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  1. There seems to be two separate questions/topics going on here- one regarding the varnish, and another regarding whether or not Holmdale was even the maker.  A couple posts, including mine, suggested he may not have been the maker, unless someone could point to other instruments he had made.  Then Michael posted the above, and no one has even mentioned this apparent "other" violin with his actual label.  Can we see more of this instrument for comparison?  Does it have similarities to the OP's violin?  I think this could go a long way toward answering whether or not Holmdale was the maker.

  2. A quick search doesn't bring up anything else re violins in conjunction with Thurston Holmdale or Torsten Holmdahl.  He is always listed as an "artist" or "scenic artist", never as a "violin maker".  Unless others have knowledge of other instruments by him, I would be very skeptical that he was the maker of this violin.  In 1918 he was still signing documents, etc. using the original spelling of his name (Torsten Holmdahl), and it seems that if he was the maker he would have used that spelling rather than the "Americanized" version.   I also noted his documented handwriting and written numbers at the time were very neatly executed, as might be expected of an artist, and in contrast to the rather crudely made inscription inside the violin, although it is certainly possible someone else added the inscription later.  At any rate, someone with the ability to produce an instrument like this, would surely have made others.  
















  3. On 5/15/2023 at 6:02 AM, Mauricio Sartori said:

    Hi Ron1. Nice avatar. Thanks for answering. Did you do it yourself?

    No, I worked with a very capable digital sculptor in Bucharest, Romania.  Super easy to work with, very reasonable pricing, and she's fluent in english.  She worked from photos I sent her of my violin.

  4. I'll miss Mike too.  I spoke with him once regarding his astronomical/astrological work and findings regarding the star of Bethlehem, etc.  Some members who may not be aware of this side of Mike's life would find it quite interesting.

    R.I.P. Mike.

  5. 6 hours ago, Violadamore said:

    No, the delta is carved in from when the neck is completed, as is the edge flattening.


    Violadamlore- This is a very difficult to understand explanation of what/where the "delta" is; I doubt that it resolved Derek Law's question.  Can you give it another "go"?

  6. 5 hours ago, Goffriller said:

    Would anyone have more information on the violin that I posted at the beginning of this thread? I appreciate you mentioning if was from Markneukirchen, but how old is it approximately? More like 1880s, or 1920s?


    Gofriller, I think you've been disappeared!

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