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  1. wooden

    Mittenwald Violin

    Dear Jacob. In your opinion, which would be the attention needed in this violin?
  2. wooden

    brand identification

    Hello. Is anybody familiar with this brand? I can not find any info about it. It looks like it has been scratched onto the wood. Thank you very much in advance
  3. wooden

    Longman Broderip

    The flame is also painted in the back and even in the ribs...
  4. wooden

    Longman Broderip

    I agree that the purfling is horrid but also think that it was a later improvement maybe from a "creative owner". I think the bottom rib is one piece as I can not see any change in the quality of wood at each side of the button.
  5. wooden

    Longman Broderip

    Yes the neck is original and untouched. It is also slightly angled with the body.
  6. wooden

    Longman Broderip

    I think the pegs are made of horn
  7. wooden

    Longman Broderip

    Yes I agree that a later owner could have "improved" it. The bottom rib is just one piece not three.
  8. wooden

    Longman Broderip

    Hello. This violin has a label Longman and Broderip inside. I t looks like it could be original but I am not sure. I've read that this firm marketed violins ranging from scrap to quality ones. This one seems to belong to the first group. The figure in the wood is even painted...Could it be possible for someone of you to identify the maker? Thank you very much in advance.
  9. wooden

    Neck block grain orientation

    Hello. I have this violin for complete repair and I have been surprised by the grain orientation of the top and bottom blocks. It is not the usual (at least for me) one as it runs horizontaly. (The front part of the top block seems to be a later addition) The bottom one has the linings morticed in it. Has someone seen these features before? Do they belong to any school or are they more common than I thought? Thank you very much in advance.
  10. wooden

    Neck attachment

    Yes Mat. It is exactly what it is like.
  11. wooden

    Neck attachment

    Hi. I have this violin with a neck attachment that differs from usual modern ones. I have read somewhere that this is a method used between baroque period and modern one. Is this the case? Or maybe some schools used it in more modern times? If this is a transitional one how old do you think it can be? Thank you very much in advance.
  12. I have this violin bow that presents a feature I have not usually seen and would like to ask if it is familiar to any of you. The head has a silver (?) plate instead o a ivory one. Is this a feature common to any school or is it useful for identifying it? Thanks in advance.
  13. wooden

    British Violin?

    Thanks. I'm sorry I can't see any label or inscription.
  14. wooden

    British Violin?

    Hi. Can anyone help in identifying this violin? It has painted purfling. I think it can be a common feature among some low quality English violins. Could this be one of them? Thanks in advance.
  15. wooden

    Baroque violin?

    Hi Conor. Thanks a lot for your kind advise. It'e been very useful. The neck was attached to the block with a smaller block inserted between both of them functioning as a joint. A very complicated way of attachment...