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  1. I have enjoyed this forum for a few years in the past but, have been absent for almost a year. Life has many changes in store for us and it is important for me at this time to sell virtually my entire shop of tools, 20+ violins, and hundreds of bows, as well as wood, fittings, strings, and parts. Because I'm in a small town, I'll have to go to Tarisio for a few of the violins, bows, wood, and tools then ebay for the rest. I'll be doing a detailed inventory in the next couple weeks but, my violins and bows are not expensive (max in the $2,000 range not the $20,000 range). Most of the violins and bows need some repair. I have 2 high-end kits and a lower end kits. If anyone has serious interest in everything, please contact me privately. I will not sell individual items except through Tarisio or Ebay. Thanks to all who have so willingly help over the years through this forum. I live in northwest Florida Regis_g@bellsouth.net (850)380-7111 cell
  2. Michael, I did not get very far in the planning. That "day-job" is just taking too much of my time. But, I wanted to put a bowmaker (or at least strong restorer) (that also helps folks here) in a workshop that had a day or two of half day overlaps. A lot of good folks could meet AND learn. If I do one again, it will be closer to the middle of the country (and of course I'll try to encourage you). Best of luck and hope you guys have as great a group as we had last winter. Regis
  3. I've gotten several e-mails about the wonderful winter workshop last year held on the Florida panhandle "BETWEEN" hurricanes. I don't have time to put togather another but, I have heard there might be a repeat or similar one out on the west coast. I've given some setup info to a couple people through the year. Michael.....are you doing the one I've heard about near LA? Don't know if there will be more that one agenda as I was going to put togather an overlapping violin and bow workshop with a couple different masters. If anyone has details, or knows if it is open or closed, let us know? Thanks, Regis
  4. I bought it a couple years ago and continue to refer to it occassionally. It is NOT good for identification but does put a lot of names, places, and dates in one place. It is an in-expensive resource. Regis
  5. I believe I would contact ebay security or customer service if you still have the email.
  6. For a do-it-yourself, you can use one of the jewelry cleaning cloths. With any method though, you must not get any foreign substance on the wood.
  7. A search within the last several months will give you several folks view on this seller and their items
  8. A few things to get used to but, lookin' pretty good......
  9. Does anyone have experience buying out of Czechoslovakia or nearby countries and shipped to the US? Particularly old instruments on Ebay but, otherwise also. I have heard there may be some good new violins comming out of Polland.
  10. Disgarding the label, it is not "yet" overpriced for its looks (a few repaired top cracks).
  11. Can you believe this one.... $50,000 And,,,,the "tuners" tune from the back. I sure hope no one gets 'd on this one. $20 shipping and no insurance offered! And NO feedback from buyers.
  12. Anadah Maestroni Gotcha Finalli I believe I'm the owner of 2 Gotchas
  13. Be sure to search under viola and cello bow frogs and not necessarily violin.
  14. Jesse, Great information that you are willing to share (reflects professional marketing background). There are a lesser number like myself that do not use the watch list but put the item in snipe program. Then go in occassionally and look at the viewer counts. This may skew numbers very slighly but would probably be the same percent across the board. I'm about to post a few violins in the next couple months and plan on one at a time. What is your experience with multiple simultaneous violin posts? Or, do you also do one at a time only? Thanks, Regis
  15. This one is strange. Cheap_ebay The person gives the length of the case but not the violin. May well be over priced at $25. Didn't reply to email about length so is probably pushing a really cheap 3/4 for a low 4/4 price
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