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  1. Ron1

    Violin ID

    Appears to have been artificially antiqued
  2. Ron1

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    I believe I have the distinction of being the first to "out" Craig regarding his multiple posts. I can only participate with thoughts/suggestions- No one has yet mentioned a label for the instrument, but I think considerable thought should go into it. It would be nice if one of Craigs' labels could be used, possibly along with a second, explanitory label or inscription.
  3. Ron1

    F-hole fails?

    I've posted this before, but here are some cello f-holes with extensive "fixes". Can be seen at this angle/lighting, but otherwise quite unoticeable.
  4. Ron1

    Viola Case ID

    could be a dik-dik
  5. Ron1

    f hole mystery

  6. Ron1

    f hole mystery

    I think the decorations are definitely scandinavian- esp the 'tulip flower' at the corners; they are reminiscent of the old "kolrosing" method of decorating- rubbing charcoal into scribed/cut lines, although these are thicker, and apparently painted-on line work.
  7. Ron1

    Self-taught violin makers

    I've observed many apparent amateurs periodically posing questions on this forum, such as how to fill voids in purfling channels, or what size gouge to use for this or that, and I wonder how many questions come to their mind between those posts, that they hesitate to ask. Just imagine the amount of knowledge that would be exchanged between two luthiers sitting and working side by side eight hours a day- just through small-talk, observation, and casual conversation. There is no comparison. The real question is, will this be a part-time hobby, or do you want to make this your vocation? Either option is O.K. Now, back to that bird-house.
  8. Ron1

    World's Oddest Bass Bar?

    Not me- I still have all I can do to make a bird-house...
  9. Ron1

    World's Oddest Bass Bar?

    Don't really know- It's a natural twisted vine-type piece; I fantasized it might be an adjustable soundpost that screws down through an f-hole. :-)
  10. Ron1

    World's Oddest Bass Bar?

    All the pieces- I don't think it was ever really finished.
  11. Ron1

    World's Oddest Bass Bar?

    Can this be classified as a bassbar?
  12. Ron1

    L & T Carcasi scroll 'beauty spot'?

    My favorite American maker occasionally added ebony extensions to the ears of his scrolls, as well as other (usually ebony) trim at various other locations on his instruments.
  13. Ron1

    What has happened here?

    The purfling channel may have been cut too deep...
  14. I strongly disagree. Artistic expression, individuality, and creativity are alive and well in the world of violinmaking- always have been and always will be. There are parameters, but not rules. The "game" that has closed rules is not the making of a violin, but rather, the making of a Stradivari or a Guarneri, etc.
  15. Ron1

    What's the Name of Your Violin?

    Much loved huh?