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  1. In some cases, non-typical carved heads, etc. (as opposed to scrolls) were made from other woods, for ease of carving, and/or aesthetic reasons, and grafted onto maple necks. Also, mass produced, machine-carved scrolls and heads were grafted on.
  2. Dwight- It was my (sometimes misplaced) sense of humor- I saw the choice as either being "completely up front and honest", or to "talk with a lawyer". :-)
  3. Not certain of all the ingredients, but for sure he used amati paste.
  4. Purflings in ribs are usually seen at the corners, or in the center of the bottom rib. I would think they always indicate a glue joint or splice in the ribs at their location.
  5. Possibly not a one piece bottom rib- aren't those purflings on each side of the button, that may also continue up to the top, hidden by the tailpiece gut? Could be a 3-piece bottom rib.
  6. Ron1

    Violin ID help

    I sent a message to Jens Stenz in Denmark- he researches Danish makers, and is quite knowledgeable in that area. Perhaps he will take a look and post his thoughts.
  7. Jacob- there's a saying (or superstition), over here, that says: "Everything happens in threes" Also, I believe William Monical is no longer with us. Ron
  8. Ron1

    New Eyes

    FWIW- When I had my first eye 'done', there was a noticeable difference in color for me- mostly in the reds; the "new" eye perceived a more magenta or blue-red than the other eye. Nice Italian Racing Red cars had a distinct wine hue to them that was quite displeasing. I could cover one eye, then the other to compare. But then when I had the other eye done, a short time later, I lost the ability to compare, and the problem I perceived, went away. The Dr. claimed my 'old' vision was deteriorated, and the 'new eyes' were giving me the correct colors. I still don't believe that. I also noticed, for some time after the surgery, I didn't see level areas as being level- they had a quite noticeable slant. But all-in-all, it is nothing short of miraculous.
  9. No comment- just thought it was worth repeating.
  10. Whoops- supposed to be in the 'development of taste' thread. duh
  11. Generally, the consensus seems to be that copying is not good; not creative, etc. So why, then, do so many makers seek to replicate patterns of the 'ancients' to the nth degree? It seems contradictory. The workmanship can be extraordinary, but the creativeness, signature, or hand of the maker is lost, or at least diluted. I can understand using established and accepted patterns in a general way, but making the ff's exactly the same; corners exactly the same; the edge-work.. At least the ancients can be told apart..
  12. Delabo- I think Mr. Merkel was referring to the age of his knee, rather than his computer.