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    Bass Bar Fit

    Quote: "Most of the spring should be in the center--" If I'm reading that correctly, the tension actually pushes up on the center... Rather than pulling the ends down to the bar. The latter perhaps causing un-even plate fit on ribs. I never thought that way but, it makes sense. BTW, that sure is a great looking frame! Thank you, Regis
  2. Regis

    Bass Bar Fit

    Can anyone tell me how much 'spring' should be between the top plate and the bass bar? Should I have measured amount e.g. 1mm or n.x mm between each end of the bass bar and the plate before clamping and glueing? Or is there a certain amount of pressure to pull the plate to the bass bar? How do you decide? I've just used "a little spring" in the few that I've done but, I want to be more accurate. Regis
  3. As far a silver, there are a number of places. here for one. And Here are some gold parts tooo. Regis
  4. Quote: "The skiving is most important." This was mentioned a couple times and can not be stressed enough. New at this, you'll have difficulty getting clean cuts on softer leather. I find a very sharp knife is better than razor. The longer your taper, the smoother your fit/finish. I sure agree with CT's contact cement method. Use tape to "bracket" your work to prevent having cleanup problems. Practice, practice, practice. Regis
  5. On the particular one I'm working now, the back is pretty well graduated. That's probably why it sounded fair before starting. Probably have to scrape a little. The top, on the other hand, is terrible. I'm having to remove as much as 3mm in some areas. I should have weighed it before starting because I beleive that I'm removing about 30 percent off the top. Regis
  6. For bows and actually all items of more than few dollars, you should expect seller with excellent feedback(99%+), good pictures, good description, excellent return policy and fair shipping/handling. My 2 cents, Regis
  7. Thank you Manfio and Jacob. The wood is very nice and I can probably carve blocks to fit. Jacob, I'm sure you improved them a good bit but have you been able to make any "great" sounding violins from one that was initially very poorly made? Do you leave any lable of origin in the violin? Or just remove it once you've bacially re-built it? Thanks again, Regis
  8. I was working on an old German trade violin that sounded fair (for what it is). But, someone had put the neck on crooked (and with some kind of gorilla glue). The top and back seem to be very good wood and very nicely grained & flamed but poorly graduated. Because it is not even blocked, I'm thinking about just using the wood and basically making a new violin. Does anyone here on Pegbox have experience using 100 year old plates to make a new violin? Would you try to salvage and use the ribs? Would you try to preserve the finish or just strip it? Appreciate tips. Regis
  9. There was some 'hot' bidding near the end of the wood. I got beat out on a couple different top and back lots. I did end up with a lot of ribs (which I need). Regis
  10. Logic does not rule the arts (thank God). Why would anyone NOT want to make what their heart is into. For some, it may not be physically possible but, desire....oh my how could you not want to learn every little detail. Could you imagine a maker not wanting/wishing to play? Wanting/wishing doesn't make things happen but, that does not negate a desire. It doesn't mean being top maker AND player but, simply trying to immersing oneself into what they love. Regis
  11. I've purchased 5 violins via Tarisio. Very helpful, very courtious, plus packed well and shipped the way I wanted (Fedx 2nd day). Regis
  12. Does anyone know if there is a substantial difference between a Lyon & Healy (Chicago) bow made in the 1930's vs 1950's? Did they maintain the same quality or did they change to some form of mass-production? I saw 2 silver mounted Lyon & Healy (both stamped the same) that auctioned at substantial difference in price and became curious. Thank you, Regis
  13. "I GUARENTEE THAT THIS IS EVERYTHING PLUS 100% MORE! " Now that is a frightfull guarentee that will be pretty hard to stand up to! But, any description that gives more about the "red velvet" in the case than about the violin just has to rate high in e-bay stories. Regis
  14. US Airways flight magazine has an article on Hans Nebel. I found one thing very interesting. Many luthiers have been trained for over 140 years in Mittenwald. But, the article goes on to state that for many of these, violin making is part time winter work when they can not tend their primary work, potato farming. Perhaps that is the reason why there is a very wide difference in "Made in Mittenwald Germany" quality. Regis
  15. Regis

    Top Removal

    I've been using a feeler guage from auto parts store. The very thinest blades let you start an opening where there is just the smallest (almost non-existant) of openings. Once started, modified knife or frosting knife finishes the job. Regis
  16. Our home came through fine but ALL nearby trees are down butm none hit house. Just got power last night....crew from Dayton Ohio got our power up. Been out today with disaster recovery crews putting tarps on houses for the thousands that have it worse. Can't get to beach yet to see hotewl status. We've been blessed at our house. Regis
  17. All, The hurricane has done a LOT of damage to Pensacola. For those that tried to reach me about the seminar, there will be delay in answering. We left town BEFORE Ivan arrived and will go back in a couple days....Lived/stayed through one before and won't stay again! I have my laptop with me but, can't update web page or otherwise let anyone know status. As far as I know all will still go as planned. For anyone needing more urgent information please PM here and I'll be able to check every day. Regis (on the way back to Pensacola carrying all supplies we can fit in vehicle)
  18. I've used simple candle wax. Just plain white candle with no scent. Rub the "clean" screw on the wax to get a little in the threads and put it back in. Doesn't last 'forever' but, it's very easy to re-apply. Regis
  19. And just "how thin" was that top plate? Or is it 'really' a serving tray at a violin social?
  20. Can't view your link. I even did copy/paste into the address bar. Try using the UUB code to add the image or url. You'll find it just below the box where you entered the text.
  21. Quote: For some reason, this file appears with only a small "x" box when I try to link to it. Any thoughts on this? You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the flyer. As far as I know that is the most common way to to send printable documents. I'll try to load it as a web page also. You might try starting your Adobe Acrobat and then going to the link. Just loaded it as a web page....not as nicely formated but, you will be able to read all the content. Seminar-web-view
  22. A few months ago I posted a question about interest in a winter seminar/workshop. I received some positive inquiries and began working on setting one up. I now have convinced Michael Darnton to come to Florida in February and give a 5 day seminar with plenty of time for "hands on", demo's, tips and more. Here is the link to a .pdf file that gives details. Seminar-Workshop Regis
  23. Quote: Arghh! You guys just knocked violin making back about 300 years. Is that a "Good" or a "Bad" thing?
  24. Has anyone seen any evidence that Stradivari or other great masters discarded a plate as unacceptable once they began graduating? Or, did they 'feel' and measure their way through to completion once they selected a piece? I would think that if they discarded plates after graduating, it would mean they could not get them to sound or 'flex' correct. Regis
  25. Here is a link that will give you a bit more detail on french polishing but, I agree with Michael that it's much easier to try to touch up and clear varnish over. french polish web
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