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  1. Thanks, apartmentluthier. Yes, I was the successful bidder on that one (from London). It was previously purchased at xxxxxxxxx (censored word on Maestronet) auction house in London by the eBay seller- for a LOT less than I purchased it for. Oh well, I really enjoy it.
  2. I know it's supposedly not a mandate, but you can bet it isn't meant to be compensation for past accomplishments. I think the MacArthur Grant folks invest where they perceive (and expect) potential. I think the "no strings" thing is just meant to lessen the strain on the recipient.
  3. Oooops! I just got so excitement! (Please excuse the other thread) The website is: reindahlregistry.com
  4. I finally, just now got my website "up & running". I would welcome any comments, suggestions, etc.
  5. I would bet that Joe Curtin, way down deep, has the same love for traditional instruments we all seem to share. But there's a natural curiosity and need to continually strive for improvement in mankind, and sometimes the results of that can be threatening along the way. Even though it's there in all of us (that need to improve things), there's also a resentment or fear of losing the "old ways" or traditions. I bet Joe Curtin has some mixed feelings too. But now he has received a mandate, & he'll be expected to perform & produce on the side of innovation more than on the traditional making side which he does so well. I would guess that probably makes him a little uncomfortable too.
  6. I'd like to register my "thanks" to everyone for this thread too. I mostly lurk on these threads, but I enjoy These 'tutorials', which may be the only way many of us can learn some of the basics- not having the chance to see and handle a lot of instruments. I still can't identify the basic outlines :-( would it be cheating to have outlines to overlay on pictures?
  7. Jeffrey- what would be the point of a maker using the same or almost exactly matched wood when doing a graft if they wanted the instrument to appear older? They must have known folks would know the graft was done when the instrument was made! Sorry to keep beating this graft thing, but I'm really curious. Maybe grafts were just "in" when it was made, and the maker was showing off his talent?
  8. Am I imagining it, or what? The corners on the front seem to be much "stubbier" or worn-down, than the corners of the back.
  9. Does the violin bear a date on it's label? I think SV's productive years were post-modernization, as far as neck angles are concerned. Coupled with the almost perfectly matched neck & scroll woods at the graft, it would seem this graft would have been done for 'antiquing' effect only (at the time it was built).
  10. Does this qualify? I duct-taped my camera to a stick that was cantilevered over a violin in order to get a nice full picture without any pesky fruit jar, etc. You may have already guessed... duct tape doesn't ALWAYS hold. And those cameras are fairly heavy. And when they hit a nice violin top from a couple of feet up... Anyway, I still feel this is the way to photograph instruments, & I'm devising a much better (and reliable) jig.
  11. Based on the pictures posted I am suspicious that the graft is not real. I'm no expert on SB, but in any case, it appears you have an instrument that pleases both your eye and your ear. What more could be fairer?
  12. Don't know if I'm just making this up, or if I've heard it somewhere, but the descriptive word that comes to mind is "Curl". The edges of the curl are "chamfered" (sp)?, & the sides are "undercut" (preferably).
  13. Thanks Michael. Of course, I can never throw anything out either- now I feel better. The other problem is, I'm not a player, nor do I have a trained ear! I guess I'll have to go on other's word. How can one know if a bridge has a maker's name as opposed to a manufacturer's? I have one that is stamped "Grancini", & another with what seems to say ? & "Mirecourt" in an oval, & on the other side is stamped "I D Fer_erda" Ferwerda???
  14. A 'kind-of' related question I have: Should the old, since replaced bridges that often come along with acquired instruments be discarded or should they be kept? This ties in with an earlier thread topic where I suggested that it seems (to me, at least) that luthiers quite often suggest replacing the bridge when doing set-up work- but how do we know that the current bridge is really better than the replaced one? Ron.
  15. Dean, that's uncannily appropriate to this thread- did you author it? Ron
  16. Looks like it was written through the f-hole. I would think someone of Stainer's caliber; a perfectionist/artist, would be more exacting too, in labeling their instruments.
  17. I think the blue is too strong- maybe a tan or buff color..
  18. Yes Glenn, I've clicked on the Profile tab & made changes in Profile, but when I try to finish by clicking the button at the bottom, the screen just reloads & doesn't accept any of the changes. I see at least one other participant has the same problem- mentioned in another thread. Ron.
  19. Hi Glenn- I posted this in another thread, but it is probably better addressed here: I'm unable to update/change my profile info, some of which is not correct in this new version. After making corrections I click on the 'change' ? button & the profile screen just reloads. I have to finally 'x' out of that screen, at which point my changes are not accepted & the old info is still there. Can you help? Thanks, Ron.
  20. I think we'll get used to it too- just a bit strange at first. I cannot update my profile or personal stuff- I make all the changes & click the 'change' button, but the changes aren't accepted & it just reloads back to the profile screen. Some of my profile info is incorrect in this new version. Hoping someone can help me with this. Ron.
  21. Ron1

    Lady Tennant

    Well, the outdoor concert was excellent, although at my distance from the stage, it would have been visually impossible (for an expert) to tell if the violin was a Strad or any other instrument. Also, the outdoor speaker systems probably do not convey the truest sound. But all-in-all it was a great experience, and very enjoyable. They again stated that it was the first time the violin had been played publicly in a "symphonic orchestral" setting. ???
  22. Ron1

    Lady Tennant

    I'm anxious to attend a Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra outdoor concert tomorrow evening in which the guest soloist will be Yang Liu playing the Stradivari 'Lady Tennant', I believe for the first time in public since it was sold at Auction last April. Hope it don't rain.
  23. Ron1

    Box elder wood

    "I seem to recall reading in Hoadly's "Understanding Wood" that wood too close to the ground contains excess stress and should not be used". That's interesting Oded; I've heard that the flaming in maple (and, I presume, other woods) is found low in the tree and is the result of stress/twisting/sway from the tree above. Has anyone else heard this or can confirm or reject the notion? Ron
  24. Ron1

    Box elder wood

    Box Elder is definitely Maple-family- even makes fair 'Maple' syrup. Around here it compares in hardness to our Silver (soft) Maples. Usually has a gnarly or twisted texture which wouldn't lend itself to instrument making. Also, it often has red streaks in the otherwise light-colored wood. That said, it sounds like the piece you have, Jimbo, may well be worth a try.
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