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  1. wooden

    Outside mold?

    Thanks. Do you think it can be done with an inside one?
  2. Hi. I would like to know if this type of corner blocks (extended to the center bout instead on the upper and lower ones) is typical of an outside mold. I think that with an inside one it is difficult to accomplish this. Thank you very much in advance. PS: I apologize for the quality of the photo.
  3. wooden

    rib crack

    Thank you very much. So which would be the building method for this instrument? Maybe BOB without corner blocks? External mold? The rib joints don't look like the typical ones which have been clamped glued and filed.
  4. wooden

    rib crack

    Hello. Does this kind of cracks imply that it was built without corner blocks? Thanks in advance.
  5. wooden

    C bouts width

    All the dimensions are the standard ones. I'm more close to nathan slobodkin comment that the c's are strange and anything that is done won't work because of this. I'll try to sell a new one to him....
  6. Hi. I have this violin to set up. The player asked to make a higher bridge as the c bouts are so wide that it is uncomfortable to play because the bow is prone to touch them. The dimensions of neck and bridge are ok so I'm not sure if a higher bridge will be the solution as it will raise the strings too much. Is there any solution or it is better to change his playing or maybe even the violin?
  7. Hello. Does this number branded into the pegbox mean anything? Why do you think it was placed there? Is it a usual practise? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello. Is this inserted pin (used to avoid A string touching D peg) in the pegbox characteristic of any school or it is widespread? I always saw them in German or Czech violins. Can also be a later adition in this example? Thanks in advance.
  9. Wow! How can you know that?
  10. It seems the neck was attached to the body in the "baroque" manner. It even seems to retain original ribs passing between neck and top block.
  11. Hi. Does anybody know if this a horrible repair or an original feature? Thanks in advance.
  12. wooden

    Bow brand id

    I'm not quite sure it looks like LUPOT as it seems to end ECT or EOT. I can not see U anywhere...
  13. wooden

    Bow brand id

    The bow is very strange. Is look like a baroque bow with features of a modern bow...
  14. wooden

    Bow brand id

    Hello. I would like to know if any one knows this brand. I can't read it clearly. I think it is just a commercial brand but don't really know. Thank you very much in advance.