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  1. I have used Walnut, Rosewood, Bubinga, Ebony and a few others.
  2. 5mm at the nut. String height depends a lot on the player. Most 5 string players improvise and like to play faster than many classical players. "E" 2.5-3mm with the "C"at 3.5-4mm. with tha you gage the height of the other strings relative to the string on each side so you can play a single note with out hitting any other string. Helicore makes a 5 string set that is popular with the players and their newer Kaplan "VIVO" with a short scale VIVO "C" is a wonderful string.
  3. Hey Don, I have had this happen a few times. They like the sound but the varnish is too "pretty" or too dark. I let them keep the violin until the "new" one is ready. Since they had to wait originally I work the new violin in at the top of the list.
  4. Thanks David. Our reputations are what speaks of us as individuals.
  5. Just to close out my part. I am sending out the check in the morning. Overnight with a tracking#. Barry D
  6. When I first started out I didn't require a deposit. A customer would call and say they wanted a violin. I would go to work and when I was finished I would contact the customer and they would say "Oh I bought a different violin already". Now that I have a waiting list, I start losing customers if the list gets much more than a year. That's just my situtation and your thoughts may be different
  7. David, I had the same thing happen years ago. During the construction process he was easy to get on the phone. When I finished the instrument I called for weeks leaving messages with his secretary that the instrument was finished and was ready to ship upon final payment. After weeks of no response, I sent a registered letter stating he had 90 days or I would place the instrument up for sale. Never heard from him. As far as my situation, I have decided to just go ahead and refund 100%. I feel it will come back to me somehow.
  8. I have a 100% refund policy if the customer receives the violin and is not satisfied for any reason. This situation is a bit different. I have refunded deposits due to hardships in customers lives etc., but never after 4 years. I did offer to refund 60% of the deposit or complete to order to build the fiddle. Thanks for your opinions Glad to hear any other thoughts you may have.
  9. I have a customer that in 2014 gave me a deposit to make a violin. He could'nt decide about some of the wood. After a few emails back and forth he was still undecided and it was left thathe would get back to me. Being busy I continued to build other violins on my wait list and forgot about the situtation. Now, 4 years later, he contacts me and says he has bought one of my violins from an individual and wants his deposit back???? I offered to refund 60% 0f the deposit or complete the order but he is not happy with that. your opinions please....
  10. BarryD


    I have been doing business with Chuck for years. He is sometimes rushed but I have found him to be a terrific vendor and the quality of his products excellent. At one time I offered the PegHeds as an option but since everyone wanted them I just made them standard on my violins. Everybody has a bad day sometimes...maybe you caught him on a bad day?
  11. I agree completely. Experience has taught most of us that never dig your heels in too deep because there is always an exception to the rule. The purpose of the question was to find out if there was a simple method to test how any given finish changes/changed the sound. Whether the change is good or bad is debatable. I can tell by the way this thread is going the answer to my question is no...You just have to try it for yourself.
  12. Acoustic transparency is when the finish has no effect on the sound. of course NO effect is probably an impossibility but that is what is meant by the term. IMO you can't say that a violin in the white is always at it's best. Sometime the finish can add a little "something" but thin is almost always best. There is a difference between an "oil" finish and an oil varnish finish. Examples of Oil is Tung oil, Danish oil, True oil. You all are familiar with Oil varnish. Jezzupe, thanks for that tip, that's what I was looking for.