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  1. I saw some Sitka spruce at a local lumberyard, & wonder if it is suitable for violin tops (I realize it would need additional drying time). I brought a piece home that has quite fine growth (9-12 rings per 1/4 inch), & seems also to have a nice ring when struck. Thanks for any insight. Ron.
  2. Ron1

    I.D. endeavor

    Thanks, guys. I guess I'm grasping at straws here, but thought I may find be able to learn something about where the instrument has been. The bridge does seem to be quite old to me- it's very dark in color. I assume the "78" refers to 1878. Is there an inspection tool other than light & mirror (like my doctor uses)? Ron
  3. You say you already have the violin, so you have little to lose & much to possibly gain. don't listen, then, to all the doom & gloom you're getting- I'd try to find an "expert" on your particular maker, & see if you can get the instrument authenticated. There. At least some positive, possibly useful advice rather than doom & gloom horror stories. Ron
  4. Ron1

    I.D. endeavor

    I have a recently acquired violin which I'm trying to learn about. The bridge is off, & has written in pencil underneath: "WEB 15/10/78" Is it common practice to sign/date like this when repairs or set-up is done? The bridge has printed on one side "MIRE?? IA" in an oval, & on the other side ID?FER?ERDA. Should these tell me anything? Thanks for any help. Ron
  5. No photos right now, but will try in near future. Thanks again for helping out those of us who are not so familiar with violins, making, etc. I'm recently retired & finally have some time to pursue an old interest- trying to learn as much as possible- maybe even try my hand at making. At my age they won't be Strads, but I think would be very satisfying.
  6. Thanks for the clarification- I'm afraid I'm not real well-versed. I didn't even know there were still "Baroque players." I guess I was asking the question as regards collectors, rather than players. How do I tell if the neck is still original (thick)?
  7. Can anyone tell me how uncommon an original baroque neck is on a violin? Would the same instrument be more valuable or less valuable if it still had the original baroque neck? Thanks for any insight on this question. Ron1
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