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  1. I visited the Wons atelier on several occasions back, I believe, in the sixties. It was located, as previously pointed out, in a second floor space on State Street in Madison, WI. This space later became the 'upstairs' of the "Upstairs-Downstairs cafe".
  2. I agree it looks like E WEINAR
  3. No, I worked with a very capable digital sculptor in Bucharest, Romania. Super easy to work with, very reasonable pricing, and she's fluent in english. She worked from photos I sent her of my violin.
  4. the file size is 165 MB
  5. My avatar includes about half of a violin, and was done in 3D. I'm not sure if it will load/view here, but if so I can upload the file, which can be turned & viewed from all sides.
  6. Ron1

    Mike Molnar

    I'll miss Mike too. I spoke with him once regarding his astronomical/astrological work and findings regarding the star of Bethlehem, etc. Some members who may not be aware of this side of Mike's life would find it quite interesting. R.I.P. Mike.
  7. And, of course, the "grafted scroll" is faked with scratched-on lines.
  8. Ron1

    " Grancino"

    Maybe my imagination, but I believe I see seven-piece purfling on the top.
  9. I would guess some original carved circular "button" applied decorations have be removed. Differences in the finish are evident within and without the circles.
  10. My guess is that the scribed line inside the purfling is simply decorative and was original, having been scribed using the purfling channel as a guide before the purfling strips were added.
  11. I seems that the dark center wood of the purfling may be made up of two pieces. If so, would that aid in determining the origin of the instrument? Or is that method too common/widespread?
  12. If memory serves, I seem to recall that Peter Christian Paulsen, Danish maker who immigrated to Chicago about 1882, was contracted to make violins for the Mills Novelty Company for use in their Violano mechanical playing machines.
  13. Knute Reindahl (1857-1936) Maker in Chicago, Ill & Madison, WI
  14. Ron1

    NOT a violin ID!

    Rue, they're both two-toned. I bet they came from the same place? Looks like someone stripped the tops, but didn't want to deal with doing the intricate bases. Sorry, can't help with the id.
  15. Violadamlore- This is a very difficult to understand explanation of what/where the "delta" is; I doubt that it resolved Derek Law's question. Can you give it another "go"?
  16. Gofriller, I think you've been disappeared!
  17. My admittedly untrained eye tells me someone put a horrendous replacement neck/head on an otherwise decent box, and finished the whole with a terrible black "antiqueing" treatment.
  18. Seems strange that a real Carlo Bergonzi instrument would have ever gotten to the condition shown in the photos.
  19. Yes, I have quite a bit of info on him. What is your interest in him?
  20. Ron1

    Violin Id

    The label is not original to the instrument; it is apparently ca 1934 by Valot.
  21. Possibly recent high sales are a result of the current inflationary trend- folks are investing more in physical items which tend to hold value, rather than leave money in the stock market or banks where it is steadily losing value.
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