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  1. It would be helpfull to know what Chinese manufactur makes a high quality instrument (without setup). Throw away their bridge, soundpost, fittings and strings. Are there any genuine higher quality instruments at the under $1,000 range then? I buy/sell, restore some, and play 'some' but trust in and rely upon my local (very experienced) luthier to setup everything. So, discounting any setup function (that doesn't require opening) what is the best Chineese import? tx, Regis
  2. Great idea . As a frequent ebay'er that is about the best that I've seen. You may have started a wave of humor and ebay sure needs it. Thanks Regis
  3. Jeff1, I see where you mean but, I can't tell much there on my screen. I was looking at the wood grain toward the bottom where the purfling(?) is nearly vertical in the picture and the grain appears to be running through it. Regis
  4. On the supersized photo of the lable, I believe you can see where the grain runs through the purfling line. That tells me, that it is painted. Regis
  5. Don't know if you understood the German but, the line read "I'm looking for a nice woman between 18 and 30 years old" You'll probably get a lot of junk mail! And not much info on peg shaper! Regis
  6. xyz - interesting for sure. Quote: "First, the areas that vibrate a lot will vibrate even more because the dense particles are no longer there. Second, the areas that don’t vibrate a lot will vibrate even less because the particles will be imbedded there. Both of these things will enhance the mode." I take this to mean that each violin will meet its own individual optimal performance, be that good or poor overall tone. And, outside 'excitation' influences will not affect final tone quality. I have read where some makers put their violin in an "acoustical box" and expose same to (presumably) good sounds. What are your thoughts about improving a marginal violin with external exitation? Regis
  7. I'm real curious about the "muted" or "opening up" concept on new (or rarely played) instrument. Can this happen by string? e.g. D & E have full tone and G & A somewhat 'muted'? Or is that getting into top tuning or string age/use? Thank you, Regis
  8. I'll be in NYC in June for a few days(around 17th). Last time I was in NYC was 1963(probably changed some )! We'll be staying near Carnegie Hall. Is there any museum/shops/performances that we absolutely should not miss.....that are easy for "out-of-towners" to find? Sure would appreciate any tips. We'll also be briefly in Indianapolis and Cleveland then D.C. Thank you, Regis
  9. Here in the Maestronet history, there is one from 1914 that sold in 1998 for $1,495.00. That is a start for your search. Documentation and authenication are most important to get best value. Regis
  10. Regis

    Failed Idea

    I didn't have enough product (140-150? pieces) to go at this in any big way. The settings are no longer available (unless custom run at big$$) so I was just trying to clear some inventory to make way for (& fund) some bow parts. I've had a couple request and will give away some of the settings for private use of "Pegbox" participants then sell the rest. I'm putting the pegs from the photo on a Rubus that I'm almost finished restoring for myself. 'think I'll stick to bows. tx, Regis
  11. Does the relationship of weight and deflection equate to any facts such as wood identification? I've got a set-up now for measuring this and a 54gr and a 62gr bow can have the same (or close) deflection. e.g. can we say that a 54gr bow with .325 deflection is pernambuco and a 62gr bow with .325 deflection brazilwood (or other wood)? Or, can we reliably use that relationship to narrow the search for just the right bow for a client? Great Thread, Thank you, Regis
  12. Regis

    Failed Idea

    Having a jewelry background, I thought I had a good idea for some "left-over" settings (small 14kt gold settings with 2mm faceted stones). I bought a set of pegs drilled 2.14mm holes in the end and inserted the settings. Put them on ebay for a week at $9.95. 50 people looked but, no interest. Glad that I didn't buy 30-40 sets of pegs (that's all the settings that I have). Probably should have used a lot better pegs but, going to just drop the idea completely. Here's a picture: http://www.regisbows.com/pegs1a.jpg If anyone in this forum wants to "dress-up" a set of pegs or tail piece for yourself, send me an e-mail or PM with your address and I'll send you 4 (or so). Outside USA you'll have to send an SASE. Requires 2.14mm or 2.24mm precise hole to get them to grip the sidewall of the hole. Regis
  13. Can that weight be correct? 32oz (2 pounds) causing less than 1/3 of an inch deflection? Is the bow positioned/fixed horozontal with weight/pressure and measurement at the center? Is it possible that the force should be 3.2 oz? Regis
  14. Thank you Shirley for the encouraging words <not alone returning after so many years>. My teacher is a professional player who likes to teach, a little. He asked me to bring some music (outside the lesson books) and then he selected this piece for me to work on. Makes me wish I had lessons every other day rather than once a week. thanks, Regis
  15. After a 40+ year gap I started violin again last year. How do/should you approach learning a piece that significantly streaches current skill level. Do you work on rythems or fingering first....or just plod on through slowly? My instructor/teacher has given me "Air on G" to "work towards". I practice 1 1/2 - 3 hours daily and have begun trying 15-30 minutes on this and am frustrated because I just can't seem to get into it or even started well. I'd appreciate any advice. Regis
  16. Thanks to all for the input. I'll begin next week....violin first then try for best match. Thank you Regis
  17. If you plan to upgrade both violin and bow, what is the best path (for student)? Upgrade both violin and bow at the same time? Or, one at a time and which first? Is there a generally accepted process? Thank you, Regis
  18. Any tips out there for getting leather at the wrap to tighten and stay flat and neat around the front and back edges? I've finally gotten the bottom straight seam nice and flat but, can't seem to get the round edges to look neat enough. Thank you for any help. Regis
  19. Do they take bids "from the floor" near/at the end of the auction? Can someone be at the auction and watch what is not getting bid up and place bid "in person" at the end? I'm not heading for NY but, am curious about my online bid competing with on-site bidder. tx, Regis
  20. If you visit a pawn shop and the owner says "No *(*&^&*# computers in my shop....IRS can see what you're doin'". Well, that is the pawn shop that you want to keep checking back every time you go by! I've found the shop but, so far nothing YET. Regis
  21. Looks to me like the crackling you see on some antique furniture pieces that were stored in warehouse/barn environment (humid then dry rot). Doesn't explain the specific area affected but, furniture doesn't evenly deteriorate either. Anything on the sides only tells me that it was in contact with 'something'. I've been cleaning one with a tough misterious black buildup on both sides on about 1/2 the length in the center of bow. Getting it cleaned off but,,,,,, Regis (who can't thank ctviolins and others enough for so much help with bows).
  22. My Nikon 950 has never disappointed me (even in macro). It's couple years old and no longer the "newest on-the-block" so you can get it in the hundreds rather than thousand(s). I'm sure the experience and lighting of Michael would make most of the good camers look great. The best shots take more than 'just' a good camera. Regis
  23. There are lots of book/internet descriptions of hair attributes and sources. But, other than length, I haven't seen which ones drive value/quality. What are the differences between $100 and $500 bundle of 32" hair? Surely it is not just a higher percent of bad hair(bent, curled, irregular, dirty, etc) removed??? I know there are differences in weight/thickness but, which is more valued? Ability to hold rosin is not visable (at least to me) and that may be a significant distinguishing characteristis. I'll also be ordering from Adam but would like to know more about 'what' comes with higher quality. Thank you, Regis (clawing my way up the knowledge ladder and occassionally breaking a rung!)
  24. Just curious...do you have the plate laying on your lap when squeeze the trigger and take that down to a 5,,4,,,3mm ? Regis
  25. Regis Galbach here and I'm new to this forum. Started collecting and restoring bows and then begun to play violin again after nearly 40 year break. Not yet ready for prime time! I'm a commercial realtor, sing bass in large church choir and design/make jewelry to show in gallery. My jewelry tools/skills sure come in handy for bow work. God, family, music, other art, and then forced to pull weeds in my lawn. I'm thankful for this helpful forum. Regis
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