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  2. There is a big discussion about the new Krentz Wolf Eliminator. Here are some photos of this device..
  3. Important: New EU airport rules on musical instruments apply from next week November 13, 2013 by Norman Lebrecht The World Customs Organisation has issued a reminder that the new EU rules come into force on November 21. In effect, you should be able to take any musical instrument carried for personal use through the green channel of all EU airports. Including Frankfurt. Press announcement below. Print it out and show it to customs inspectors. Press release The European Union’s recent amendment of the Customs Code’s implementing provisions regarding the temporary import, e
  4. Just saw this video on how to rehair a bow. A bit shocking....
  5. Look at this one
  6. I suppose you could just listen to the master himself play this and figure it out from there. (I suppose you mean at the time 2:22?)
  7. WALTHAM, Mass. (AP) – The famed piano maker Steinway is being acquired by private equity firm Kohlberg & Co. for about $438 million. Steinway, which has been in business for 160 years, said previously that it was looking into selling the company. Kohlberg, which would take the company private, will start a tender offer to buy all of Steinway’s outstanding stock for $35 per share, a 15 percent premium to its Friday closing price of $30.43. The board of the Waltham, Mass., company unanimously recommended Monday that shareholders tender their stock. The deal includes a 45-day “go-
  8. It looks great! It would be nice to see the various dimensions, measurements, lengths for cellos as well. It would be very interesting also to know how to sharpen your tools (for instance how sharp should the sound post setter be and how do you know when it is sharp enough, as well as how to sharpen and bend the S- shaped sound post setter.) This would be for cellos as well, because there is a different size setter for cellos. Perhaps it would be good to have the different effects (tonal qualities) that moving a sound post (moving North or South or East or West) would have on the
  9. There is a company in Japan (Mitsuke) that make Titanium end pins. Above: Top = titanium and brass(with Titanium tip) Bottom = titanium and brass(with Bass tip) You can see their site
  10. Lawrence Wilke lives just up the road from you in CT.
  11. Do you mean this?
  12. Cellist Raphaël Merlin has instrument seized at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport