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    I enjoy Classic & "Modern" Austro-Hungarian and Italian instruments. I also enjoy riding my 1983 Shovelhead when the Canadian climate allows me to ;)

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  1. Unless I've missed something somewhere, this is in discussion of an instrument belonging to Joseph Szigeti the Hungarian fiddler, not Henryk Szeryng... DGSR
  2. Hi Nate, That's unfortunate indeed. For my home shop I get by with 2 ANTIFONI lamps from Ikea using different lumen light sources. Nothing special but it does the trick. At the workshop, I use the Lee Valley LED Magnifying bench lamp which I quite like. My favorite lamp has been one that a former girlfriend/jeweler had and that was the Grobet Professional led bench lamp. Just a few options for you to consider... DGSR
  3. Thanks. I did see something in the outline to instruments I have known as "Duke" fiddles but as you say; the scroll and ff's really through me off that consideration. Perhaps something is there. As hideous as the scroll is; I quite like it. I believe this is where Jacob's initial "may be" was in regards to; the more hurriedly production of the later Glatz maker(s). The scroll really is an "extraordinary" example... DGSR
  4. Quite right Jacob; the outline and scroll features do differ significantly. A mystery it shall remain. The interior of my example is also nowhere near as clean as what you have provided; mine with linings not let into the full (not hollowed) asymmetrical blocks (shorter in the "c" bouts). Mine retains a somewhat knackered original carved in bar and screw in the neck. Some day I might take a swing at the needed repairs and thorough cleaning it requires. LOB - ~360 Neck stop- ~133 Body stop- ~198 DGSR
  5. Thanks once again Jacob for the excellent information. Below are photos of the one I have that you thought some time back may be from the Glatz region. This is a more modest example. DGSR
  6. Unfortunately, I don't believe the NX60 will go into production any time soon (it's been going on 6yrs now). During my time, only myself and 2 other individuals were able to machine it to the tolerances it was set at. Right around the time I left, one of the other 2 had left as well. It really was a tricky tool to get perfect, which is what was demanded of the production (especially the finish). As mentioned before, the DX60 as well as the low angle and standard block planes are very fine tools and all are still available. I still use the DX60 daily and I had a standard custom lazer etched and presented to my teacher who is quite happy with it. DGSR
  7. Hi Nate, I use the stuff frequently for a variety of clamping needs during repairs (albeit a different manufacturer) and have never had issues. DGSR
  8. Hi Nate, Just 'hover' over the users big circle under their name with your mouse and a box thing will appear with the option to ignore, which you will then click. But to start, don't click, just hover over the big circle... DGSR
  9. Gilles Nehr has recently returned to Bordeaux (or thereabouts) however that doesn't work with the name ending in 'S'... Martin, I believe you are quite right in your assumption of Laurent. I recall about 8-10yrs ago selling a nice E. Laurent fils that was accompanied with a 'Laurent' shop bow although again, that seems like it wouldn't work for this inquiry. DGSR
  10. Fantastic! I've been throughly enjoying this topic and very impressed with the outcome. Congrats!!! DGSR
  11. I use kozo washi (mulberry) from this source purchased through a local distributor. Specifically I had this ordered in for me as it wasn't a standard stocked item. Extremely strong stuff and a good penny to purchase. I used another kozo available in rolls when I worked at a big shop that seemed to be just as useful I suppose although not as pretty. I'm not certain which type of washi it was though. DGSR