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  1. nathan slobodkin

    Extremely stubborn blocks!!

    I would certainly do it if I was replacing the blocks. If just regluing the top I think probably not.
  2. nathan slobodkin

    Eugen Meinel

    Does any one know if Roth made instruments labeled Marconcini? Definitely German, very different from most Roths but I've been told by some one that it was made by them.
  3. nathan slobodkin

    Bridge position: What's most important?

    Just my point Bill. When you learn to shift you learn a certain hand position that will put you in tune when your thumb touches the neck root. If you play on a short necked instrument your thumb touches but your fingers are still playing flat and you have to slide your fingers up to get to pitch. Long necks are somewhat better in that you can learn to move your hand up a set distance just like a trombone player moves their slide but it is definitely helpful have the guidance of feeling for the neck heel.
  4. nathan slobodkin

    different gram strength hide glue for center joint?

    Thomas, The "snottiness" can be reduced by melting the glue once then refrigerating it until it gels and remelting it. The glue will then act more fluid even though you have not added any water. This will make a better bond with out the slipping and sliding of thicker glue. I will use the same glue perhaps three times putting it in the fridge between uses. After that the glue starts to lose strength.
  5. nathan slobodkin

    Extremely stubborn blocks!!

    One more thought on this although not helpful in this case is when building instruments I always bevel the top surface of the upper and lower blocks to guide any future repairman's knife into the joint.
  6. nathan slobodkin

    Bridge position: What's most important?

    This assumes that the neck length is correct and that the stop comes from that whereas I would think the original stop length is more important and that the neck length should follow from it. When I build instruments I strive for standard measurements and proportions but on old instruments there are times you have to make allowances. One of the most important factors here is whether or not the players hand falls into place properly when shifting into 5th position. If they have to reposition their hand from where their thumb touches the neck root to get in tune then it doubles the time in making the shift. I see players all the time who have a twitch as they shift that tells me they once played on a short necked instrument.
  7. nathan slobodkin

    Extremely stubborn blocks!!

    My question about heating the opening knife was because I think that might reactivate the glue and make things more difficult. Glue releases best when very dry. I agree with Chung that the best bet is to use a very long tool like a baker's cake frosting knife so you can come at the joint from inside the cello if needed. Check for grain runout first then knock off any glue beads to make sure your knife is exactly on the joint and give the knife a brisk tap with a mallet or small hammer to break the glue. Once the bottom is off there is a tool described in the Weishaar book that can reach the inside of the top block. They have a description of how to use it and also recommend a percussive shock to open the joint.
  8. nathan slobodkin

    Ignore function

    Since I didn't identify the offender it is telling that everyone seems to know to whom I was referring.
  9. nathan slobodkin

    Ignore function

    In this case, Jacob, just scrolling past his comments was taking more time than it was worth.
  10. nathan slobodkin

    Eugen Meinel

    What is current consensus about Eugen Meinel? My understanding was this was a made up brand name of the 1920's Roth shop but a search has a well known appraiser appraising two of them at different times as if he was a real person with a real shop. There was a large Meinel family working in the Vogtland during the 18th and 19th centuries but Zoebisch has no mention of the family after 1850. What is the story?
  11. nathan slobodkin

    Ignore function

    Eureka! It worked! "Free at last! Free at last!"
  12. nathan slobodkin

    Got Worm? !!

    The heat treatment for common beetle larvae requires about 4-5 days at 140 -150 degrees F. killing the larvae by desiccation. I had it done once by the wood tech department at my local University but they charged a small fortune due to not being able to put anything else in the kiln while my wormy wood was in there.
  13. nathan slobodkin

    Ignore function

    Oh No! Clicking on the guys name gets me some info about him that I don't want and a prefiltered concentration of his crap that I want even less. I don't see the "ignore" option. More help greatly appreciated!