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  1. Come to think about it, I remember turning in a book report I wrote in reverse when I was in High School. What does that reveal about me? Never mind.
  2. I believe DaVinci occasionally wrote things in reverse too. What does that reveal about him?
  3. Appears as though the handle may have have been moved.
  4. I have never made an instrument, but I have named many. In researching the work of Knute Reindahl, I have "discovered" interesting and important facts about a good number of his instruments that I have subsequently named- often after their owners, or a significant past owner. When he died (the story goes), he left each of his 5 daughters one of his instruments (actually, they finally had to litigate in court just which instrument went to which daughter). Each of those instruments now has a name, such as the Miss Ruth, the Miss Olive, etc. A few are named "Ex _____" after well-known owners; A few are named after their carved heads and decorations, such as "the Magus" for his carved head of a wolf in sheep's clothing (the wolf's clawed feet protrude at the sides of the sheep's face) (Magus, the singular form of Magi, being a root word for magician, or in this case, a trickster).
  5. I doubt the term "master violin repairer" as used in the obituary was meant to imply it was a title; the term "master" is often used involving lutherie, such as when describing a "master" or "apprentice" when speaking of a teacher/student situation. Sometime in the past, perhaps, the "master" was titled, but not in this case.
  6. I didn't see any photos, irobot stated that in their post I quoted.
  7. Does anyone know the publication date of this poster?
  8. I think the "9428", because of the way "94" is printed & the "28" is hand-written, is likely the year of making & the instrument number. Which, if correct, would mean it was his 28th instrument, and was made in 1894. That may fit better, time wise, with his years of making....
  9. The term "old growth" is used in the U.S. to define trees or forests that have survived the clear-cut logging that was practiced in the pine forests here for a couple of centuries. That, and what Shunyata posted. Precious few of these old growth trees/forests remain, almost all in protected forests and reserves, and only naturally dead trees would now be harvested. The appeal of the term "old growth" used in describing instrument wood has not escaped current day marketers.
  10. My friend, the Danish maker Jens Stenz has looked at this posting, and attempted to leave a reply, but apparently was unable to do so. He thinks it is possible it was made by the German/Danish maker Carl Felszner. He also says the Royal Danish Orchestra is the oldest symphony orchestra in the world, dating to before 1500. He said the orchestra maintains a listing of each musician who is/was employed there, and that it may be possible for the OP to trace their great-grandfather's name from that list. Jens is willing to help further if needed, and can be reached at jens@stenz-violins.dk
  11. f hole was maybe "re-worked" rather than "repaired". Really screwed-up. Even the other f hole seems to have been messed with..
  12. George-  Not sure if this is how I message you; you can email me at ron_humphrey@frontier.com

  13. Ron1


    I believe it has been carved from Spanish Oak. :-)
  14. I second Andreas' reasoning. I research a maker who used outside moulds exclusively, and have seen a good number of his instruments with either a purfling strip or ebony piece at this location. Also, many of his instruments have similar purfling or ebony "finishes" at the corners- I assume for the same reason suggested by andreas.
  15. Got this set of 25 clamps from an old luthier friend who said his father, also a maker, had made them. The work quite nicely, just close them with the desired pressure, and they hold until released. No springs, etc.
  16. Ron1

    Wood densities

    I notice the conversation quickly turned to only cedar; and good thing too. Redwood is probably way too soft. I asked about redwood at Home Depot a couple of years ago, and they had no idea what I was talking about. Maybe in California redwood is still readily available, but I think most other places it would definitely be special order, if even available.
  17. Curious whether a label has been designed/selected for the instrument, and if it will have a name..
  18. Rather than a parrot or an eagle, I think it is more likely a young bird of the grosbeak family.
  19. I also admire the work of George Nakashima. Very beautiful and sought after, but 'workshop of', like violins, is not nearly the same.
  20. I think he's talking about the other picture- not the horizontal shot
  21. But there is a 5th music stand for him..
  22. I believe that's a backplate lying atop the small table saw on his right..
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