench

    Ouch! One of yours? I wasn't aware you were still doing restoration work, I suppose unless the misfortune is from one of your lovely instruments? DGSR
  13. Interesting old French cello

    I see a rather distinctive line and change in flame in the area that is not visible from the other side of the instrument which makes me believe the patch is still there. I've certainly seen this before as I imagine you have as well. There was a certain look to the varnish that made me think perhaps a touch-up to the beginning of a post crack had been performed and the strengthening patch put in but the photo isn't detailed enough to really see and Jacob has stated there is no such crack. In this regard I would have to surmise that Peter is correct with the edge-to-edge belly patch for an area someone thought was too thin. DGSR
  14. Veritas block plane

    That would be it on the left Dwight, yes. DGSR
  15. Veritas block plane

    Ah...so he's after the Veritas Standard Block Plane then...confusing for me, sorry. I built Veritas tools and know them quite well to say the least. We'd never refer to the Standard as a 9-1/2 rather used their given names. DGSR☺