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  1. wooden

    Violin for id

    Sorry but it does have a grafted scroll.
  2. Hi. I would like to know if any of you can help in identifying or give any clue about this violin. It is not in very good condition and it will take some time to have it playable but maybe it is worth the effort. I will appreciate any opinion. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well this one hasn't a label like those. It rather has an almost unreadable handwritten one.
  4. Hello. I have this violin for identification. Its features point to Mittenwald: asymmetrical corner blocks with inset linings, one piece bottom rib, scroll fluting going to the pegbox... but it could be anything... Any help will be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello. Could anyone help in identifying the school of this violin? Their corner blocks seem to indicate it was built with an inside mold as the are asymmetrical (being the upper and lower parts of the them longer). The linings seem to be inserted into them. Also it has a one piece lower rib. The top and back are both one piece. The fluting of the scroll goes to the end. Any opinion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. wooden

    Violin for id

    I've found some photos of the inside. I think they indicate it was built with a mold but of course I'm not an expert. The upper linings seem to have been replaced but there are still traces of the inserted old ones into the blocks. The fluting of the scroll almost goes till the end in one side but it stops earlier on the other. (the head is not a very symmetrical one...)
  7. wooden

    Violin for id

    Here are some more photos. I hope they are useful.
  8. Hello. Can anyone help in identifying this violin? Any idea about school or age? Any help will be appreciated. Apologies for the quality of the photos.
  9. wooden

    Strad label

    Thank you very much. This is the kind of information I was asking for.
  10. wooden

    Strad label

    I'm not quite sure it really reads "faciebad". I'd rather think it is "faciebat" but with a stain at this area that can be confusing but maybe I'm wrong. Please look at this view. Sorry Jacob but I was really asking if the label was authentic. I'm sure the violin although very old is not a Strad. I apologize if I was not clear enough in my post.
  11. wooden

    Strad label

    Maybe you are right and there was another label before. This is another reason to make me think the label doesn't correspond the violin but the original question was if the label could be original.
  12. wooden

    Strad label

    Well I think the label does not correspond the violin so it would be added later although the violin is very old: it retains its baroque neck attached with a nail.
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