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  1. So Jacob you think the violin is Saxon?
  2. Here there are photos from the under side.
  3. Hi. I'm posting photos of the violin. I'm not sure if any of the pegs are original. The neck seems to be original with an extension at the heel. The label is in the oposite side (where the soundpost is) and a brand at the button which does not correspond with the label. I'm not sure if any of them is original.
  4. Her is the tailpiece I would like to tell its age. It looks like baroque to me but it can be just a later cheaper model.
  5. Hello. I recall seeing an old catalogue (maybe JTL or similar) of accessories (bows, tailpieces..) from turn of the last century (ca. 1900) here in certain post. I can not find it. Can anyone post a link to it? I would like to know if a tailpiece I have found is from this catalogue or maybe it's an older one. Thanks in advance.
  6. wooden

    Neck attachment

    I've just read in the book "the British violin" (I hope I am not breaking the law...) : "A distinctive method of fixing the neck was developed by some English makers, Banks and Wamsley for example, using a long wooden dowel to reinforce the neck joint. A hole was drilled at an angle from the surface of the neck beneath the fingerboard, running down and through the top block at an angle"
  7. wooden

    Neck attachment

    The neck had a slim piece of wood (5 mm) at the end where it meets the body maybe to make it longer. (It was originally just 125mm from nut to body edge). It was not drilled by the ebony dowel but the neck is so I think the piece of wood is later than the dowel. The upper block has been mortised to receive the neck but I'm not sure if it is original or a later repair.
  8. Hello. Has anyone seen this neck attachment before? Is it a feature of any particular school? An ebony dowel is inserted into the neck and through the heel. Is it maybe a later addition? The neck is short so it could be an early one. Thanks in advance
  9. Hello. Is anyone familiar with "Picture Dictionary of fine antique stringed Instruments" by Samuel Zhang? Has anyone seen it and can give an opinion? It looks like photos are not of a high quality I'm not sure which is its final purpose. Thanks.
  10. Hello. I have this violin and have been told it could be Italian from Turin. It also looks like French to me. Can anybody give any suggestion about its origin? Thank you very much in advance.
  11. wooden


    Thank you very much for your kind reply. So the next step could be to check the corner blocks and see if the lower ones are asymmetrical?
  12. wooden


    Hi. I have a question for the experts: If the rib corners go to the edge of the top and back plates does it necessarily mean the violin has been built on the back? Or is it just an aesthetic feature of some schools? Can it it found anywhere? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thank you very much for your replies. They have been very useful. I'll try first to carefully clean the cracks. I would like to avoid opening it and making a new soundpost patch.