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  1. She was mostly a dedicated and focused student, but you may be correct about checking out mentally when ancient art history came up. Apparently it did no great harm- she's now a Madison Avenue designer in her chosen field. In my experience, "artists" seem to be the worst offenders when it comes to recognizing or admitting talent in other's "art". I think when there is that degree of creativeness in a person, they cannot bear to be anything akin to a copyist, which would put them in the category of being a technician (or craftsperson). I think I'm on to something here- it would be like a violinmaker slavishly carving out duplicate Strad copies! This should go in the "Art or Craft" thread! The art student must first be creative, which cannot be taught. Then the creative student acquires a rounded "art" education consisting of art history, mediums, techniques, style, composition, etc., etc.
  2. Regarding art, and the history thereof, the teaching institutions apparently don't feel they necessarily go together. My grand-daughter, after taking high school art courses, and majoring in art/design at a top college, said she had never heard of Rembrandt!
  3. Not sure where his instruments fit quality/price-wise. Poulsen, I believe, was employed for a time by Lyon & Healy. He also made the instruments for the Mills Music Co. Nickelodeon type machines. Eventually moved to Manistee, Michigan & opened a shop. His son, Carl A. worked for a number of years in the Fasssauer Ferron shop in Chicago.
  4. Just look "cross-eyed" enough to bring the two images together- they will "lock" and allow you to see the image in 3D. (Aerial photo-interpretation major, U.S. Navy air intelligence school)
  5. Craig- Wish I could locate the "Ram's Head" violin, so I could observe it in person & get additional pics & info for the Registry. I believe it to be his interpretation on the "Wolf in sheep's clothing" theme. On close inspection, clawed feet can be seen protruding... I call it "The Magus", after the magicians, or tricksters of old. "Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves."
  6. There have been a number of interpretations/variations on the "Da Salo" carved head-
  7. Not the greatest wood carver, nor the greatest violin maker, but my favorite candidate, Knute Reindahl-
  8. That violin is also listed in the May, 2014 Tarisio New York auction. My Reindahl Registry website is mysteriously gone for the second time in the past year or so. I had to jump through hoops to get it re-instated last time it happened. For the time-being, I've just grown weary of fighting them. Any questions, I would be happy to try to help if pm'd. Ron
  9. Ron1

    Violin ID

    Seems strange, to me, that old glue residue is only around the perimeter of the area of the label. Isn't the entire back of the label usually smeared with glue? Also, after 120 +/- years, shouldn't the wood under the removed label be a little lighter in color than the surrounding area?
  10. Just an observation that hasn't been mentioned, but that you have likely noted: The handwritten in ink portion between the printed portions was almost certainly done by the same person and instrument that wrote "18" on the date. Also, it is odd that the scratchings appear to be deliberately made to obliterate certain areas (esp. the "18" in the date), but not to the extent to totally accomplish the obliteration. Why would someone do that, but not 'finish the job'?
  11. Can't resist the opportunity to march these Reindahl heads out on my 1000th post: His version of the lion head, and his grumpy old man (Satyr head):
  12. I think your 1904 is quite possible for O. H. Bryant, although it would be quite early. The earliest I have note of is a 1908 which was sold in Oct, 2006 by Skinner's for $2,800. Other, later Bryants have sold for considerably more. The $5,000 offer isn't bad, but you might think about checking with Tarisio or one of the other auction houses about consigning it to auction.
  13. Those aren't my backs- mine didn't turn out.
  14. Here's a couple of honest-to-goodness Oak backs for comparison :-)
  15. ..and I couldn't make a fiddle if my life depended on it.
  16. These would be strictly for violins- not even violas :-) Regarding re-use, I wonder if when auction houses go to various cities to assess possible consignments, if they would leave one of "their" shipping containers with a possible consigner, if that might not be a further incentive for the consigner to follow-through? (the consigner would have more of a sense of obligation). I wonder how many don't follow-through just because it's such a hassle for them to gather packaging materials and ship their instruments? This way, too, the auction house would have the return shipping container, or the container needed to send the sold instrument on to the new owner.
  17. Having experienced a variety of crappy home-brew violin shipping packaging methods, it seems to me there may be a (admittedly somewhat limited) market for a decent, low-cost, professional appearing packaging solution. I am unable to find anything remotely acceptable on-line. I have some ideas which I feel may be workable- am I barking up the wrong tree? Should I pursue this further? Not trying to make a fortune, just feel it would be satisfying and possibly worth-while. I would appreciate others' thoughts and/or input on this. What I have in mind would: Cost approximately the same as current methods- possibly less Be faster & simpler to use Eliminate need for bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, and tape Cost less to ship (pkg size & weight less) Provide better protection for the instrument Be completely re-usable Allow option for shipping with bridge either up or down (Not sure if 'bridge up' would be desirable)?
  18. Anyway, the appliance of science is the telescope. Right, Michael?
  19. It seems odd, to me, that the cert would be for both instruments and for the bow, rather than have individual certs for each item. Did they assume these pieces would remain together forever? Apparently they have remained together for 13 years or so.
  20. Happy New Year, Jeffrey, and to all.
  21. Ron1

    The Healing Game...

    Computers can be replaced..
  22. Ron1

    K. Reindahl Bow

    Just found these pics of another KR bow- apparently the one I had remembered with the larger stamp.
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