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  1. It is...Lauren is playing a 5 string viola by Jon Cooper and Brittany is playing her Silakowski 5 string.
  2. I agree it is formidable! but it has both cad and cam. I have found someone in the city of Atlanta that wil do a 3D laser scan of my plate and give me an STL flie.
  3. I am afraid that I'm forced to go to "roughing" with a CNC. I have resisted for several years but I am giving in. Arthritis has claimed my right hand and wrist. I want to use technology to "hog" off everything but the last MM or two and then I can add the finishing touches, tune my plates etc. I have a Onefinity CNC machine but have yet to decide on the best software. Fusion 360 is very powerful and can probably be used to to design and manufacture a Formula 1 car but it has a steep learning curve. Is anyone here using Fusion 360???? If not what are some good choices?
  4. I have used Walnut, Rosewood, Bubinga, Ebony and a few others.
  5. 5mm at the nut. String height depends a lot on the player. Most 5 string players improvise and like to play faster than many classical players. "E" 2.5-3mm with the "C"at 3.5-4mm. with tha you gage the height of the other strings relative to the string on each side so you can play a single note with out hitting any other string. Helicore makes a 5 string set that is popular with the players and their newer Kaplan "VIVO" with a short scale VIVO "C" is a wonderful string.
  6. Hey Don, I have had this happen a few times. They like the sound but the varnish is too "pretty" or too dark. I let them keep the violin until the "new" one is ready. Since they had to wait originally I work the new violin in at the top of the list.
  7. Thanks David. Our reputations are what speaks of us as individuals.
  8. Just to close out my part. I am sending out the check in the morning. Overnight with a tracking#. Barry D
  9. When I first started out I didn't require a deposit. A customer would call and say they wanted a violin. I would go to work and when I was finished I would contact the customer and they would say "Oh I bought a different violin already". Now that I have a waiting list, I start losing customers if the list gets much more than a year. That's just my situtation and your thoughts may be different
  10. David, I had the same thing happen years ago. During the construction process he was easy to get on the phone. When I finished the instrument I called for weeks leaving messages with his secretary that the instrument was finished and was ready to ship upon final payment. After weeks of no response, I sent a registered letter stating he had 90 days or I would place the instrument up for sale. Never heard from him. As far as my situation, I have decided to just go ahead and refund 100%. I feel it will come back to me somehow.
  11. I have a 100% refund policy if the customer receives the violin and is not satisfied for any reason. This situation is a bit different. I have refunded deposits due to hardships in customers lives etc., but never after 4 years. I did offer to refund 60% of the deposit or complete to order to build the fiddle. Thanks for your opinions Glad to hear any other thoughts you may have.
  12. I have a customer that in 2014 gave me a deposit to make a violin. He could'nt decide about some of the wood. After a few emails back and forth he was still undecided and it was left thathe would get back to me. Being busy I continued to build other violins on my wait list and forgot about the situtation. Now, 4 years later, he contacts me and says he has bought one of my violins from an individual and wants his deposit back???? I offered to refund 60% 0f the deposit or complete the order but he is not happy with that. your opinions please....
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