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  1. Thanks for explaining that, I can picture it now. That's an interesting experiment!
  2. Can you help me understand this Michael? If I understand correctly the string tied around the violin increased the break angle which means going from 156 down to 155 (more downward string pressure). How did you get the string around the violin to lessen the break angle and produce less downward force? It seems like increasing the angle to 180 would mean no downward force, right?
  3. What was your source for rosin? There are many ways it is produced and also from many differing trees.
  4. That's good to know. For some reason they can get better with more time according to a quick google on the subject. Also if you view them on youtube instead of the window here you can pause it without ads blocking half of it.
  5. Another side view of the 1711 Strad.
  6. 1693 Strad. This has a better side view of the bass f area. It appears that the resolution is better for some reason.
  7. 1711 Strad bass side. Mid way through there is a decent glimpse of the f.
  8. Me and the fam are well thx. I have the bass side and others. Sometimes there was not anything to reflect off of the arches but some glimpses in there.
  9. Thx! These are coming out not as finely detailed as my iPhone is showing, I don't know why. It is a significant difference in the level of detail. I'm transferring them directly from my iPhone via the youtube app, (free) any one know why it is so? And how I can get them on here better?
  10. Here's the side view. It helps a little bit I think.
  11. I was hoping to catch the reflections in the areas you mentioned. This is the 1711 Strad at the Metropolitan. I have several more short clips if you like.
  12. My experience has been that violas are sensitive to changing fittings, especially tailpiece lengths, weights and after lengths of the strings and tailcord. I don't think you will know if your viola will change until you try and then it might take considerable tinkering. If you change the pegs you should insist that they be fitted to the existing pegholes, meaning no reaming of the peg holes, so that you can reverse any changes there.
  13. Are you trying to get the maple more red like the spruce? Do you like the red color in the spruce?