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  1. Hello. I found this unvarnished area in a violin. It seems a little clumsy... Is this usual in any violin making school?Or is it found everywhere? Thanks in advance.
  2. wooden

    wood grain

    Hello. I have been surprised when looking at this violin and found that the wood grain width is increasing from one side to another. Maybe the top is one piece? Is this feature characteristic of any school? Thanks in advance.
  3. Sadly the viola has been stripped off and only remains varnish in the original detached neck. It retains the original hole in the heel made by the nail used to attach the neck.
  4. Thank you very much for your kind replies. It look s like a brand not a pencil writing. It is also strange it appears with two "L". Maybe it is a fake...
  5. Hello. I have received an old viola which has this brand inside. Is anyone familiar with it? Maybe a trade mark? Thank you very much in advance.
  6. Well I have looked at it in front of a light and it isn't as bad as it looked like at first...
  7. D Do you mean it is completely eaten by worms?
  8. Hi. I have this violin and was thinking of restoring it. As you can see it is in avery poor state. Maybe some of you think it has no worth at all to invest any time and effort on it. Any opinion about its origins? Maybe it is "the usual" so It will rest for some more time in its case. Thank you very much in advance
  9. Dear Jacob. In your opinion, which would be the attention needed in this violin?
  10. Hello. Is anybody familiar with this brand? I can not find any info about it. It looks like it has been scratched onto the wood. Thank you very much in advance
  11. wooden

    Longman Broderip

    The flame is also painted in the back and even in the ribs...
  12. wooden

    Longman Broderip

    I agree that the purfling is horrid but also think that it was a later improvement maybe from a "creative owner". I think the bottom rib is one piece as I can not see any change in the quality of wood at each side of the button.
  13. wooden

    Longman Broderip

    Yes the neck is original and untouched. It is also slightly angled with the body.
  14. wooden

    Longman Broderip

    I think the pegs are made of horn
  15. wooden

    Longman Broderip

    Yes I agree that a later owner could have "improved" it. The bottom rib is just one piece not three.