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  1. Jesse, I would turn all the facts and documentation over to both ebay and local FBI office (at the same time) and let them handle. Then follow up. That is a thief and he/she needs to go to jail. Have you looked at the listing fees that have been charged to YOU? Regis
  2. Got a "supprise" e-mail from ebay letting me know my e-mail address was approved for change and use the ...link if I did not authorize (& I didn't). Shocked, I went to the link and filled out a form. Then, I looked at my account and over $200 fees were added and I hadn't put anything on e-bay for a few weeks and should have had a small surplus in my account. No phone number to call, of course. I went to an online e-bay chat and asked how to get to e-bay security. Someone popped in with a link to ebay safeharbor. I opened that chat and asked if that was the right place. It wasn't but, when I explained, they transferred my chat session to an account manager. I explained and went through a long dialog so they could be sure I was the 'real' account holder. Within 15 minutes, they cleared everything, my account, about 50 items that "someone else" listed on ebay in my name, and my anxiety. Bottom line is to change p/w often and read those emails, they are not all "special offers". I sure was impressed at their speed and help. Regis
  3. I have a question about stamped marks on old bows (19th & early 20th century). Most (not all) of the stamped bows that I come across are stamped only in the finish (varnish or shelac) and not into the wood itself. Are these 'nearly' all copies? Or, is this common on many of the older original bows? Appreciate observations in this area and the wealth of helpful information here on this forum. And Merry Christmas to all. Regis (freezing in north Florida)
  4. I have been restoring bows and am now restoring a viola and a violin. Holding it in one hand while french polishing with the other does not seem sturdy enough. Does anyone use a foam pad or 'something' on work surface to lay the violin on while polising? Or is it just safer to sit and put it on a towel on your lap? Thank you, Regis
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