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  1. Ron1

    Violin ID please

    I think there is some terrible camera distortion here.
  2. Are we all seeing the same ad(s), or do we see ads that google (or whoever) selects based on our individual search history, and somehow tied to our pcs?
  3. Are we all seeing the same ad(s), or are the ads we see 'tailored' to our search history?
  4. I see them too- I think someone made a pact with the Devil.
  5. I meant Thorval (without the "d")
  6. I believe it reads Thorvald Forstenberg; I think the "x" is actually a "t"
  7. But, the beautiful edgework..........
  8. It looks, to me, like a heavy "bead" of some type of glue was laid around that joint, & the whitish lines may have resulted from it's drying.
  9. Moderators have to be so impartial. I read: Ummm...really? Grammar debates? Come on, Jacob.
  10. The large square areas can be calculated with straight measurements, then the remaining "odd" areas can be measured with a planimeter. Accuracy is advertised as 0.2% Several measurements should be made, and the total (added-up) result should be divided by 3 in order to get best accuracy.
  11. Would a planimeter make a precise enough measurement?
  12. It would be interesting if someone would photoshop the back, to see what it would look like with the wings switched.
  13. Ron1

    Edi Malinaric

    Oh, Martin, for Cripes' sake.
  14. In some cases, non-typical carved heads, etc. (as opposed to scrolls) were made from other woods, for ease of carving, and/or aesthetic reasons, and grafted onto maple necks. Also, mass produced, machine-carved scrolls and heads were grafted on.
  15. Dwight- It was my (sometimes misplaced) sense of humor- I saw the choice as either being "completely up front and honest", or to "talk with a lawyer". :-)