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  1. You're all just a bunch of skeptics. In fairness, just look at the positive side: It IS "concert quality" (says so right on it), and the seller has a 100% positive feed-back record! Also, a simple phone call to the high school whose name is stamped on the back of the scroll, should quickly dispell any worries regarding it's provenance.
  2. It was difficult to discern the size by the picture, but after seeing the first pic, I wondered if it wasn't an old, & probably brittle, latex finger-cot or some-such? Some cautious violinists might carry them "just in case", in order to prevent contamination to their instrument. But then, after seeing the other pics & reading subsequent posts, you guys are probably right- it's most likely some sort of shoulder rest.
  3. Yes, Michael, and "length" too (also, how to pronounce it- not "lenth" & "strenth")(just a pet peeve of mine). Actually, in fairness, there are a number of posters for whom english is not a "first language", who do exceptionally well with it- certainly better than I can do with ANY other language
  4. Don't do it Alex. To me, at least, it would be a constant worry in the back of my mind, and would spoil the entire process. Probably a sign of a lack of confidence which, I imagine, diminshes as one becomes more expert. But I think it's better to be free to learn & be creative as long as you have that choice. I would suggest offering them the opportunity to purchase your next one, if they wish, without promising any time-frame. Ron1
  5. Happy April Fools Joke to you, too, Jesse.
  6. Quote: Now that I have 'nicks' what other telltale signs would point towards Hungarian or Samuel Felix Nemmessanyi in particular ? It can be tempting to try to "fit" a violin to a pre-conceived region or maker by identifing a few 'typical' attributes such as size & style of knicks, etc. Better to look at the instrument in it's entirety and let all of it's identifying features suggest possibilities of it's origin. Then, based on a preponderance of evidence, more accurate determinations should be possible.
  7. Sounds like you done good- if it's not a reprint, but 1st edition like you say, & if condition is reasonably good. Ron
  8. Maestramusica- Glenn asked a similar question earlier in this thread & I answered as best I could. I Wish I could give you players a more refined answer. (Check posts 260769 & 260771) Ron
  9. Quote: wow, that violin looks absolutely gorgeous! Does the sound match the looks? Now I'm not sure which of the two instruments you're referring to!
  10. A local maker, while showing me an instrument he had made, asked me to feel the scroll as he plucked the strings- he wanted me to feel the vibrations produced there, & seemed to put some stock in that fact. Maybe it's not so strange?
  11. It has his label with hand-written date, and is stamped "KR" on the butt-end of the 'scroll'. It's called a pitchfork cello. Only in Wisconsin (or maybe the "U P" too)
  12. I've never thought of it as "overstocked" (although my wife has) Here's another nice one Reindahl made for a wandering musician, dated 1929. I located it a few weeks ago in a small town in west-central Wisconsin.
  13. Jesse- Sorry to have cut-in so deep on your thread- I guess I took advantage of the "American makers" que, & got somewhat off the intended subject matter. Ron
  14. Hi Richf- I'm going to try to post a photo of Joseph Joachim for comparison with the Reindahl head.
  15. Thanks Jeffrey- I'm going to try putting one on the auction scroll now to see if I've got it yet.
  16. Yeah, I just couldn't resist. It was sold prior to that at Christies London, for a lot less My wife helped convince me I can't own every Reindahl, so that's the inspiration for turning my efforts to research & The Reindahl Registry. Not being a player, I can't express the sound of the instrument adequately, but I have heard it played, and to my ear it sounds fabulous (the player greatly admired the sound also). Ron
  17. Glenn- I just got back on-line. Thanks for posting the pics of the Reindahl- That's actually one that I was the successful bidder on. The carved head is Joseph Joachim- same? as the one he made for Franz von Vecsey. I really like the antiquing on the back, but on the front, I'm not as impressed. But I agree, he was one of the most gifted American makers. He was 9 yrs old when his widowed mother emmigrated with him from Norway. Ron.
  18. Thanks (again) Michael. OK, I'll try again- that was the wrong picture anyway! * I fixed it for you Ron... You just forgot the "http://" bit. Nice looking workspace, by the way! *
  19. I have been researching the work of American luthier Knute Reindahl, Chicago & Madison, Wisconsin (1857-1936). My focus is to locate and register as many as possible, of the 600+/- instruments he made, identifying them by type, date, & number, along with photographs & measurements. I am also trying to trace & record the provenance of the instruments. A website (reindahlregistry.com) designed to aid in this endeavor, is presently under construction. If anyone has any information or leads on Reindahl instruments (even if you know of someone who HAD one), I would greatly appreciate the information. I will also be happy to try to answer any questions relating to Knute Reindahl or his instruments. Thanks, Ron.
  20. I guess I don't know how to cut & paste, so I'll try writing this out long-hand. [image]http://www.imageshack.us][/url][/image]
  21. Another trial at posting photos. If it works, this is my shop- the bench is cherry. It is constructed of oak & pine [image]http://[/image]
  22. Hi rc, ever seen or heard of one like that before? Ron
  23. I think Regent mentioned that his "friend" had been kicked-off. I assumed he was talking about ISOC. Of course, I could be wrong...
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