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  1. To mount on the wall with their mahogany violin, I guess
  2. Good question. Or, how about acoustical (tone) copies or counterfits of the famous Italian violins?
  3. If I were going to buy a high $$ instrument, I would have it independantly appraised. Unless, of course, if I knew who did the certificate/appraisal and verified it with them. The seller's certificate/appraisal tells me that the instrument is probably authenic but, because of the $$ investment, I better have it checked. If I heard someone brag about a stock their broker found for them, I wouldn't just go buy it without checking it out with my broker/analyst. Regis
  4. I did use suction cup and did put a little clamp pressure on it. We'll see how it holds as I gouge out the inside and go on.
  5. Thank you all. fiddlecollector, I have really dragged this out. I've had a pretty full plate over the last year but, things are clearing. I have not done enough building to develop habits 'yet'(good or bad). But, I expect my next one will be carved (inside & out) within a month.
  6. I guess that's as close to a "real auction" authority as I can get. Thank you, Regis
  7. Now that I have arched my back, I find that I have a hairline gap between the halves in the bottom 3 1/2 inches . Which, I guess means that I had some shrinkage. I originally glued this in July (75%+ humidity) and arched it last week February (40% humidity). Is that enough? I re-glued - clamped but,,, it popped open (same length). Top is fine, glued the same time. I expect it is better to open now, re-plane and re-glue but I thought I'd ask first. Is that correct? Or should I rough-out the inside first? Thanks, Regis
  8. My original question was how would a reputable auction house start (or value) 2 comperalbe instruments. A well set up instrument should get full value in the end. But, how does the auction house look at them? Do they raise starting price or add to the estimated value of the one that is set up? Or, do they lower starting bid and deduct from estimated value because one that is not setup can not be demonstrated/played?
  9. Def: "Real auctions" to me are where people can inspect or try-out before bidding. How much difference do you think there is in starting price and estimated value of violins (or bows)that are setup vs not setup? Scenario: 2 violins of the same maker in approximately the same condition and age. One is setup and can be demonstrated or played. The other has no strings or fittings. Would the starting price and estimated value of the "ready-to-play" instrument be higher than the other? I talking about higher than the value of strings and fittings. Or, would they be considered the same? I realize bidding could go anywhere but, how would a responsible auction house handle this? Regis
  10. The only way that I can see "fixing" the situation is that if all negative feedback went 1st to ebay for review and validation (like the money order receipt wontolla mentioned above). I don't see ebay volunteering to do such a service for THEIR customers though.
  11. This link will probably help you French Polish
  12. Quote: "to complicate matters, I have been told that the Chinese have found a wood that is 'indistinguishable' from pernambuco and that is what they are using to make their bows." If that translates to "indistinguishable performance", then I want some at Chineese bow prices. If it just visual, then I think that I already have a couple.
  13. Regis

    In the pinch

    Quote: Is that the voice of experience talking, Regis? I hope not.... -Claire Yes, but, in a different application. I've used these to cut custom steel plate and plexiglass for stamping and forming silver & gold. You must positively control direction 100% of the time and never rely on it following any track like you might(briefly) with a standard blade. It is a very good suggestion but, just get the feel of it before you put it up in that scroll.
  14. If you see long grain lines, I'd say brazilwood. If you bought it on e-bay out of NY in the last year and it looks in new(almost new) condition, it's probably something other that pernambuco. There are some real wood authorities on the forum though that can be more specific.
  15. Regis

    In the pinch

    These are great BUT, you do need to practice a couple munites as opposed to going directly into important piece. They do not exactly track well!
  16. I don't think you can ever go wrong with top tools made for the job at hand. In this case, you can get by with something a lot less expensive but, may not last as long. For silver and goldsmith work, I bought a 1st class pickle pot($150). 'Then' I found out that 'most' everyone else uses one of those glass crock pots($15). Mine takes less bench space&*^%
  17. My wife said that it was Linen and Things store and here is a link: Rival pot All them stores look the same to me . Regis
  18. TSENGLO, I sure know about the "non stop shopping". But, this can be one of the least expensive. Get a small electric water pot. You can suspend small jar with glue in the water. Cost....$9.95 new or less at flea market. Michael Darnton has posted picture of his setup a couple times. I believe he said his has lasted a number of years without having to replace it. I was using hot plate with pot doing th same but, finally when to Walmat and bought one of those warmers. It has a lot better temp control that the hot plate. Regis
  19. TSENGLO No. Barry, Thanks for the Highland tip on M&H. Just placed order. I've shopped there in past. It is safer to order online (or I'd spend toooo much)
  20. Quote: "I have received virtually no communication from the seller. At what point can I cancel the transaction and get my money back?" Several weeks is too long. I'd notify the buyer via the ebay's "Ask Seller Question" link. Then ask ebay for phone contact information and call the seller. If no rapid and satisfactory response, contact PayPal to get payment back. Afer that long, I would do this today! I would have suggested that 2 weeks ago. I believe paypal has a 30 day limit for this sort of thing..... but, I'm not positive. Regis
  21. There are ongoing ebay and paypal scams and both have security. But, there apparently are many people that don't pay attention to the warnings or they simply follow the links in false email. Last year I got an email from ebay about changing my e-mail address. I never ever take the emal links but, did go to ebay and logon. 'Someone' had hijacked my account and put many listing up. Fees were mounting rapidly. I notified ebay....struggling until I could live chat with a 'real' person. They acted promptly pulling all the listings and fees. They cautioned me about changing my password more often (hadn't for few years). Now, I am even more diligent about password and the various emails. Regis
  22. Why would anyone need a 'trick' like that rather than just straightening the bow?
  23. Is it safe to assume (ass-u-me??) that any well know (typically $20K+) makers' violin at Tarisio auction would not be started or have a reserve in the hundreds of dollars. Regardless of condition, as long as it is all there. I would think that it is in their interest as well, to place authenic instruments in the correct (higher end) auctions. I could believe that a copy of high quality could start low but, not the "real thing". Tarisio seems to be pretty carefull to say "Labeled ........" rather than saying "Made By ........" when a high profile name is used. I think the only thing Tarisio and e-bay have in common is that there are 'NO' $75,000 violins sold for $750.
  24. We did have one person cancel so, perhaps Jeffery could come down, and crank during the workshop Just to try it out that is... Regis
  25. Regis

    Tarisio auction

    Thanks Claire & Michael, There is one description that says "60 piece top" (#79). This is a term that I have never hear before.....3 I can understand but, 60? or is this simply a mis-type
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