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  1. nathan slobodkin

    f hole cutting with a knife?

    That makes much more sense. I have also done this as described by emilg. However the video shows cutting the exact outline of the FF in the same way one would cut a purfling groove and that seems difficult at best.
  2. nathan slobodkin

    f hole cutting with a knife?

    Christian, Have you seen this done? I have trouble believing that the compression of the soft grain from using the pressure which would be required would not require final recutting. I would think that cutting back just the raised hard grain would be much more difficult than cutting a continuous shaving to the final line.
  3. nathan slobodkin

    f hole cutting with a knife?

    I don't know how experienced you are with this kind of work but I will suggest that if you see most people doing something a certain way then the person who does it differently than everyone else is not likely to be some one you want to emulate. While I am very impressed that this fellow could do this at all the chances of a slip with a knife being pressed all the way through a violin top are very good no matter how skilled the hand. Likewise there would be a significant chance of splitting the top just from the compression of the wood and finally while they don't show what kind of surface is left behind I would think it impossible that the outline doesn't need final clean up just as a sawn outline would. Cutting FFs is a job that should take only a few minutes and after cutting hundreds with a jewelers blade in a frame saw finished with a knife blade all the way through the top I can't recall any problems at all.
  4. nathan slobodkin

    re sawing ribs

    Generally you should be able to get one lower rib and one c--bout from each of two strips and both upper bouts from a third strip the same length. That is why most dealers sell three pieces to a set. The ends are hard to thickness accurately so best to thickness the strips before cutting the ribs to length and if you have an inch or so extra on either end you can hold the rib for scraping using a teeter totter type hold down made from two pieces of scrap wood with a clamp holding down on the rib side and you press down on the other side of the teeter totter to release the rib as needed. Tooth plane is pretty much required for figured wood and cleaned up with a flat scraper.
  5. nathan slobodkin

    re-joining center joint

    Since the OP is a beginner it is pretty important he understand why his joint failed in the first place. It sounds to me as if the glue was either not the right type or mixed incorrectly. There are many different kinds of hide glue and some are much stronger than others. For instanced I personally would never use bone glue for a permanent joint.
  6. nathan slobodkin

    Purpose of tuning the fingerboard

    Don, Could you please elaborate on this? I just had a violin in for some repairs which involved taking the top off and it now has a wolf on the open A. I don't know if it had it before. You are saying that a weight added to the underside of the free end of the board might help or a stiffer or more massive FB? How much weight are we talking about? Thanks
  7. nathan slobodkin

    What are the best 2 or 3 violin shops in the Atlanta area?

    Bogi Kieta in Roswell Georgia was one of the best guys at the Francais shop when I worked there in the early 90's.
  8. nathan slobodkin


    Argle, I think people get the idea of cello arches that are full to the edges from seeing instruments that have been cut down. Or in the case of violas from the Brescians who really did make fuller arches. I don't know that modern Makers necessarily differ their archings much since it is the upper end on violas and cellos that tend to be lacking. As far as Brescian style violas I think their small instruments sound good because the size helps the top while the arching helps the bass.
  9. nathan slobodkin

    Defective lamps

    Christian, I am not sure what you mean by the screen but the problem I have is that the nut holding the entire head of the lamp to the arm was not tightened and that there seems to be no way to access it without removing a riveted inner shade. If this is what you are saying please let me know how to get in there as my conversations with the Luxo distributor have resulted in no technical assistance at all but rather repeated and redundant requests for documents and photos followed by accusatory questions about a small smear of some color on the shade. The other one which I bought thinking that my first one would be sent for repair came with the nuts on the arms loose which was not a big problem but did require that I locate and purchase some very weirdly sized wrenches.
  10. nathan slobodkin

    Have you ever seen such a tip?

    The head looks like one of the metal bows such as made by the Heddon fishing rod company but the butt appears on my screen to be wood . Is there perhaps a grafted on handle? I have not seen that before but am wondering if this was made by inserting the wooden butt into the metal tube of the bow possibly under the lapping. A curiosity for sure.
  11. nathan slobodkin

    Defective lamps

    Some time ago I asked for recommendations on decent bench task lights and Jerry Pascewitz suggested Luxo LC1As. I wanted to pass on my extreme disappointment with these lamps. Not only have both of the ones I ordered arrived incorrectly assembled but the customer service has been among the most pig headed and aggravating that I have ever encountered. I have finally given up on returning them as the time involved has now exceeded the cost of the lamps. If any one has other suggestions for well made bench lamps please let me know. Thanks.
  12. nathan slobodkin

    "Good" vs. "Bad"

    If the artist's intent was to make you puke it is good art.
  13. nathan slobodkin

    Odd Maple Back

    Me too.
  14. nathan slobodkin

    Markn/Schönbach Dutzendarbeit violin

  15. nathan slobodkin

    Violin Neck , give me our answer please

    Pretty hard to see from your pictures but from what I can it looks as if the first may have had the radius at the juncture of the neck to neck heel reduced while the second appears to have been either made narrower or at least the sides flattened somewhat.