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  1. Hello. I would like to know if the longiitudinal concavity found in "modern" fingerboards (to prevent from G string touching it) can be also found on veneered baroque ones. I guess than it can't because of the thin eboby venner but I would like your opinion. By the way does anyone know which is the function of the nick found in baroque fingerboards just meeting the body? Thanks in advance.
  2. wooden

    Bridge wood

    Thank you very much. Really useful information!
  3. wooden

    Bridge wood

    Hello. I have a fine seasoned plank of maple wood quarter cut. I would like to cut bridges from it. Is there any way of cutting it so the resulted bridges show the typical long grain in one face and the dotted one in the other? Or it is not relevant at all? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello. Is there any school which can be related with linings overlaping the blocks (I mean a continuous lining passing over the block) ?. Or it is a widespread practice?. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello. I'm going back to the workshop and would like to know which are your strategies to disifect violins once they have been tested by clients. Some musician try instruments and once they have tested them how do you treat them (the instruments of course)? Of course alcoholic solutions is not an option. Is there any safe procedure? Just let them in standby for fourteen days? Maybe nothing is needed? I look forward your opinions. Thanks in advance.
  6. Here are some inside photos. The edges of the ribs are severely damaged. And I'm not sure all the linings are original.
  7. Maybe the characteristic features of Mittenwald are shared by another schools. (build with a mold, inserted linings, one piece lower rib, scroll fluting to the pegbox...) So which are the specific ones that have led you to Mittenwald instead to any other schools?
  8. They seem to be overlapping the corner blocks but I am not sure. Maybe they are inserted into them. I should open it and see.
  9. Could you please explain which things make you think that? I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  10. These are (approx....)
  11. Yes. It looks like a repair. The ribs are very narrow indeed (from 26 to 29 mm)
  12. No. I don't think so. Why do you ask?
  13. Yes. I'm afraid important belly cracks