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  1. wooden

    Violin for id

    Hi. Thank you very much for your quick reply. Here are some photos. Could you give an approximate age? Do you think the ribs have been lowered or maybe they were originally built low?
  2. Hello. I have this violin for identification. Can anyone help?. It is big 362mm. But the ribs are very narrow (from 27mm tapering to 25 at the heel). The purfling is painted and I think the original reddish varnish has been removed almost completely. The fluting of the scroll stops slightly before the pegbox. The lower rib is one piece. I'd appreciate any information which can lead to any date, school... Thanks in advance.
  3. Are these features unique to Mittenwald or there are more schools that share them?
  4. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/354970-violin-for-id/&do=findComment&comment=980002
  5. They all are features that the violin show. The pegbox also seems to have been replaced (you can see the joint of the scroll in the side photo of the head)
  6. Hello. I posted this violin some time ago and I received just one reply saying it could be Mittenwald. Other people has seen it in the flesh and told me it could be neapolitan although not what its label reads: "Ferdinando Gagliano". Do you agree with any of these opinions? I have posted new photos I hope more accurate than previous ones. Thank you in advance and apologies for the insistence.
  7. I'm posting the only photo I have of the original saddle. I hope it is useful. Yes you are right. It seems the neck is attached rather with a wooden dowel. The purfling was the one the violin came with. I never thought it could be painted later. But maybe you are right.
  8. I'm afraid it will be me the one who will have to do it...
  9. I've uploaded a new photo of the neck to see its angle.
  10. Hello. I have this baroque violin for identification. It looks roughly built. The purfling is painted. Can anyone point to any school or it it just an amateur work? Thanks in advance.
  11. wooden

    Violin for id

    Thank you very much for your comment. It is great to learn from everyone.
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