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  1. Gofriller, I think you've been disappeared!
  2. My admittedly untrained eye tells me someone put a horrendous replacement neck/head on an otherwise decent box, and finished the whole with a terrible black "antiqueing" treatment.
  3. Seems strange that a real Carlo Bergonzi instrument would have ever gotten to the condition shown in the photos.
  4. Antonio; Florence 1846
  5. Yes, I have quite a bit of info on him. What is your interest in him?
  6. Ron1

    Violin Id

    The label is not original to the instrument; it is apparently ca 1934 by Valot.
  7. Possibly recent high sales are a result of the current inflationary trend- folks are investing more in physical items which tend to hold value, rather than leave money in the stock market or banks where it is steadily losing value.
  8. Ron1

    Slab cut cello

    American made-
  9. I seem to recall some J-G violins that had bellies made of glued-up strips of Spruce; strips maybe less than an inch wide.
  10. I believe this is actually 4-ply purfling, with all plys made equal width. Two white center plys were used to achieve a wider white "center" purfling. The technique was used because it was easier/faster to make all purfling strips the same width.
  11. Perhaps of more interest might be the purfling. Use of the double white center strips could point to certain regional origins, and even possibly particular makers if not "schools". Do you know the origin or maker of this cello?
  12. Matthew- I see you've also learned the necessity of being undisturbed while working in the shop. Do you have to use the tranquilizer darts often?
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