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  1. Hi. Is there any good product to clean dirty cracks? I've heard of Triton X but maybe there is another better products. Or maybe just a natural one. Thanks in advance
  2. I hope this time we'll be luckier..
  3. Hi. Does anybody recogize this brand? I've heard of "Marquis delAir" but this one is new for me. Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  4. wooden

    cello blocks

    Hi. Is it usual to find cellos without any corner blocks as is usual in violins? Are they the cheaper ones? I thought that due to their dimensions they should always have them. Thanks in advance.
  5. The neck seems to be straight now so it could be fixed later with this method. I agree with Blank Face that this just could easily be a different way of attaching the neck between through neck method and morticed method. The overall shape reminds me of Chappuy but of course I'd never confirm this being aware of the number of experts here...
  6. Hi. Thank you very much for your kind replies. I'm posting new photos in case they are useful.
  7. Hi. Is anyone familiar with this neck setting system? I never saw it before. It is a screw inserted trough the neck to the upper block. Is maybe a later repair? Is it a feature of any school? The neck seems to be original transitional but it could be anything else... Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  8. I think the color of the body matches the scroll. Here are some more photos...
  9. I have only a photo of the back of the scroll now. I will take some more and post it.
  10. Thank you very much for your helpful post. You are right: LOB is 35,1 cms. I'm attaching new photos I hope they help.
  11. Hi. I have this violin for repair and would like to know if anyone can help in identifying it. The upper and lower block have the grain in a unusual orientation and seem not to be very symmetrical regarding the body. The original linings look like they have been replaced and even hidden by newer ones. It looks like rough overall. Any idea will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks so much for the very useful replies. Having read them I think it must be the quality of the pegs and also the lack of compression in the maple. I will try to check them.
  13. Hello. I have recently been having problems with fitting violin new pegs. When inserting them they seem to fit but after a few days the begin to insert themselves into the pegholes and appear to protrude in the other side. Which is the cause? Maybe they don't fit as firmly as they should? Maybe the tapper is not the correct one? Thank you very much in advance.
  14. wooden

    Worth repairing?

    Thanks a lot for your helpful comments. I'll follow your instructions.
  15. Hello. Can you please advise about repairing this bow? Is it just a cheap one and it is better to leave as is now or maybe it is worth the work? My knowledge about bows is 0. Thank you very much in advance.